Challenge of the two gods

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Drew pov

I moaned as I rolled my hips grinding my pussy harder down onto the face of non-other than Clarrise la rue. I had to admit I had been completely shocked when Clarrise had approached me and asked for my help. Apparently, she had had a deal with the previous head of the Aphrodite cabin Silena. Apparently, the daughter of Ares took after her father In more ways than just a love for warfare, she also shared his attraction to Aphrodite, though Clarrise was fine settling for the goddess of loves daughters instead. Which was fine by me because Clarrise was a surprisingly submissive lover I thought as I gave a deep moan as her tongue probed deep into my pussy flicking up as she tried to catch my clit between her lips.

"Someone is having fun." Said a voice causing my eyes to fly open. Now your mother is one of the last people you want to see when you are being intimate, though when your mother is the goddess of love that is exactly when she tends to show up the most. Hopefully, she is just here to talk and not get involved, probably the biggest downside to being the daughter of Aphrodite is that mom has a habit of appearing and teaching her children how to properly have sex, which usually ends up her taking her kid's place and fucking however they are with before leaving their kid blue balled and horny with a completely spent partner.

"Stay in your seat." Said Aphrodite as I started to get up assuming she would want a turn on Clarrise's face. "It looks very comfortable."

Hearing mom's voice caused Clarrise to freak out as she began to try and squirm out from under me as she yelled into my pussy, sadly for her this wasn't my first rodeo and I knew how to ride a girl's face. Squeezing my legs together I rocked back and forth following the motions Clarrise was making as I kept my pussy firmly planted on her face.

"Sshhhh, enough." Said Aphrodite causing Clarrise to freeze as mom places a finger against the struggling girl's clit. "Calm down, you're going to enjoy this. And keep eating my daughter's pussy, do a good enough job and I'll give you a reward."

I gasped when Clarrise doubled her efforts her tongue going wild as she eagerly lapped at my pussy.

"Oh fuck right there," I moaned as I shifted on Clarrise's face allowing her better access to my pussy "alright mom not that I'm unhappy to see you but why are you here. Shit yes, Clarrise right there." I gasped out the last part as I felt Clarrise's tongue push inside and rub against my g spot.

"We will get to them but first I need a seat for myself." Said mom before she leaned down and latched her mouth over Clarrise's soaking wet pussy. Considering Clarrise immediately began screaming into my pussy as she wrapped her legs around mom's head I could tell she was cumming and cumming hard. While I had never had mom between my legs she did eat out Selina once as an apology for interrupting her and Charlie, and we could hear her screaming in pleasure even through the soundproof walls of the Aphrodite cabin. Getting eaten out by Aphrodite was supposed to be absolutely Devine and I had to admit I could feel my juices leaking down into Clarrise's moaning mouth at the hopeful thought that I might be next in line.

I watched in amazement as Aphrodite pulled back Clarrise's pussy seeming to stretch up to stay in mom's mouth, in fact, it seemed to stretch a lot more than it should have and it wasn't until mom's mouth came off of it with an audible pop that I realized Clarrise now had as large fat cock where her pussy used to be.

I leaned forward to get a better look inadvertently lifting my pussy off of Clarrise's face and allowing her to look down between my legs to see her new appendage.

"Fuck Chris is not going to be happy about that." She mumbled before I smushed my pussy back down on her face.

"That's too bad for him." Said Aphrodite as she positioned herself over Clarrise's new cock. "Let's see if you're as good with a spear as your father." Aphrodite moaned as she lowered herself down onto Clarrise's cock a mom's that was echoed by the girl laying under me as she groaned into my pussy. Mom settled into a steady rhythm as she began to ride Clarrise, her hips rocking back and forth as she ground her pussy down on the large cock with practiced ease.

Mom was gorgeous, her large firm breasts, smooth well-toned stomach, and tight shaved pussy stretched over Clarrise's cock, was a sight that would have left any man hard and any slut envious and wet. They say that Aphrodite appears exactly like what the person who saw her finds the most attractive. Does the fact that she looks like a slightly older version of me makes me a narcissist.

"Fuck I needed this, Hephaestus has been extra careful with his traps recently and I haven't been able to have Ares give me the proper fucking I need." Said Aphrodite as she continued to ride Clarrise. "Listen Drew something has happened, the fates have decreed that there will be a shift in the power of the gods." Said Aphrodite not even slightly fazed by the massive cock she was bouncing on. "The fates have chosen Percy Jackson and Jason grace to be the next rulers of the gods, and they have decided that in order to decide who is strongest they will need to out fuck each other, whoever builds the largest harem becomes the ruler."

"Fuck does the mean I finally have a shot with Percy." I moaned as I continued to grind my pussy against Clarrise's face.

"Yes but you must be careful, I was forced by the fates to put a curse on the boys in order to get them to go along with the plan," said Aphrodite her large breasts bouncing up and down as she rode the cock, making it very hard to pay attention to her. "It also binds anyone they fuck to them, so unless you want to be there fuck slave stay off that dick."

Well that sucked I've wanted to get a ride on Jackson's dick ever since he saved Olympus, but he hooked up with Annabeth immediately after and I never got my chance. In fact it wasn't until Annabeth and Percy started dating that I became interested, there's just something hot about a man you shouldn't be able to get. It's why my favorite hobby is sleeping with guys who are married or have girlfriends.

"So if I fuck either of them I'm stuck as their personal fuck toy. As fun as that sounds I don't want to be anyone's fuck slave permanently, just a few days is my limit." I said as I fought against the temptation to lung forward and bury my face into mom's bouncing tits.

"I knew you were a little slut all my kids are but, I didn't know you were ever submissive." Said mom as she cupped her breasts keeping them from bouncing all over the place and causing my mouth to water at the sight.

"I'm a switch depending on my mood," I reply. "So I should avoid Jackson and grace, or choose one of them and become there sluty little fucktoy."

"Or your third option is that I give you a blessing that allows you to gain power through those you fuck, a very similar curse to the one they received." Said Aphrodite "I was going to give this ability to Piper but Jackson has already fucked her into his personal little fucktoy." Said mom as she once again released her breasts allowing her enormous pair to bounce free. Fighting back a twinge of jealousy at her larger breasts I gave her a questioning look.

"So what you just wave your hand and I get sex powers?"

Mom gave me a willing smile. "Where's the fun in that, the curse is currently residing inside here." She said as she reached behind her, while I couldn't see very well what she had grabbed the gasp from Clarrise let me know that it was most likely her balls.

"It will take three shots administered into a different hole each before it fully sets in so I guess I should leave you to it." Said mom as she leaned in and hugged me, I could feel her nipples rubbing against mine as our breasts squished together.

Mom pulled me into a deep kiss her tongue pushing into my mouth as it wrestled mine for dominance before she broke the kiss and rose up and off of Clarrise. I stared in wonder at the large glowing cock now sitting in front of me. Swinging my leg off of Clarrise's face I moved to squat over her cock gripping it with my hand as I positioned myself over her. Giving it a few slow pumps my hand easily sliding along the cock slicked by Mom's juices from earlier.

Speaking of mom she had gotten up and headed out of the room, leaving through the door which worried me since I had climbed in the window in order to get inside of Clarrise's bedroom.

I know climbing in through a window for a secret fuck sounds trashy and it might have been, but I just get so wet when I get a chance to fuck someone who I'm not supposed to. In fact, now that I know that Percy and Jason are in a contest to see who can fuck the most girls and no longer in committed relationships I'm not that attracted to them. Don't get me wrong I still want to fuck them, I just want to rock their world and then walk away, I want them to know that no matter how many girls they have in their harem they will never having anything like me.

"Alright let's see if you lot can fuck as good as your dad." Yelled mom in the next room. There was a commotion as all the guys and girls began to push and shove each other as they tried to be the first to get at Aphrodite.


"Stop teasing me and ride me." Said a weak voice from under me, looking down I saw Clarisse with the most pitiful look across her face. Smiling down at her I began to rock my hips from side to side as I slowly lowered myself down grinding my dripping wet pussy against Clarrise's large cock. The minute the head of her cock touched my pussy lips a jolt of pleasure shot through me and my legs dropped out from under me and I dropped fully onto Clarrise's cock. Both of us let out a deep moan as we were connected in the most intimate way, two people can be.

I had taken alot of cocks over the years and this wasn't the biggest, Chiron or Tyson probably hold that record, the fact that I could take them to the base without breaking was proof that daughter's of aphrodite could take any cock in the world. In fact, I have a sister named Melissa that is currently attempting that, she is putting together a book of monsters and gods, and Titans that she plans to try and fuck, she intends to leave a book in the Aphrodite cabin ranking the different cocks of the world.

I began to ride Clarrise her cock sliding in and out of me, both of us moaning with each thrust. My hands latching onto Clarrise's large breasts for handles as I ride her, my tits bouncing up and down as I ride Clarrise. I felt Clarrise's hands as they wrapped around my hips, looking down I saw a glint of the competitiveness and ego that she usually had during capture the flag.

I smiled as I leaned down smashing my tits against hers, as I whispered in her ear. "Someone is getting excited, maybe I should get a strapon and put you back in your place." I teased as I felt Clarrise's hands move up to my shoulders.

"You've been ontop enough." She said before quickly rolling us over. I couldn't help but laugh as she rolled us over. "Let's see what this little slut can take." I gave Clarrise a challenging smile before moving my hand down to slap her large ass.

"Well then get to it." I cried as Clarrise began railing me her cock thrusting in and out of my soaking pussy, a loud squelching filling the room along with the creaking of the bed as Clarrise holds nothing back fucking me like crazy.

I couldn't help but moan and scream as I felt the head of her cock slamming against the entrance of my womb with each thrust. Looking up I could see the strain on Clarrise's face as she fucked me. Getting a naughty idea slowly moved my hand that I had spanked Clarrise with to her ass. Positioning two fingers at her asshole I waited till she was on the downstroke completely buried inside me before shoving both fingers to the base.

My surprise worked exactly how I wanted it to, triggering Clarrise's orgasm and causing her to empty her balls and mom's blessing inside of me. I came hard as Clarrise flooded my insides though getting a large load of cum pumped inside of me tended to send me over the edge.

I didn't get to lay back and enjoy the afterglow of being filled with cum like I would have liked, instead, as I laid back enjoying the feeling of cum leaking out of my pussy I was unceremoniously flipped over onto my stomach before I felt Clarisse's strong hands grabbing ahold of my ass cheeks spreading them apart as she stared down at my puckered asshole. I felt a shiver run down my spine as a large glob of spit landed on my asshole before I felt the head of Clarrise's cock pushed against it grinding back and forth as she prepared to fuck my asshole.

I had to admit I was a little nervous even though I was a grade-A slut I had never taken it in the ass before, I'd always considered it demeaning and the thought of allowing someone to demean me like that had never interested me. I like a good rough fucking but I'm the one in charge even when I play the submissive role.

I gave a deep groan as I felt the head of Clarrise's cock begin to stretch out my asshole her hands moving to my pack pushing down between my shoulder blades as she shoved me into the bed. Bitting down onto the sheets I gritted my teeth and moaned as Clarrise's cock continued to push inside of me.

"Fuck." I grunted through my clenched teeth as Clarrise finally bottomed out inside my asshole. I had to admit it hurt but it hurt so fucking good. It was an enjoyable pain like being spanked or getting the occasional slap across the face during a very intense fucking.

"Fuck and I thought your pussy was tight." Mumbled Clarrise as she struggled to keep from cumming just from entering my asshole. Clarrise's hands moved up to hold me in place her right hand gripping my shoulder as her left hand grabbed a handhold of my hair as she slowly pulled out. Pausing with only the head left inside Clarrise pulled back on my hair forcing my back to the arch before she slammed back inside of me.

Clarrise held me I place as she continued to fuck me, instead of the fast pace pounding she gave my pussy, Clarrise was slowly pulling all the way out before slamming back in setting a slow but brutal pace. My mind was fuzzy and the only thought I had was damn I should have given up my ass a long time ago.

I was so close to cumming but Clarrise kept pausing every couple of thrusts keeping me on the edge but not allowing me to cum. Though I had a suspicion that Clarrise wasn't doing it on purpose and was just stopping to keep herself from cumming too soon. I couldn't do anything but moan into the bed as I felt Clarrise continue to pound my ass over and over again with three hard thrusts then she would pause before another three hard thrusts.

Unable to take it any more I shoved my hand under me and began rubbing my clit as fast as I could. That little bit of stimulus was all I needed and I screamed into the mattress as I began to cum. My orgasm triggering on Clarrise's down stroke-causing my ass to clamp down tight onto her cock, pushing her over the edge.

I laid under Clarrise moaning as I felt her moan and pump cum into my asshole. With a grunt she pulled out of me before falling back onto the bed, her eyes fluttered once before she fell asleep. Getting up I gave a shutter as I felt her cum running down my legs leaking from both my holes. Deciding that I would have Melissa take care of that if she was still at our cabin. Putting on my skirt and a t-shirt I peeked into the main room to see my mother amid a massive gangbang every hole she had was filled with cock some of them actually taking multiple cocks at once as she was fucked by just about every child of Ares, even the girls had been magically given dicks to allow them access to mom's holes. Deciding not to take part in the orgy I headed back to the window I had snuck in, sneaking back out and heading towards my cabin.

Well, a slightly different chapter than usual but having Drew a harder target because of Aphrodite meddling sounds like a fun idea, and might also set up some femdom chapters in the future if there is much interest for it. As always leave a comment or pm me if you have anything you would like to see in the story. I'm also thinking of having a story with Melissa taking different monster cocks let me know if you would be interested in that and what monsters she should take first.

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