Challenge of the two gods

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The sea of monsters was engulfed in the largest storm anyone had ever seen, winds and waves crashed against the side of the islands as even Charybdis and scylla covered hiding from the torrential downfall. The source of this storm was the two gods that had met on one of the islands.

"You took Annabeth." Roared percy as he swung riptide at Jason the roman intercepting it with his golden sword before swinging at percy.

"Only because you took a piper." he yelled, the clash of their swords causing the lightning to clash and the storm to worsen. There blades clashing as they continued to fight the ringing of metal on metal filled the air as they battled. As the battle dragged on it became apparent that both of them were too evenly matched, the battle was just going to rage on never ending. Stepping back from each other Percy and Jason stood staring at each other with anger in their eyes. Slowly lowering their swords as they faced off.

"I guess i will just have to win this contest and steal annabeth back." said Percy as he stared at Jason. "I think I'll keep Piper as well." he said with a grin.

"I think Annabeth will make a nice pet." Said Jason as the two stepped back away from each other. "This isn't over Jackson." Yelled Jason as he began to glow about to teleport away.

"Fuck you too Grace." Yelled percy as they both glowed bright before disappearing the massive storm slowly subsiding.

Percy POV

I arrived at camp half blood still fuming from my fight with Jason, to think I had considered him a friend only moments earlier and he goes and steals annabeth from me. I know I did the same with Piper but I tried to get away from her and if it wasn't for her charmspeak I would never have done anything to her, though i'm glad I took her from Jason now. In Fact i was tempted to head to the aphrodite cabin and bend Piper over again on second thought. That is exactly what he wanted to do. Making his way through camp he paused by the hades cabin leaning in to see Nico sitting on his bed having been turned back to his normal self.

"Nico meet me in my cabin in twenty minutes in your girl form and bring your phone." I said as I left. Heading to the Aphrodite cabin I knocked on the door only to be met by Drew. Giving the buxom asian a once over I was very tempted to invite her over with me. The number of times I had been forced to fight off Drew's unwanted advances back before I had become a god I knew she would be a very easy target.

"Here for some fun or are you looking for a piper." Said Drew with a wink as she leaned forward her shirt falling forward to reveal her cleavage.

"I'm here to see Piper, though i will take you up on that offer later." I said with a wink of my own though the hungry smile i got from Drew did make me wonder if i had bitten off more than i could handle with her.

"Piper water boy's hear to see you." Yelled Drew as she headed back into the cabin. Piper appeared shortly after words wearing the usual orange camp half blood T shirt and jean shorts.

"Percy I what are you doing here." She said as a pink blush blossomed across her face. We hadn't really spoken since yesterday when I had fucked her senseless.

"I came to invite you to my cabin. We need to talk." I say as I turn and start walking away. Piper pauses for a minute before following after me I can faintly feel a connection between us. Something I hadn't noticed before but I knew also connected me to Juniper and Nico or Nicole as I had come to think of her when she was in her new form. While not the strongest connection it did seem to give those I had claimed an acceptance that they were mine mine, which meant Piper wouldn't leave me, but it also meant annabeth was not going to leave Jason. Leading Piper back to my cabin I opened the door letting her enter. As we walked in we were met by Nicole as she sat waiting on my bed. Nicole was wearing tight black T-shirt fingerless gloves and tight skinny jeans that I was shocked she was able to get over her large ass, they were practically painted on they were so tight.

"Who's this." Asked Piper as she walked in. "Wait Nico" she said after getting a closer look.

"How is that possible."

"I was horny." Said Percy as if it explained everything, the new God wasn't in the mood for explanations; he was in the mood to have some fun with his sluts. "Now Nicole get your phone ready. I want you to take plenty of pictures of Piper for me, and Piper as she's taking pictures. I want you to strip, and make it sexy." I said as I reached over and slapped Piper's ass causing her to yelp before moving to the center of the room as she began to sway back and forth her hips rocking as she turned away from Percy and leaned forward, her large ass straing her jeans as she shook it for me.

Piper's hands went to her waist where she gripped the bottom of her camp half blood T-shirt as she slowly began to raise it up. Tossing the orange shirt to the side Piper spun around and leaned forward smiling at me as she shook her shoulders back and forth, her breasts shaking back and forth barely held back by her white bra. As Piper continued to dance I smiled as Nicole joined me in watching her phone snapping pictures every so often. Piper continued her dance reaching down to unbutton her pants as she turned around and bent over her large ass shake for the two of us as she slowly lowered it down. Her large ass stretched her white cotton panties to the limit and I couldn't help but notice that Nicole's eyes never left Piper's shaking booty. Unable to help myself I leaned forward and slapped Piper's ass enjoying the sight of it jiggling from the impact and the sharp yelp she let out as my hand made contact.

Piper looked back over shoulder and stuck out her tongue at me as she continued to dance, her hands reaching back and unclipping her bra as she spun around to face us and dropped her panties allowing her large breasts free, giving a wink to Nicole as the daughter of hades snapped another picture of the daughter of Aphrodite capturing her perfect breasts. Piper bit her lip and gave Nicole a sexy smile as she squatted down her legs spread as she leaned back her panties stretching over her pussy showing cameltoe and a large damp spot showing that the native american girl was getting into her dancing.

Pulling her panties to the side, Piper used her fingers to spread open her pussy as she looked up at Nicole allowing her to take a clear picture of her wet pussy. Flipping over so that she was on her hands and knees, twerking her panty clad ass as she lowered her head down it took all of my restraint not to rush forward and sink my cock into her large tight ass. Lowering her head down to the ground piper reached back and removed her panties before reaching back spreading her ass cheeks apart revealing her pussy which was literally dripping with her juices and her small virgin asshole i would definitely be enjoying that hole later.

Nicole leaned forward and snapped a picture of the Cherokee girl's holes before she stepped back as piper rose to her feet. Reaching over and taking the phone from nicole i told her to strip before heading over to piper. Pulling a piper into a kiss I smashed my lips against hers as I forced my tongue into her mouth. My one free hand reached down and squeezed her ass as I used my other hand, holding the phone up, snapping a selfie of me and Piper making out. Breaking the kiss I smiled as Nicole came over and joined us stepping away from Piper. I motioned for Nicole to take my place. I felt my cock harden in my pants as I watched Nicole sheepishly smile at Piper before the Cherokee girl grabbed her and pulled her into a kiss. As the two girls make out Nicole obviously being dominated by Piper as the older girl forces her tongue into Nicole's mouth, her hands reaching around to cup Nicoles ass.

Tearing my eyes away from the lesbian make out, i looked down at the phone and began to send the pics that Nicole had taken of Piper to Jason, ending with the picture of me and her making out, I then quickly stripped out of my clothes before turning back to the two girls smiling as i saw that both of them are where staring at me both of there eyes locked on my cock.

"Well girls since you put on such a good show i think you deserve a reward." I said as I motioned down at my cock. Both girls licked their lips as they stared at me leaving me a little nervous as they instantly dropped to her knees and began crawling over to me. Piper managed to reach me first, her mouth engulfing my cock before. As Nicole dove down and began sucking on my balls. Fighting back a moan as I felt their hot wet tongues bathing my private parts in their saliva I raised the phone and began snapping pictures mainly focusing on Piper as I snapped pic after pic of her worshipping my cock. Pulling my cock out of her mouth I laid it across her face and snapped a pic of the daughter of Aphrodite smiling up at me as my massive cock covered her face from chin to forehead. Lightly slapping her on the cheek with it I smeared her and Nicole's spit all over her face before moving back and allowing her to return to sucking my cock.

"Here switch to video and record this." I said as I handed the phone down to Nicole, once the daughter of Hades was recording I grabbed Piper's head and began to facefuck her. A steady gagging sound filled the room as I pounded Piper's face, my cock pushing all the way in before being pulled out, but Piper took it like a champ, her eyes never leaving mine as she stared up at me. After Nicole signaled that she had stopped recording I released Piper allowing her to come up for air gasping.

"Okay take another video." I said as I returned to fucking Piper's face. Letting out a deep moan, I threw my head back as I facefucked Piper before turning and looking at the camera.

"Looks like I found your replacement." I said as I held Piper's head down and groaned as I filled her mouth with my cum. Pulling away from Piper I took the phone back from Nicole snapping one last pic of Piper open mouthed as she swirled her tongue around in my cum I sent all the pics and the first video to Jason before I sent the last video to annabeth showing her that if she was going to be Jason's whore I would just finds sluts of my own. As I sent the pictures Nicole had pounced on piper, where the first time they kissed Piper dominated Nicole this time it was the daughter of Hades that took charge. I could see the look of surprise on Piper's face as Nicole shoved her tongue into Piper's mouth as she licked and searched for every drop of my cum she could get. Their make out scene was the hottest I had ever seen as the two girls tongues battled for my cum as they rolled around on the floor first Nicole taking charge then Piper flipping them over as she took control.

My cock quickly spring back to full hardness I couldn't help myself as I dropped down onto my knees behind the girls Nicole was once again on top and she was my first target. Wasting no time to get her ready, not that she needed it, her pussy was dripping wet, I grabbed her firm ass to stop the two from rolling anymore as I thrust forward sinking half of my cock into her in one go. Nicole arched her back as she pulled away from Piper letting out a deep groan as what little cum that was left in her mouth dropped down to rain across Piper's face.

I smiled as I watched the daughter of Aphrodite live up to her mother's reputation of being a slut as she happily licked the cum that rained down onto her catching as much as she could in her greedy little mouth. Raising my hand up I gave Nicole a sharp spank on the ass eliciting a moan of pleasure from her as I began to increase the speed of my thrusts.

"Fuck her Percy make the little bitch scream." Yelled Piper from her position under Nicole each time I thrust in my balls brushed against her clit as I pushed Nicole down onto her there large breasts smashing together.

Encouraged by Piper's yells I began to speed up now slamming my entire cock in and out of Nicole her large ass rippling every time my hips slammed into it. I could feel Piper's fingers as they began to rub Nicole's clit, her hand occasionally grazing my cock as it postponed in and out of the demigoddess sandwiched between us.

Nicole began to shake and squirm between us, her jet black hair thrashing around as she began to cum.

"Do it cum for us, cum on Percy's big cock, fucking squirt on that cock." Screamed Piper as I felt Nicole's pussy tighten around my cock. The black haired girl burying her face in Piper's neck as she screamed into it the assault from both of us too much for her to handle.

After Nicole finally finished cumming she laid on top of Piper panting, before the daughter of Aphrodite unceremoniously pushed her off flipping Nicole onto her back as she lay next to Piper panting trying to catch her breath.

"My turn." Said Piper as she smiled up at me laying on her back with her legs spread and arms reaching up to me the invitation was too good to refuse. Laying down on top of her I guided my still hard cock into her waiting pussy. It never failed to amaze me the difference between Nicole's and Piper's pussies. While Nicole was always extremely tight bordering on being painful with how much it squeezed my cock Piper's was nearly perfect. Her pussy wasn't too tight or too loose and her inner walls seemed to contract and squeeze around my cock as if she was consciously using her pussy to milk my cock. Biting back a moan once my cock was fully inside of Piper I leaned in and began to kiss her my tongue fighting against hers as we made out. My hips thrust back and forth as I rutted into Piper into the ground, her large breasts bouncing up and down in tandem to my thrusts as I placed my hands on either side of her head for leverage.

Piper gave a deep moan as i bottomed out inside of her i ground my hips against hers as i forced my cock as deep into her as possible. I leaned down over Piper as I whispered into her ear. "You're such a slut." I said Piper's pussy clenching when I said slut despite her cry's to the otherwise. "I'm not a slut, I'm not a slut your cock just feels too good." Moaned Piper before she threw her head back and screamed her fingers clawing at my back as she wrapped her legs around me.

I had to bite my lip to keep from cumming as Piper went wild underneath me her pussy spasming and squirting. Laying ontop of Piper as she finally calmed down and caught her breath, I pulled off of her, causing the girl to moan as I slowly pulled my cock from her pussy.

"Piper get up, I want you on top this time." i said as i stood up, helping piper and nicole to there feet, Moving over to the bed i set down as i pulled piper on top of me facing away from me in the reverse cowgirl, using one hand to point my cock straight up i used my other hand to grab one of piper's plump ass cheeks spreading them apart as i guided my cock to her last untouched hole.

Piper gasped and pulled away when she felt the head of my cock touch her asshole.

"Wait I've never done that before." Said Piper as she looked back blushing in embarrassment.

Picking up the phone again I ignored the five missed calls from Jason and the large number of texts referring to me as, well you don't want to know all the things he called me. Recording another video I smiled at the camera. "Looks like I get Piper's asshole first." I say as I turn the camera back to Piper, focusing on her ass as she takes the hint and begins to lower herself down on my cock.

"Fuck your so big." Moaned Piper as the head of my cock slipped into her asshole. I let out a deep groan as I felt Piper's asshole clamp down tight over the head of my cock, while I had thought Nicole's pussy was tight Piper's asshole definitely had it beaten, as it squeezed tight around my cock as Piper continued to lower herself down. Piper let out a deep moan the entire time she sank down onto my cock until I felt her ass cheeks resting on my lap. My entire cock was completely engulfed by Piper's hot tight asshole.

"Fuck your so much bigger than Jason." Moaned Piper bringing a smile to my face as she unwittingly said that on camera. Ending the recording I tossed the phone aside as I took a hold of Piper's waist and began guiding her up and down as I bounced her in my lap. Pulling Piper back down onto me I laid her back against my stomach as I looked my arms under hers as I held her down onto me thrusting my hips up to bounce her on my cock.

Getting an idea I looked over at Nicole and focused my power onto her, similarly to what I did to turn her from Nico to Nicole though I only focused my power in her crotch watching as her clit grew larger and larger until she was sporting a brand new 8 inch cock.

"Fuck Percy why do I have this." She asked confusedly as she looked over at me and Piper only for me to smile as I reached down with one hand to spread Piper's lower lips.

"I've never used my cock before, you were my first when you fucked me." Said Nicole as she climbed up between Piper's legs. "I just push it in right." Said Nicole before she leaned forward and pressed her cock against Piper's pussy.

"Be careful I don't know if I can handle two at the same time." Said Piper as she stopped bouncing and settled down onto my cock her eyes locked on Nicole's cock as she waited for the newly made dickgirl to start fucking her.

Nicole pushed the head of her cock inside of Piper before she let out a deep moan. "Fuck is this what I feel like." She groaned as she continued to sink her cock into Piper.

"Actually you're tighter." I say as I look over Piper's shoulder smiling at the strained face Nicole was making as she finally bottomed out inside of Piper. I just laid back and enjoyed having my cock buried in Piper's tight asshole as I allowed Nicole to enjoy herself, the daughter of Hades soon setting a blistering pace as she pounded down to Piper completely caught up in how good her friend's pussy felt.

"Fuck Percy she feels so good I can feel your cock inside her too." Nicole moaned out as she fucked Piper who for her part was just laying ontop of me moaning as she struggled to take a cock in both her holes. Reaching around I began playing with Piper's large breasts squeezing and massaging them before catching the nipples between my fingers as I lightly pinched and teased them. It was too much for Piper who let out a scream she started to cum her pussy and asshole clenching on our cocks as she shook and squirted drenching poor Nicole as the inexperienced girl struggled to handle Piper's pussy spasming on her cock.

"Fuck it's too tight." Moaned Piper before she grunted as she came flooding Piper's pussy with cum. Nicole collapsed on top of Piper giving me an opportunity to turn my attention to her breasts as well. Of the three of us I was the only one who didn't cum though Piper's tight clenching asshole was certainly trying it's best to get me to that point. As my hands continued to mail the two girls breasts I looked at the two girls. "Ready for round two." I said as I started rocking my hips slowly moving my cock around inside of Piper.

"I don't thinking i have another round in me." Moaned Nicole as she laid on top of Piper.

"Oh I think we can change that." I said as I used my powers to cause the water in the fountain in my cabin to rise up, forming a tentacle before it lunged across the room and buried itself into Nicole's asshole.

"Fuck!" screamed Nicole as i felt her cock spring back to life inside of Piper, the daughter of Aphrodite let out a groan though she failed to raise her head or make any other move. I began to piston my cock in and out of Pipers ass as hard as i could while also causing the water tentacle to begin fucking Nicole hard forcing her to set a equelly fact pace as she began fucking pipers pussy. I could feel Nicole's cock rubbing against mine through the thin barrier separating piper's ass and pussy. Nicole let out a deep moan and I could feel her cock twitching inside of Piper every time I caused the water tentacle to push deeper inside of her.

My hands began to maul and play with Pipers breasts as I bounced her up and down on my cock. My hands were soon joined by Nicole's as she reached down and began playing with

Piper's breasts. I was a little caught off guard by this Nicole even when she was Nico and had never shown any interest in girls that I had ever noticed but the way she dove down and began sucking on piper's breasts you would never have known.

Piper let out a deep moan as Mine and Nicole's thrusts became erratic as our climaxes approached. Pulling a piper all the way down a moan as I began pumping my cum into piper's asshole. Using my power I caused the tentacle to shove as deeply into Nicole's asshole as it could go causing her to push her face into the piper as she began to cum. We held ourselves tight to piper as we filled her with our cum, Nicole pumping her second load of the day into piper. All three of us laid there panting in a heap of sweat and cum for several minutes before i finally got up, slipping out from under piper i got up before grabbing the phone and taking one last pick of piper laying passed out on her back with both her pussy and asshole gaping with cum leaking out. Sending the pick to Jason I tossed the phone aside before climbing onto the bed between the two girls, having used my powers to remove Nicole's cock as I pulled both girls close to me and I drifted off to sleep.

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