Challenge of the two gods

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Jason pov

I woke with a start sitting bolt upright in my bed, I had just had a meeting with the very fates themselves. A meeting in which they informed me and Percy that we would either save the world or destroy it. Looking around my room I realised that I was in my private bunk in Camp new Rome. It looked about the same as the last time I was in it, which was actually close to two years ago now that I think about it. The only thing that seemed out of place was a large plaque on the wall with mine and Percy's names on it. The two names were separated by a T-chart underneath it. Taking a scroll that was tied underneath the plaque I unfurled it and began to read, I'll save you the prophecy talk and simplify it. Me and Percy were now gods of Fate and we would be participating in a contest against each other as to who could sleep with the most Demi-gods, gods, or monsters. It also said something about a curse cooked up by Aphrodite and Eros if we didn't participate, this worried me more than anything, I had to find a way to get to camp half-blood and talk to piper about what we would do about this, i also needed to talk to Percy about this. Getting dressed I headed out of my room. Heading out of the barracks and halfway through the camps heading towards the training grounds before I realised that I had no idea what I was doing, or where I was going. As i stopped to clear my head i suddenly realised that i was burning up, i felt as if there was a fire inside me and my cock was straining against my jeans.

This had to be the result of the curse that the scroll mentioned. Taking a deep breath and trying to calm down I decided to head back to my room and give Piper an iris call. Heading back towards my room I turned the corner and walked straight into Gwen. Not paying attention i didn't stop intime and knocked her off balance, catching her before she fell i held tight to her as i stopped her from falling.

"Sorry Gwen i didn't see-" I stopped short in my apology as i felt like the fire inside of me had just been doused in gasoline.

"Oh hey Jason I guess you were in a hurry- '' Gwen was cut off as I smashed my lips against hers, my tongue probing into her mouth as I pulled her close to me, my hands gripping tight to her shirt as I pulled her up. Holding onto Gwen as she struggled, I pushed her up against the wall feeling her resistance wane, it was no hidden secret that Gwen had a crush on me. Infact back before I went to camp half-blood and lost my memory Gwen had made several attempts to get in my pants. Gripping tight to Gwens shirt, I used my strength to rip the weak fabric apart, tearing it open and revealing her modest bra covered breasts. Gwens hands were clawing at my back as she pulled me closer to her, having given up any pretense of resistance Gwen was moaning into my mouth as my hands began to explore her breasts. Pulling hard on the front of her bra I pulled it off breaking it's fastenings and freeing her breasts. Pulling back I examined her newly freed breasts, not nearly as big as piper's; they were still perky c-cups that were dying for attention. Diving down I caught one of Gwen's breasts in my mouth sucking hard on the nipple, as I shoved my left hand into her tight jeans. Working my fingers under her panties I worked two fingers into her pussy as I began to wiggle them in a come here motion rubbing her G-Spot and eliciting moans and screams of pleasure from Gwen. Gwen was apparently very sensitive because it was no time at all before she screamed and I felt her squirting around my fingers soaking through her jeans as her legs spasmed and she clung to me trying to keep her footing. The front of Gwen's jeans were completely soaked through and the inside of her legs going down to her feet was drenched.

Spinning her around and pinning her against the wall, i began unfastening her pants and pulling them down, as i kneel behind her as i spread her cheeks examining her dripping pussy and tight puckered asshole. Leaning forward I gave a slow long lick starting at Gwen's pussy and running up her crack pausing to flick my tongue over her asshole eliciting a groan of pleasure from her.

To be honest i had always had a fastenation with anal, with giving a girl a rimjob was something i had always wanted to do. Flicking my tongue back and forth over Gwen's puckered hole I enjoyed the squeals and whimpers she let out every time my tongue grazed her tightest hole. Puckering my lips I placed them over right over her asshole kissing it as I slowly slid my tongue as deep inside as I could. I could feel Gwen's ass clenching around my tongue as well as her asscheeks tensing and clenching on my face as she groaned in pleasure. I began to wiggle my tongue back and forth inside of Gwen as she shoved her ass backwards towards me trying to get even more of my tongue into her ass. Working my tongue as deep into her ass as I could , I reached around with my right hand and began to rub hard against her clit causing Gwens legs to buckle and her to practically sit on my face as she began to come again. I could feel her juices splattering against the wall and soaking the front of my shirt as she once again squirted.

Once Gwen regained her footing I pulled back from her ass and stood up and began to remove my pants.

"You squirt a lot." i said as i removed my pants and began to stroke my nine inch cock. Stepping up behind Gwen I began to rub my cock between her thighs, rubbing it against her wet pussy thoroughly coating it in Gwen's abundant juices. Pulling back I aimed the tip of my cock at Gwen's tight asshole, the moment it made contact with Gwen's asshole she jumped forward and flattened herself against the wall. I chuckled to myself at how just a moment ago Gwen was moaning from my tongue in her asshole, and now she was jumping away like some virgin prude. Keeping her pinned against the wall I pushed forward and pressed my cock against her asshole.

Gwen's asshole was tighter than Piper's pussy, it clung to every inch of my cock as I pushed deeper and deeper into her.

I groaned as I felt the velvety softness of her insides as my cock bottomed out inside her ass.

"Fuck your tight, have you ever had your ass fucked before." I grunted as i began to fuck up against the wall.

"No. your the first cock i've ever had in there, and your really big please slow down." Said Gwen as i continued to fuck her ass, hearing her words i couldn't help myself but two increase my thrust increasing my pace and causing her to let out a scream as she clinged to the wall. The sound of my hips slapping against her ass was only drowned out by her shrill moans and screams as I began to rail her ass as hard as I could, my cock plunging in and out as her asshole clenched and milked me. It didn't take long until Gwen was once again cumming screaming and squirting as i never broke stride and continued to fuck her. Gwen came three more times before I felt myself growing close to my finish. I could feel my balls tighten as they slapped against Gwens clit her juices dripping down and soaking them as she lay nearly comatose against the wall.

Lunging forward I sank all Nine inches into her as I began to cum my thrust so hard I lifted Gwen off the ground as I began to pump my cum inside of her, flooding her asshole and triggering her fifth and final orgasm as I filled her with cum. I stayed inside of Gwen for a while enjoying the feeling of her asshole spasming around my cock as it blocked the cum from leaking out. I held Gwen up as by this state she was nearly comatose as I pulled out. Lifting Gwen up onto my shoulder I headed off towards my room taking extra care not to be seen carrying a naked girl on my shoulder. Reaching my room I laid Gwen down onto my bed still trying to wrap my head around the fact that I cheated on Piper.

My attention was drawn to the fact that the plaque on the wall had changed. Walking over to it I noticed that on my side of the chart it said Gwen, which meant that she was one my point. I started to turn away before something shocking caught my eye, under Percy's side now reading Nico Di Angelo I was stunned to be sure over the fact that Percy had claimed Nico. Though thinking back to Nico's interaction with Cupid I couldn't help but to be happy with him. Turning away from the plaque i headed back to my bed worn out from my fuck session with Gwen and wanting to get some rest, i climbed into bed alongside of her before pulling her close and drifting off to sleep.

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