Challenge of the two gods

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Jason POV

I was trembling with rage, his fist clenched tight. Outside there was a massive storm raging as if a hurricane had risen up out of the pacific and crashed into California. The source of his rage was the name currently under Percy's name.

PIPER MCLEAN, the name stood out taunting him, Percy had claimed Piper Percy had claimed his Piper. Percy should have known Piper was off limits Piper was his. I wasn't usually the possessive type but ever since becoming a God he had become more and more possessive of what he saw as his and his godly nature had led him to seeing Piper as his, and Percy had stolen what was his.

Lightning once again crackled outside as the storm worsened Rain pounding on the roof as I continued staring at the plaque as there was a pounding on his door. Spinning around annoyed I stormed over throwing open the door he stared at who was outside only to be met with an angry Annabeth.

"Jason there is a massive storm centered over your cabin, are you doing this, what's going on?" She yelled as she tried to make her voice heard over the raging storm outside. I stared down at Annabeth, her blonde hair matted to her face as she was soaked to the bone from the torrential rain outside. I could feel a heat rising inside of me, similar to the one that i had felt when i met Gwen, only i had no interest in resisting this time. I step aside and allow Annabeth to enter the room, as the blonde walks by I reach out and grab her pulling Annabeth to the side and pinning her against the wall.

"Jason stop get off me" She yelled as she fought against me. I grabbed her arms and pinned her against the wall as I leaned in and kissed her neck. I trailed kisses along her neck slowly her struggle stopped as the curse took effect, her resistance fading away.

"Jason please what about Percy." hearing his name leave her lips drove me over the edge. I stormed across the room pulling Annabeth after me before holding her in front of the plaque making her read it, before pointing to the three names under Percy's name.

"What about him, he's having his own fun, he's out there fucking Piper, and Juniper, hell fucking Nico is on the damn list, So I think it's only fair, he claimed Piper, so I'm going to claim you."

Annabeth put up little resistance after that as my hands wrapped around her and cupped her breasts while not as big as Piper's I had always wondered how they felt how it would feel to strip Annabeth down and see just how naughty the smart mature girl could be. Reaching down and gripping the bottom of her shirt I pulled it up revealing Annabeth's Blue bra.

"Blue was that color chosen for a certain oceanic moron." I whisper into her ear receiving a nod for confirmation. "Has he seen it yet?" I ask as she shakes her head no. "So this is your first time." Another nod. "You can leave anytime you want, run back to Percy and be his fourth or fifth or whatever number Percy is on by the time you get to him." I said as I leaned in and kissed the side of her neck. Annabeth pauses as she stands in front of me her mind so focused on her thoughts that she didn't even react to my hands groping her breasts slipping under her bra and tweaking her nipples as she sits there thinking, until finally she moves finally she turns and presses her lips to mine her tongue pushing in to wrestle with mine as she makes her choice.

I unfasten Annabeth's bra as we make out freeing her magnificent breasts before i break the kiss leaning in to kiss Annebeth's neck as i kiss my way down her body before coming to her breasts my lips wrapping around her right nipple as i gently suck on it eliciting a moan from Annabeth as i began to maul her breasts. Switching between breasts I look up to her enjoying the look of pleasure on her face as her eyes roll up and her mouth hangs open as she moans loudly.

Finishing the treatment of her breasts I kiss my way down her body, trailing kisses over her well toned stomach until I am kneeling in front of her. Unfastening her pants I gripped the waistband before slowly pulling them down revealing baby blue cotton panties. "That fucking idiot didn't realize what he had." I mumble as I lean forward catching the waistband of her panties in my teeth as I pull it down. Focusing back on Annabeth's pussy I enjoy the view of the neatly trimmed blonde hair leading the way to Annabeth's most treasured place. I lean forward, dragging my tongue over her lower pair of lips savoring the taste as my tongue dove deep inside of her as I practically made out with her pussy. Annabeth's hands grabbing the back of my head as she lets out a deep groan of pleasure. My tongue finds her clit as i lap at it Annabeth letting out a shout as i find my target, her hands pulling on my hair as i begin to suck on it one of Annabeth's legs moving up onto my shoulder as she begins to practically ride my face her voice filling the room as she screams and moans as i push her over the edge my tongue eagerly lapping up her juices as she begins to cum on my face.

"Fuck" breathe's Annabeth as she steps back away from my face as she falls back onto the bed. Licking my lips I rise up and climb on top of Annabeth, lining up my cock with Annabeth's dripping wet pussy. I slowly pushed into her, I groan in pleasure as I feel my cock enveloped by her hot, tight core. Annabeth lets out a sharp yelp as our pelvises meet my cock fully buried inside of her. Pulling back slowly I pause with only the head left inside her before thrusting forward sinking my cock back into Annabeth enjoying the sharp yelp she let out as my cock bottomed out inside of her. Picking up speed I enjoyed the moans and yelps that Annabeth released, increasing the speed again. I decided to see just how loud I could make her scream.

I began kissing Annabeth's neck as i fucked her harder her screams rivaling the noise of the storm outside as i begin fucking her so hard the bed begins scraping on the floor and banging against the wall as i slam into Annabeth with all of my demigod strength. Annabeth begins begging her voice repeating "Yes yes yes" as she screamed over and over again as Annabeth began to cum her body shaking as i feel pain as her fingers claw at my back, as Annabeth begins to cum. Annabeth's greedy clenching pussy is too much for me as I feel my balls tighten and I begin to cum inside of Annabeth.

I lay on top of Annabeth as I caught my breath, the beautiful blonde still clinging to me as she drifted off to sleep, rolling to the side. I pull Annabeth close to me as I too drift off to sleep.

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