Challenge of the two gods

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I was heading towards the Athena cabin when I ran into Nico coming out of the Hades cabin. Catching his eye I saw him sheepishly duck his head and start to turn away, which reminded me that right before we met with the gods after defeating Geia he had told me that I wasn't his type anyways. I had been slightly confused by the comment, and while I wanted to figure out the whole Fate challenge It had also been so long since I had spoken with Nico, infact other than a few brief words in battle the last time we talked was at camp Jupiter.

"Hey Nico wait up." I say as I head over to him, Nico stopped when he heard me.

"Hey Percy." Said Nico as he adjusted his leather jacket fidgeting with the zipper.

"I wanted to talk, do you mind?" I asked as Nico continued to fidget with his Jacket seeming not wanting to look me in the face. "We haven't gotten to talk since back at camp Jupiter."

"Come in then I was going to head down to the campfire to eat but i can't wait." Said Nico as he turned around and led me inside his cabin. Inside of the hades cabin was an eerie, lit by green greek fire torches the windowless dark obsidian walls blended in with the shadows and gave the impression of empty voids in places. The beds were coffin shapes with velvet red sheets peeking out of a pitch black comforter.

"So what do you want to talk about?" asked Nico as he sat on his bed. I took a seat on one of the other beds in the room sitting across from Nico. I feel a strange heat beginning to build inside me, choking it up as a side effect for becoming a god. I ignore it.

"You went through tartarus," I say with a chill running down my spine at the thought of the place. "Are you ok, I know as well as anyone what that place does to you."

Nico is quiet for a while as he stares at his feet bringing his thoughts "I'm Fine." he finally says as he continues to stare at his feet. I once again feel a rising heat inside me.

"Nico, I was in Tartarus and I wasn't alone. If Annabeth wasn't there I don't know if i would have made it." I say honestly The thought of facing tartarus alone sends another chill down my spine. The head inside me kept rising and I felt my cock begin to harden something that I would never in my wildest dreams think would happen while discussing tartarus.

"I'm a child of Hades. I'm stronger in the underworld." Said Nico.


"Look can we just change the subject." Said Nico cutting me off before I could push further.

"Ok. After the battle you said to me that I wasn't your type, what were you talking about?" I asked as I watched Nico blush profusely at the question. I was finding it incredibly hard to ignore the heat burning inside me and I really hoped that Nico didn't notice that my cock was starting to strain my pants, I felt like an animal in heat. I quickly realised that this must be the curse the scroll talked about and thanked the gods that i was with Nico and not with a girl.

"Because I had a crush on you for a long time." Said Nico barely above a whisper. This surprised me. I had never noticed that Nico had feelings like that for me. The curse began to take over and I could feel my new godly magic building up inside me. Nico had been staring at the floor ever since he made that proclamation but looked up at my silence.

"Percy, why are your eyes glowing pink. Are you ok." Said Nico jumping to his feet as I lost my fight with the curse.

"You're not my type either, Nico." I say snapping my fingers and releasing my magic. Nico gave a grunt as he stumbled.

"What did you-" Nico was cut off as he screamed his chest ballooning out and stretching his black T-shirt, His voice changed rising in pitch as it became more femanine. His or know her hips widened her ass filling out and causing the seam on the back of her jeans to split. Nico's hair began to grow until it reached her shoulders finishing the transformation and leaving Nico a very sexy girl. I rose up off the bed stepping close to Nico my hands raising up and taking her shoulders making her face me.

"Now your my type." I say before smashing my lips against hers muffling her cry of protest as my hands began to roam her body. Running my hands down her back to her tight ass I slid my fingers through the tear in the back of her jeans before pulling them apart, tearing them open and allowing my hands to grab handfuls of her asscheeks. Breaking the kiss I pushed Nico down onto the bed before crawling on top of her. Pinning her down I leaned down and began to nibble on her ear.

"You had a crush on me right how many times did you dream of me doing this.'' I whisper in Nico's ear as I run my hands up her toned flat stomach before ripping open her stretched out shirt.

"Percy what did you-" Started Nico before I cut her off.

"How many times?"

"I don't know." Stuttered Nico as I began to kiss her neck trailing kisses down, as I worked my way towards her exposed breasts.

"All the time, i wanted you to take me all the time." yelled Nico as I attacked her breasts, sucking on her nipples switching back and forth between each breast. Nico screamed and flailed under me as I worked over her breasts. My tongue tracing circles around her nipples as my hands rose up to cup and squeeze her new breasts. Catching her right nipple between my teeth I lightly bit down causing her to scream in ecstasy. Nico's legs wrapped around me and her hands clung to the back of my head as switched between nippes.I had been with Annabeth only two other times before this and while she liked me to play with her breasts she had never gone as wild as Nico was.

Pulling away from Nico's breasts I smiled as I heard her give a moan in disappointment at the loss of contact. Getting to my feet off the bed I began to remove my clothes, pulling my shirt over my head. I tossed it to the side as I began to unfasten my pants. Lowering my pants I allowed my Nine inch cock free of my underwear, Nico gave a gasp at the site of my cock. Standing naked I watched as Nico climbed off the bed and lowered herself down onto her knees in front of me, never once taking her eyes off of my cock. Stepping close to her I held my cock close to her face. I could feel her hot breath on my cock as she stared in wonder at it.

"And how many times did you dream of this." I say as I begin to rub the head of my cock against her lips smearing precum along her lips.

"So many." said Nico. I could feel her lips brushing against the head of my cock as she answered. Her tongue came out and licked her lips and fought back a groan of pleasure as I felt it graze the head of my cock. Pushing forward I felt Nico's lips part as the head of my cock slowly pushed into her mouth. Her hot breath flowed around my cock as I felt her wet tongue pressing against this bottom of my cock. Her pouty lips formed a tight seal as she began to suckle lightly on the head of my cock. Me and Annabeth had yet to have oral sex but from the heat of Nico's mouth and her wet tongue exploring my cock swirling around and flicking across the head, I was definitely going to be asking Annabeth to try this.

Nico began working herself further and further down my cock her tongue exploring every inch of it as she began to slowly Bob her head. Sucking hard as she pulled back her cheeks hollowing out and pressing against the sides of my cock creating a hot wet tunnel around it. Nico's left hand came up to wrap around the base of my cock as her left hand cupped my balls lightly, her delicate soft fingers lightly messaging them.

Nico's eyes were closed tight in concentration as she worked my cock. Unable to resist myself I reached out and placed both hands on her head. Nico's eyes flew open at the contact but she continued to suck on my cock as she waited to see what I would do. Staring into her eyes I began to rock her head back and forth slowly centimeters at a time she began to take more and more of my cock. I could feel the tip of her tongue reaching further and further down my cock as I proved deeper and deeper, the softness of her cheeks giving way to the damp tight tunnel that was her throat.

Nico's eyes never left mine as my cock began pushing into her throat. She gagged once and I felt her throat spasm and clench around my cock before she regained her composer and took my cock deeper. I gave a deep groan of pleasure as I felt her tongue continue to explore my cock, the head of which is now fully engulfed in her tight wet throat.

I continued to guide Nico as she sucked me off for several more minutes before she began to struggle with my cock. I could feel the head of my cock brushing against the back of her throat, every time I made contact with it she would gag and pull back coughing, which was a shame because I only had the first three quarters of my cock in her mouth and I really wanted to feel her deepthroat me.

"Nico I want you to relax your throat and swallow whenever I push in ok." I said as I repositioned my hands on her head.

A gargle and a nod was all I got as an answer but the determined look in her eyes was enough to let me know that she understood. Pulling her head towards me I pushed my hips forward as I felt her gagging on my cock, causing me to pull back. We repeated the process several more times before finally she kept from gagging and all nine inches of my cock sank down her throat. Her tight throat spasming around my cock, her tongue wiggling back and forth at the base, as her hands massaged my balls it was all too much for me and I began to cum.

My balls tightened and my cock flexed as I started to cum. I fired off two blasts of cum into her mouth before I pulled out, taking a hold of my cock I gave a grunt as I continued to cum aiming it at Nico's face. I was happy to see her stick out her tongue and try to catch my cum as I painted her face.

Stepping back I admired my work, Nico's face was covered in cum, a large puddle was sitting on her tongue and as I watched she closed her mouth and swallowed it down.

"For it being your first time you really know how to use your tongue." I said as I reached down and patted the top of her head. "I hope you liked the meal."

I pulled her to her feet before turning her to face the bed, all the while Nico's was using her fingers to scoop up my cum and bring it to her mouth.

"So Nico are you ready to continue." I say as i feel my cock harden again apparently a fast recovery rate is a benefit of being a god.

"Yes, I am." Nico Hesitated as she looked back over her shoulder at me, her eyes wide as she stared down at my hard cock as it rubbed against her ass. I put my right hand on her shoulder before I pushed forward, bending her over at the waist, with the left hand I reached down and adjusted her torn jeans so as to better access her pussy. Once I had Nico bent over the bed I let go of her shoulder and reached down and took a hold of my cock. Aiming it at Nico's pussy I began to rub the head of my cock against her pussy lips causing her to moan, and rock her hips back towards me in anticipation. Gripping her ass with my left hand I pulled her cheeks apart and admired her wet pussy and puckered little asshole.

As tempted as i was to fuck her asshole and experience anal for the first time, i decided to save that for later. Lining up my cock with Nico's pussy I pressed forward feeling her wet lips part as I began to sink inside of her. I had only thought her throat was tight, her pussy clung to every inch of my cock that I pushed into her with a vice like tightness. I'm not even sure that Annabeth was this tight when I first fucked her. I had barely entered her before I felt a barrier blocking me from going further. So this is a hymen, I had heard of them in smut and guys at my mortal school locker room talk, but Annabeth didn't have on her's being torn at some point in her years of fighting as a demi-god. But it appeared that Nico having only just gained a pussy still has her intact.

"Sorry Nico this will probably hurt." I said at the same time I thrust my hips forward and buried six inches of my cock inside her. I had planned on shoving all nine inches in but she is just so damn tight, every inch of my cock that's inside her feels like it's being squeezed in a vice, A soft wet velvety vice. Nico for her part let out a scream, before collapsing onto the bed face down ass up. Gripping a hold of her ass I started thrusting into Nico, each thrust I forced another inch inside of her until I had all nine inches of my cock buried deep in her virgin snatch. Nico let out cute moans with each of my thrusts urging me on as i began to fuck her in earnest. The sound of my hips slapping against her ass soon filled the room as I pounded her with all my might, her pussy clenching tight around my cock as she continued to moan and scream with each thrust. Reaching up grabbed Nico's shoulders and pulled her up against me, her smooth back pressed against my chest as I reached around and cupped her breasts. Bringing my mouth to hers I muffled her screams of pleasure as our tongues began to wrestle with each other. All the while i never slowed down on my thrusts as i continued to pound Nico's tight cunt, Pinching hard on her nipples i enjoyed the feeling of her pussy clenching every time i played with her nipples and the little moans she would let out.

Nico came first, her pussy clenching tight to my cock as she came, screaming Nico's pussy sprayed her juices all over my cock and legs as she came, her whole body shaking uncontrollably. If I hadn't had my arms wrapped around her Nico would have fallen onto the bed, instead I held her close as she screamed and writhed against me. Her clenching pussy was too much for me and I felt myself cumming for the second time today, my cock pulsed as I began to fill Nico's pussy with cum. I held myself deep inside of her the entire time I was cumming making sure that every drop of my cum was as deep inside of her as possible.

As I finished cumming I let Nico down onto the bed, as she laid there with cum leaking from her pussy she started spasming and screaming again as if she was cumming. I stepped closer to the bed to see what was going on only to see my new godly symbol appearing on Nico's lower back right above her ass. As the symbol stopped glowing, Nico calmed down again and drifted off to sleep. My mind started to clear up from the curse now that i had claimed a girl and the first thought going through my mind was, Oh fucking shit i just fucked Nico. I started towards the door wanting to find Annabeth and figure out what to do next but stopped when I heard Nico give a soft moan in her sleep. Turning back towards her i couldn't help myself, climbing into the bed next to her i pulled her close as we drifted off to sleep.

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