Challenge of the two gods

BY : Cerberous1096
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Jason glanced around as he made his way through camp half-blood. He felt out of place here as if he was in foreign territory, since he was. His ongoing contest with Percy had created a rift between the two friends made only worse when they each fucked and enslaved each other's girlfriends. Jason actually found himself chuckling at the thought that he now had a harem of girls and had every intention of expanding it, but he was worried about losing a girlfriend. Still he knew that if he were to run into Percy at camp-half blood it would end in a fight between them, something Jason wanted to avoid, at least for now.  In knowing Jason the odds of Percy finding him were low considering he was currently sneaking around camp Jupiter.

Jason had been invited to camp-halfblood to visit Leo, his friend wanting to hang out like old times. Actually getting to relax and hang out sounded good to Jason, while he wasn't going to complain about having two girls currently worshipping his cock every chance they got, but he was hoping that today was a day that he could forget about the competition with Percy, the curse, and just hang out with Leo like old times. Infact to make sure the curse was thourghly drained he had spent the last several hours fucking both Gwen and annabeth into broken drooling messes. He made sure to send Percy a few pics of annabeth covered in his cum as retaliation for the pics and video he got of Piper. The meer thought of that video of her begging to have Percy fuck her ass still pissed off Jason, though he had refrained from taking annabeth's ass he wanted something special for that. Reaching bunker nine Jason knocked on the celestial bronze door and couldn't help but smile when he was met by leo, covered in grease and grime from working in the forge but beaming with excitement with finally having seeing Jason again.  

Jason and Leo hung out for most of the day, Leo pestering Jason with questions about being a god. Most of which seemed to be poking jokes at whether or not Jason will get his own cabin and will new demigods begin showing up as well. Jason laughed off the jokes as he wondered if he would need to have the camps build him a cabin, after all if he was building a harem it was only a matter of time before he knocked some of them up. As Jason pondered this he didn’t notice the new arrival to the bunker.

“Jason, I would like you to meet Calypso, Calypso meet Jason.” said Leo snapping jason from his thoughts looking up. Jason found himself looking at one of the hottest girls he had ever seen. Jason had to grit his teeth as he felt the curse flare up and the urge to take Calypso then and there rose up.

“Nice to meet you i’m Jason.” said Jason as he tried to give what he hoped was a convincing smile. Calypso returned it as she and Leo came over to where Jason was sitting. Leo had brought in an old couch and several arm chairs to the buner, Jason had no idea where he had gotten them or how he got them all the way to bunker nine. Sitting around Jason tried to ignore how much Leo and Calypso were all over each other. The couple shared an arm chair across from Jason Calypso sitting in Leo’s lap. The couple continued to flirt with each other as the day continued Jason feeling more and more like a third wheel and the curse making him more and more desprate to fuck Calypso. Half way through the day Leo caught Jason's attention and pulled him aside out of earshot of Calypso.

“Are you alright you seem a little out of it?” Asked Leo.

“It’s nothing I’ve just been a little distracted it's nothing.” Said Jason trying to wave off Leo’s concern. Leo glanced back at Calypso before continuing.

“I should have invited Piper, I didn’t mean to leave you feeling like a third wheel.” Said Leo his usual smile fading. “I know how bad that can be at times.”

Jason felt a pang of guilt at all the times he and Piper had made Leo the third wheel to their group.

“It’s fine Leo that's not the reason I’m distracted and inviting piper would have only made it worse we are working through some things at the moment.” the statement was a lie, Jason and Piper were not working through anything. Piper had been stolen from Jason by Percy, thinking of her made him think back to the video that the pair had made. Anger built up inside of Jason and he could feel the curse begin to surge up again.

“You two didn’t break up, did you?” said Leo. “I was actually hoping to go on a double date with you two and calypso sometime.”

Jason realised that he should have changed the subject earlier, talking about Piper thinking about Percy claiming she had kickstarted the curse and it was taking every ounce of Jason’s willpower not to turn around and claim Calypso right then and there in front of Leo. No Jason was not going to cuck his best friend just because of a damn curse. He would leave and find someone else to fuck, yeah that would work. Having cum up with a plan Jason completely ignored it as he placed his right hand on top of Leo’s head and began using the same powers Percy had used on Nico.

There was a tearing sound as Leo’s jeans split her newly transformed bubble butt spilling out, Leo’s face taking on a more feminine form. Her camp halfblood T-shirt strained as her chest ballooned out too C-Cups breasts. Leo stumbled back from Jason as she stared down at her new body.

“What did you, what happened.” Said Leo as her hands rose up to cup her chest as if in disbelief of what was really there.

“Sorry Leo” Said Jason as his right hand Grabbed Leo’s shoulder and pushed her back into a wall. “But i need this.” Jason lunged forward pinning Leo against the wall as he began to kiss her neck. His hands roaming all over her body, sliding under her shirt to cup her breasts. Pulling away just enough to pull off her shirt Jason dived back in attacking her breasts with wild abandon her kissed and licked all over them. Focusing first on one then the other he sucked hard on each of Leo’s nipples causing her to let out a moan. Pulling away from Leo Jason stepped back as he stared at the sexy latina leaning against the wall in front of him. Leo’s chest was bar her nipples rock hard from the mauling jason had just given them a dark spot covered her crotch her jeans barely held in place having torn in several places when she gained her new fat ass.

Jason heard a moan behind him and glanced back to see Calypso sitting in one of the arm chairs watching her legs spread over each of the arms of the chair as she slowly rubbed her pussy.

“Want to Join in.” said Jason as he unbuttoned his jeans and allowed his hard cock to spring forward. He heard a gasp from Leo as Calypso licked her lips before she slid out of the chair and crawled across the floor towards him. Calypso let her close fall off of her as she crawled towards Jason when she arrived she was kneeling naked in front of him.

“Have you two had sex yet.” Said Jason as he looked back at Leo a slight groan accompanying his words as Calypso leaned in and kissed the head of his cock. Leo shook her head no as she stared down at her girlfriend as she began to suck on Jason’s cock.

“Have you ever had sex with anyone.” Asked Jason his hand going to the back of Calypso’s head as she began to bob back and forth sucking and slobbering all over Jason’s cock.

“No.” said Leo she was rubbing her legs together trying unsuccessfully to queel the burning heat she felt there.

“Well you're about to though I believe it will be a little different than what you originally planned.” said Jason as he focused on Leo. “How about a game if you can make me cum i will use my powers to give you your cock back and allow you to fuck Calypso.” 

Leo nodded in understanding before looking down, staring at his massive cock with a look of fear. Calypso turned to Leo and grabbed her hand pulling her down to Kneel next to her.

“I’ll guide you through it” said Calypso as she guided Leo’s hand to Jason’s cock.

“I thought you were a virgin.” asked Leo as she stared at her girlfriend. “That you couldn’t be with the men sent to your Island.”

“I couldn’t fuck them that doesn’t mean i couldn’t suck them off.” Said Calypso as she began guiding Leo’s hand back and forth stroking Jason’s cock. “I tried everything to get off that island, there's no telling how many cocks I've sucked,” Leo gave his girlfriend a questioning look, one that told Jason Calypso had yet to suck off leo.

"I didn't need to offer it to you" said calypso as she saw the look. Leo started to open her mouth to respond but before the two could start arguing Jason rocked his hips forward and shoved the tip of his cock into it. To Jason's surprise Leo didn't immediately pull back instead she just lightly suckled on the tip as she sat there in shock. Jason could feel her tongue as it tentatively probed at the head of the cock. Calypso decided to join in placing her hand on the back of Leo's head to hold her in place as she leaned in to whisper in Leo's ear.

"Take it a little deeper and focus on flicking your tongue under the front of it, right under the head." Leo gave a mumble of understanding before she did as Calypso said, taking it further into her mouth as her tongue rose up to target the sensitive spot on Jason's cock. Jason let out a deep groan as Calypso moved to kneel behind Leo, pressing her large breasts against Leo's back she leaned over the girls shoulder as she whispered into her ear.

"Now swirl your tongue around the head." Leo's tongue followed suit as she began working her tongue all over the head of Jason's cock, clumsily at first but soon Leo's tongue was swirling around the head causing Jason to moan and precum to leak from the tip of his cock. 

Leo's eyes widened when she first tasted it but she continued to work her tongue around the cock.

"Tastes good doesn't it." Said Calypso as she kissed the side of Leo's neck and nibbled on her ear. Her hands were roaming her girlfriend's new breasts as Calypso guided Leo through the process of sucking off Jason.

"Now take it deeper." Leo tried to do as Calypso said but her inexperience showed when she gagged and had to pull back coughing at just the mid way point. Leo tried again lunging back onto the cock a little too overzealous as the tip of Jason's cock hit the back of her throat causing her to pull back gagging again. This caused both Jason and Calypso to burst out laughing, Leo frowned at Jason. 

"Stop laughing it's not my fault I can't swallow your monster cock." Said Leo defensively.

"Don't worry honey it just takes practice." Said Calypso as she leans over Leo's shoulder, her lips engulfing the head of Jason's cock as in one smooth motion she takes it all until her nose is pressed against his waist and a visible bulge is formed in her throat.

"Just do this." Said Calypso, well that was what she tried to say all Leo and Jason heard was her gagging around Jason's cock. Slowly pulling back Calypso kept her lips locked around Jason's cock as her cheeks hollowed out and she sucked har before pulling off of him with an audible pop.

"Just like that." She said with a smile as Leo crossed her arms in front of her chest and huffed. Her lip stuck out as she pouted her crossed arms pushing her breasts together.

"Look, if you really want to, I can use my godly powers to make it so that you can deepthroat it." Said Jason as he waved his hand.

"What are you going to shrink your cock."  Said Leo.

"No I froze Calypso so that she couldn't help you." Said Jason as he nodded to the now frozen girl kneeling behind Leo.

"Frozen her, how is she not being able to help me going to help me." Said Leo confused before her eyes widened as Jason grabbed her head.

"Because all you need is as little encouragement." He said before slamming his cock home sinking it down Leo's throat as he ignored her gagging and trying to push away from him. Jason's grip was like iron as he slowly forced more and more of his cock down her throat pulling back only on occasion when he believed Leo was about to pass out before. Pulling her off of his cock allowing her to gasp in a quick breath before slamming her back down. After several minutes of work Jason realized that he was about to cum and he had yet to get more than three fourths of his cock into her mouth. Losing the fight Jason pulled his cock out of Leo's mouth before pointing it at her face and releasing his load covering it in several large spurts of cum. 

No sooner than Jason had finished covering Leo in his cum that Leo let into Jason with a string of angry Spanish. Jason had no idea what Leo was saying but he knew it wasn't very nice. 

"Okay okay I'm sorry that was a little rough I got carried away." Said Jason in apology though looking at the annoyed girl still kneeling in front of him Jason was tempted to go another round and see if he can finish fitting his cock down her throat.

"A little rough I don't know if you know this but it's hard to breath with a cock down your throat." Said Leo hotly as she angrily looked at him the cum on her face starting to sizzle as she was on the verge of bursting into flames.

"I know and I'm sorry look I'll make it up to you." Said Jason as Leo took a calming breath and started to cool down, picking up her discarded shirt she wiped the cum from her face.

"What our you going to give me my cock back and let me fuck your face." She said as she tossed the shirt away.

"No but you can fuck her face." Said Jason as he pointed at the still frozen Calypso. Leo's face turned from annoyance to concern as she looked over at calypso. 

"But that wasn't very comfortable. I don't want to hurt her." She said concerned about her girlfriend. 

"Don't worry she can handle it, she's got the experience." Said Jason helping Leo to her feet. "Calypso I'm unfreezing your hand. Are you fine with Leo using your mouth?" Said Jason as he waved his hand again. One of Calypso's arms swung around awkwardly before raising up and giving them a thumbs up.

"See she's fine with it, and fair's fair so while I won't suck you but if you're interested I will lay down and eat you out as you ride my face if you want." Said Jason.

Leo paused for a moment before looking down at the large wet spot on her pants.

"Fine I may not be able to facefuck you but I can drown you in return." She said as she began undoing her jeans stripping them down to reveal her boxers underneath.

"On your back." Said Leo with a more upbeat tone as she kicked her boxers to the side and waited for Jason to lay down. Jason could tell when Leo was pretending to act confident and took his time slowly stripping out of what was left of his clothes even going so far as to fold his shirt and jeans before setting them on the arm of a chair before he laid down on the couch. By this point Leo was impatiently tapping her foot on the ground as she waited for him to get ready. Jason had no more than laid his head back on the couch than Leo jumped on him, landing on his face reverse cowgirl Leo's fat ass completely covered Jason's face as she ground her wet pussy back and forth dragging it over his nose, lips and chin.

Leo gasped as she felt her clit rub against Jason's chin jolts of pleasure shooting through her. Jason was caught off guard but quickly recovered, reaching up and grabbing both of Leo's ass cheeks holding her in place before he shoved his tongue into her pussy. Leo screamed as she smashed her pussy down hard on top Jason's face holding it against his mouth as Jason's tongue probed out and gave it deep long licks. By this point Leo was already nearing an orgasm and the facefucking had left her very sensitive. A steady stream of vulgar Spanish words streamed from her mouth as she both begged and ordered Jason to eat her out. Leo came hard the next time Jason's tongue found her clit, squirting into his mouth as she bucked back and forth on his face. Leo had to hold onto the back of the couch to keep from falling over as she experienced her first orgasm as a girl.

"Fuck that was alot better than jacking off." She huffed before turning around so that she could hold her pussy over Jason's mouth and look down at his eyes. Leo locked eyes with Jason as she ground her pussy down on top of his mouth and ran her hands through his hair pulling his head up towards her. Leo began humping at Jason’s face as she ground her pussy harder against his face as she stared down at him begging him in spanish to eat her out more. Leo rocked her hips in a circular motion as she rode Jason’s face as his hands roamed over her groping her breasts and spanking her ass as Leo rushed towards another orgasm. Leo screamed as she came the second time pulling back as she squirted into Jason's mouth before rolling off of him.

“Fuck that was intense.” Mumbled Leo as she sank down onto the floor leaning against the couch as she tried to catch her breath.

“Wait till i fuck you.” said Jason as he set up smiling as he saw the look on Leo’s face as she glanced at his cock. “Don’t worry you can have your go with Calypso first.” Jason stood up before she helped Leo to her feet. Both of them turned to look at Calypso who had been completely frozen except for her arm which was currently buried between her legs working her pussy as her eyes were locked onto the pair.

“Looks like she is ready for you.” Said Jason as he spanked Leo sending her stumbling towards calypso as he activated his powers causing Leo to groan and clutch at her crotch as her clit grew and became a cock growing to nine inches long Leo stared down at it wide eyed.

“Uh Jason I think you got the size wrong.” She said.

“I wasn’t sure how big you were before you turned. I can shrink it if it’s too big.” said Jason, causing Leo to blush with embarrassment.

“To big is more like to small.” Said Leo laughing. “I was way bigger than this.”

“Okay i can fix it.” Said Jason as he caused the cock to grow nine more inches. Leo stared down at her two long cock as she gave it a tentative stroke, before snapping out of her stunned silence.

“This seems about the right size.” she says before laughing as she strikes a pose holding her new cock.

“I’m glad you like it because i intend to make my cock just as big as yours when i fuck you.” Said Jason, Leo seemed to deflate at his words.

“Actually this seems a little too big my cock was a little smaller.” Said Leo suddenly worried about the size. Jason shrunk her cock back down to nine inches.

“That's better.” he said when it stopped shrinking.

“A little smaller.” She said.

“Just tell me when.” Said Jason as he began shrinking the cock again finely stopping when Leo told him too at seven inches. 

“Alright now that that is sorted out go get her.” Said Jason as he motioned towards Calypso. Leo nodded before heading over towards her girlfriend pausing in front of her when she realised that Calypso was still frozen.

“Uh Jason can you unfreeze her.” said Leo as she stood in front of Calypso stroking her cock.

“In a minute just begin with her frozen.” said Jason as he sat down in the arm chair slowly stroking his cock as he prepared to watch the show. Leo raised her eyebrow at Jason before turning back to see Calypso giving her a thumbs up as encouragement to continue. Leo moved the tip of her cock to Calypso’s lips giving a small moan when she felt her girlfriend's hot breath on her cock.

“Wow your lucky she’s frozen, she would eat you alive if she wasn’t” Said Jason before he snapped his fingers and released Calypso. Calypso lunged forward and completely engulfed Leo's cock in one go, taking her to the root as she wrapped her arms around his waist to grab a hold of her fat ass holding her still. Leo gasped and grabbed ahold of Calypso's head to steady herself while Calypso swallowed her cock. Holding Leo in her throat Calypso began swallowing causing her throat to clench around Leo's cock. Leo screamed as she fought to keep from cumming her hands graping fistfulls of Calypso's hair as she pulled her girlfriend off her cock not wanting it to end to early. Leo held Calypso infront of her cock Calypso smiled up at Leo as a trail of spit ran down her chin to drip onto her breasts.

"Enjoying yourself." Said Calypso teasingly.

"Wasn't I supposed to be the one facefucking you." Said Leo when she finally caught her breath. "You seem to be doing all the fucking." 

"Fine suit yourself." Said Calypso before she opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue waiting for Leo to take charge.

As Leo hesitated in front of Calypso, not sure how best to facefuck her, Jason stood up from the chair and moved behind her. Resting his cock between Leo's plump ass cheeks Jason saw his friend glance back over his shoulder.

"Jason what are you." Before Leo could finish Jason squared just low enough to line up his cock with Leo's dripping pussy before standing up, at the same time he grabbed Leo's waist and pulled her back into him stealing her virginity and sinking his entire cock inside of her. Leo stiffened as she screamed her back pushing back against Jason's chest. Jason held himself inside of Leo to allow her to adjust to his size, releasing Leo's hips he was happy to see she didn't try and pull away which allowed him to grab Calypso's head, pulling her forward he pushed his hips against Leo's forcing the dickgirl to shove her cock down Calypso's throat.

Leo was in heaven. She had Calypso's throat around her cock and Jason's massive cock spearing deep inside her pussy. While she had dreamed of the first part many times she had never in a million years expected the second to feel so good. Mainly because up until earlier today she hadn't had a pussy.

"This is how you throat fuck a bitch." Said Jason as he leaned over Leo's shoulder. His hands began to move as he slid Calypso back and forth along Leo's cock slowly at first but soon he was slamming her to the base with enough force to pull Leo back towards him allowing more of his cock to press into her pussy. Jason began thrusting his hips timing it so that they lined up with the rhythm that he was working Calypso's head. Meaning every time Calypso's deepthroated Leo Jason's cock was buried to the root inside of her.

It didn't take long for Leo to lose it, throwing her head back to rest on Jason's shoulder as she screamed her pussy clenching and squirting as she dumped her load of cum down Calypso's throat. Jason held himself inside of Leo as she rode out her orgasm though he did release Calypso's head allowing her to pull back and relieve the last few shots of Leo's cum onto her face. Jason wrapped his arms around Leo cupping her breasts as he held her up as she nearly collapsed from the intensity of her orgasm.

Jason held Leo close to him as they both watched Calypso scoop up leo's cum from off her face bringing it to her mouth so she could gulp it down. Leo's cock twitched back to hardness as she watched Calypso swallow the last of her cum. Seeing this Calypso crawled back towards Leo, she began to like Leo's cock clean as well as being it back to it's full hardness.

Once she was done Calypso stood up and walked over to the couch bending over it she stuck out her ass presenting herself for both of them to see.

"Your choice Leo do you want to stay here and get fucked by me." Said Jason as he quickly gave her a hard thrust quickly pulling his cock out before slamming it back in causing Leo to let out a squeak of pleasure. "Or do you want to go over and fuck Calypso."

"Both." Said Leo as she drooled a little staring at Calypso's toned ass. "Can I fuck you both."

"Your a greedy little slut aren't you." Said Jason as he lifted Leo up holding her in the air mostly by his cock Jason walked over so that they were both standing behind Calypso. Jason pulled out of Leo causing her to whimper in disappointment. Sliding his cock between her legs Jason lined it up so that his cock rested right under Leo's.

"I'm letting you take her virginity because you care about her but you're both mine now and I'm claiming her virginity as well." Said Jason his more controlling godly side flaring up as he pushed forward pushing both his and Leo's cock against Calypso's pussy.

"Wait I can't take both of you, don't just let Leo." She was cut off as Jason slammed his hips forward shoving both of their cocks inside of Calypso. Calypso's body was more resilient because she was an immortal and she was able to take both cocks without too much strain. It also helped that Jason used his powers to transform any pain into pleasure for calypso. Jason didn't want to completely overwhelm Calypso so after about three thrust he pulled his cock and left Leo to fuck Calypso alone instead he returned his cock to Leo's pussy. 

Leo let out a squeal of pleasure as she was sandwiched between Jason and Calypso, her cock engulfed in Calypso’s tight wet folds as her pussy was stretched out by Jason's large cock. Leo just stood there as Jason fucked her from behind while Calypso rocked back into her slamming her ass against Leo pushing him back into jason. Leo was jostled back and forth between Jason and Calypso as she was brought to a mind shattering orgasm grabbing ahold of Calypso as she held herself inside her girlfriend firing wave after wave of cum into Calypso’s  pussy. Jason followed suit shortly after pulling Leo back against him as he filled her with his cum.

Leo collapsed back against Jason as she finally passed out from the sheer overload of pleasure she was facing. Jason pulled out of Leo before gently picking her up, Leo’s cock shrank down before disappearing leaving her in just her normal female form. Jason carried the unconscious Leo over to the couch before laying her down. Turning away from the sleeping Leo, Jason locked eyes with a smiling calypso.

“I can’t believe you turned Leo into a girl.” said Calypso as she stood up and a trail of leo’s cum was running down the inside of her leg. “I love Leo but right now the only thing i can think about is getting that cock in me.” said Calypso as she nodded towards Jason’s cock. Jason took two big steps closing the distance between him and calypso before scooping her up into her arm. Calypso giggled as she was swept away only to scream as Jason tossed her onto one of the arm chairs. Calypso turned around and laid back in the chair spreading her legs over each of the armrests as she reached to the side and pulled the lever allowing the chair to recline back.  Jason climbed on top of calypso smashing his lips against hers as he lined up his cock with her pussy.

Calypso clawed at Jason's back as he slowly sunk his cock into her, her legs wrapping around his waist as he began a steady rhythm. Jason fucked Calypso into the chair as his tongue wrestled with hers, her nails creating red lines along his back as she writhed under him. The chair began to squeak as Jason increased the pace of his thrusts, his hips slamming into Calypso’s.

“Fuck yes jason harder fuck me harder.” screamed Calypso the minute Jason broke their kiss.

“Fuck you tight.” grunted Jason as he bottomed out inside of Calypso as he began to cum. Calypso mewled under jason as she was filled with cum again for the second time that day calypso felt her insides flooded. Jason laid on top of calypso for several minutes before he stood back up Calypso let out a moan as he pulled out of her.

“Ready for round three.” said Jason as he pulled Jason to her feet. Calypso smiled up at jason as cum ran down her legs. On the couch Leo began to stir again slowly sitting up as she rubbed her eyes.

“Can you give Leo a cock again?” Said Calypso. “I have an idea for something fun.”

Deciding to see what she had in mind, Jason snapped his fingers causing leo to double over on the couch as she once again grew a cock.

“Guys can we stop with the body changes' ' said Leo as she stood up with her cock hanging in front of her. “It takes a lot out of you.”

“I wouldn’t know I've never been turned into a girl and fucked like a slut.” Said Jason causing Calypso to giggle as Leo scrunched up her face in annoyance at jason. Before she could retort Calypso interrupted. 

“Alright Alright no fighting trust me both of you will enjoy this.” said Calypso as she grabbed jason's arm and lead him over to the chair. Sitting Jason down on the chair Calypso turned around in front of him as she sat on his lap. Reaching between her legs Calypso took a hold of Jason’s cock as she pointed it not at her pussy but at her virgin asshole. Both Jason and Calypso gasped when the head of his cock sank into her asshole. Calypso moaned as she settled down onto Jason's cock. Once Jason's cock was firmly nestled inside of her asshole Calypso leaned back against his chest as she spread her legs presenting her cum filled pussy to Leo.

“If you clean out all the cum then i’ll let you fuck me again.” Said Calypso as she spread her pussy lips apart allowing the cum to leak out dripping onto jason's balls.

“Let me get a towel.” said Leo as she started to turn away.

“Leo eat my pussy.” yelled calypso causing her girlfriend to quickly rush forward dropping to her knees between jason’s legs as she dove into calypso’s pussy. Leo’s tongue slid deep inside of Calypso as she scooped out large globs of cum gulping it down. Calypso moaned as she leaned back against Jason's chest, turning his head towards her as she brought him into a deep kiss.  Calypso sat on Jason’s lap as Leo ate her out. Pulling her away from Jason Calypso looked down at Leo.

“Don’t forget to clean up jason as well, lick his balls.” Calypso felt a pang of regret as she felt Leo’s tongue leave her pussy and couldn’t help but smile when she heard Jason let out a deep groan and felt his cock twitch inside of her asshole. Leo stared up at Calypso as she sucked on Jason's balls licking them clean of cum before swirling her tongue around them.

Once Leo had finished licking both Calypso and Jason clean she stood up before looking expectantly at Calypso.

“Well come on.” said Calypso as she opened her arms to welcome Leo in. Leo slid her cock inside of Calypso as she began fucking her. Calypso pulled Leo down on top of her as she writhed between Jason and Leo. The feeling of both of their cocks slamming in and out of her was amazing, when they had both shoved it into her pussy she had felt over stuffed but having one each in her pussy and asshole was exquisite. Calypso’s breasts smashed against Leo’s as the two began to make out, Jason’s hands roaming over both of them as he spanked their asses and groped their breasts.

Calypso lost track of time, she also lost track of the number of orgasms she had before she felt Jason and Leo tense up inside her and began to cum. Calypso shuddered as she felt their cocks pulsing and the hot cum gushing into her before she collapsed on top of Jason, while leo collapsed on top of her. Jason started to rise before he looked at the two girls on top of him, Calypso and Leo were cuddling up together snuggling up against his chest. Not wanting to disturb them Jason decided to just lay back and fall asleep.


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