Challenge of the two gods

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Percy POV

When I awoke the first thought that crossed my mind was that I was in the underworld again, the room I was in had black obsidian walls green greek fire torches burned on the wall, but then I felt the soft warm body laying next to me, looking over it all came rushing back as I stared at the cute dark-haired girl lying next to me, the challenge by the fates, the curse, me using my new godly power to turn Nico into a girl and then fucking her. I climbed out of bed making sure not to wake Nico, well that doesn't work anymore, careful not to wake Nicole from her sleep as he quickly got dressed and left the Hades cabin.

My first thought was to immediately head to Annabeth, to apologize for cheating on her, and to ask for her help in dealing with this. That thought was immediately scratched when I remembered the fact that Annabeth was currently visiting her father on the other side of the country, and while I might be able to teleport to her with my new godly powers but the thought that I might accidentally fry her with me godly form. Taking one last look at the sleeping Nicole I headed out of the cabin. Walking out into the campgrounds I headed over to the rock climbing wall to clear my head, I ran through an old training routine as I thought about what had happened. Going over the climbing wall, I began to ascend it avoiding the lava pouring down the side. Some of the lava splashed onto me as I got too close, too distracted by what had just happened to pay attention. There was a sizzling sound as the lava landed on my arm but to my surprise, the lava cooled to stone and flaked off leaving no damage rather than burning through my shirt.

"That was weird," I said as I looked over at the wall of lava cascading down the climbing wall. I was tempted to try and touch it but I couldn't get the picture of me inflames plummeting off of the climbing wall. Finishing the climb I stretched as I looked around from the top of the wall. I could see the training arena and I started heading over towards it when a thought crossed my mind. Clarrise usually spends the morning in the Training arena teaching the new arrivals how to fight, well more like how to get their butt's kicked, Clarrise isn't exactly known for going easy on new campers. While a sparring contest against Clarrise did sound fun I was still worried about the curse I had on me. The last thing I want is to have Ares after me because I bent Clarisse over in the training arena.

Walking past the training Arena I decided to head to the next best thing, the woods the camp keeps stocked with monsters. Making my way through the camp I did my best to avoid other campers the thought of the curse flaring up and I unintentionally fuck another one of my friends like I did with Nico worrying me the entire way. I was nearly in the woods when I was met by Katie Gardener.

"Hi Percy," she said as she jogged up to me, apparently I wasn't the only one who had decided to go jogging this morning. Katie was drenched in sweat, her hair matted to her forehead, she was wearing a green tracksuit with a yellow floral pattern running along the side.

"Hi, Katie," I said as I watched a bead of sweat run down Katie's neck, my eyes tracking it as it drifted down only to disappear into her impressive cleavage, her breasts while restrained by her sports bra where still a sight to see, especially since the zipper on the front of her tracksuit had drifted down below her breasts.

"So I hear you accepted godhood." Said Katie as she caught her breath.

"Yeah, I figured the way things are going I would be able to help more as a god than as a demigod," I said as I tried to keep my eyes from following the beads of sweat down to her cleavage.

I could already feel my cock beginning to harden in my pants as my eyes drifted down to her cleavage.

"So if you're a god now does that mean we will soon have little Percy juniors running around the camp." Said Katie with a wink, I could feel the curse flowing through me as the one thing I wanted to do most at that moment was bend Katie over and give her her own Percy junior right then and there.

Forcing myself to turn away I started towards the forest. "Sorry, Katie but I have to go. I'm running late. I was supposed to meet Grover," I said in a strained voice as I quickly left praying to myself that she wouldn't follow after me.

"Oh well ok see you later Percy." I heard Katie call out behind me. I could tell that she was confused by my behavior but luckily for me, she didn't seem to follow.

Making my way through the woods I realized I now had a different problem. I had gone to the woods in order to hunt monsters in order to clear my head but after my run-in, with Katie and Aphrodite's curse flaring up I was sporting a massive hardon and was honestly scared to find out what would happen if I ran into a monster in this state, I did not want to get the reputation as the god that was caught fucking a drakon in the woods of camp half-blood.

Okay, think Percy just headed back to Hades cabin. Nicole should still be there and she can help me get the curse under control. The thought of her dark brown eyes staring up at me as she gagged on my cock, nearly caused my cock to tear my pants as it strained against them.

"Hey, Percy what are you doing here."

I froze like a deer in headlights as the last person on earth I wanted to meet in this state stepped out from behind a tree and walked towards me. Don't get me wrong Piper McLean was a beautiful girl that anyone would kill to sleep with, she also happened to be Jason, my close friend and fellow newly appointed gods girlfriend. Before I could turn to leave Piper made her way towards me. Luckily I was facing away from her and she couldn't see the hardon straining against my pants.

"I was just heading back from bunker 9, I wasn't expecting to see you here." She said as she continued to get closer.

"Yeah, I was just trying to clear my head and decided to go on a walk," I say as I continue to edge away from her.

"It is a pretty day for a walk l, care if I join you." She asked as she continued to approach me.

"No!" I yelled louder than I intended. "I mean, I just need some space to think okay," I said trying to cover up my outburst as I started to leave.

"Percy, wait what's going on what's wrong." Said Piper as she still trailed after me.

"Nothing Piper just, just go somewhere else please." I practically begged as I felt the curse screaming inside me, urging me to turn around and bend Piper over to use her in every way I could think of.

"Percy Jackson you will come here and make me help you right now." Yelled Piper as she poured her power into her charmspeak. I spun around as I marched towards Piper, my body on autopilot driven forward by the curse, and Piper charmspeak having drained away any resistance he had. Why did she have to word it like that, why did she have to order him to make her help him? I could see the look of fear on Piper's face as I towered over her, my left hand shoving her down onto her knees as he fished out his cock with his right.

"Percy wai-mmmph." Piper was cut off as I shoved my cock into her mouth causing her to gag as I felt her tongue pushing against my cock as she tried to fight me off. My body was on autopilot as I took hold of Piper's head, both of my hands filled with her hair as I began to guide her back and forth on my cock, Piper's lips formed a tight seal around my cock as I fucked her face. Piper's tongue grazed against the bottom of my cock as she gagged on my cock, piper's hands were on my waist as she tried to push me away, I held tight to piper's head and ignored her attempts to stop me as I continued to fuck her face. Her tear-filled eyes stared up at me as a gagging sound filled the clearing we were standing in. I continued to fuck Piper's face for nearly ten minutes as I savored the tightness of her throat, slowly working my entire cock down into her mouth, my balls coming to rest on her chin as I bottomed out inside of Piper's throat. Throwing my head back and groaning as I felt the tightness of Piper's throat spasm around my cock as she gagged on my cock. Pulling back I allowed piper to catch her breath, the Cherokee girl gasping for air and coughing as I pulled out of her mouth. I held onto Piper's head as she gulped in the air before guiding her back to my cock, instead of slamming Piper back onto my cock instead I placed the head of my cock against her lips and held her in place.

Piper let out a sigh, her warm breath flowing over my cock and causing it to twitch, as her shoulders slumped and her eyes closed. I felt a pang of guilt as I looked down at the defeated girl as she opened her mouth and began to suck on the head of my cock. I stared down at Piper as she wrapped her lips around my cock her tongue flicking over the head of my cock as. One of Piper's hands rose and wrapped around the base of my cock as she began to bob her head, taking more and more of my cock into her mouth. When Piper opened her eyes to look up at me there was a faint pink glow coming from her eyes. I wasn't sure if it was because of my curse or that Piper was a daughter of Aphrodite but I didn't care at the moment, because Piper was now lovingly sucking my cock.

Piper's tongue explored every inch of my cock as she bobbed her head back and forth. One of Piper's hands rose and began to fondle my balls lightly, messaging them, while the other hand pushed down into her jeans where she began to play with herself. Piper pushed forward as she began to deepthroat my cock gagging and choking as she took me deep into her throat. Spit began to run down her chin and my balls as Piper swallowed my whole dick down her throat, living up to her heritage as the daughter of Aphrodite piper took my cock to the base without much struggle.

I could feel myself approaching climax as Piper slobbered on my cock, taking a handful of Piper's hair. I pulled her up and shoved her against a tree, causing her to gunt as I held her against the tree. Using my left hand to hold her by the hair, I reached around with my right hand. I unfastened her jeans and pulled them down revealing her pink thong. Pulling the thong to the side I pushed my cock up against her dripping wet lips. Locking eyes with Piper as she smiled over her shoulder at me, I lunged forward sinking my entire cock into Piper in one thrust. While not as tight as Nicole's virgin pussy, piper's pussy seemed to grip and milk my cock with each thrust. I started fucking Piper hard as she clung to the tree using my hold on her hair to jerk her head back and hold her in place as my hips slammed against her ass.

"Fuck Percy you're so much rougher than Jason." She moaned causing me to grimace and grit my teeth in annoyance at the thought of another man having used this tight hole that I was pounding.

I'm not usually the possessive type, but whether it's the curse or something that occurred when I became a god but I wanted Piper to be mine and only mine, and I was determined to fuck any trace of Jason from her. My hips slamming against her ass a clapping sound filled the clearing as I pounded Piper against the tree.

"Fuck, fuck." Piper screamed with each thrust as her hands clawed against the tree as I fucked her.

"Who's better, who owns your slutty pussy." I growled as I slapped Piper's ass leaving a red handprint.

"You are, you own the pussy. Please Percy harder I'm so close l." Screamed Piper as I continued to slap her ass harder and harder, leaving handprints and turning her ass a bright red, all the while Piper kept screaming and thrusting back against me as I fucked her.

"I'm cumming Percy I'm." Piper trailed off into a scream of pleasure as she bucked back against me her legs shaking as her pussy clenched tight around my cock. Piper began to squirt as I pulled her back and held her tight against my chest as I took a step back and turned, causing Piper to squirt all over a large juniper bunch next to us.

"Oh fuck not my bush." Said a voice as a wood nymph jumped out of the bush drenched in Piper's cum. "Can't you do this somewhere else." said as she began to wipe off pipers cum.

It was then that I realized I knew who the wood nymph was, it was Juniper Grover's girlfriend.

"Wait Piper, Percy oh this is bad." Said Juniper as she stared at the two of them.

"Look Juniper this isn't what it looks like," I said with very little conviction as the sex-crazed piper pulled off of my cock before dropping to her knees and sucking on my cock. "Look I know it looks like me and Piper are cheating but it's a lot more complicated than that." I again tried to explain as Piper continued to bob her head on my cock.

"No not that, though I'm very disappointed in you." Said Juniper as she seemed to be frantically trying to wipe off Piper's cum. "Nymph are naturally sexual creatures and we absorb liquid through our skin and Piper's cum is making me feel, oh fuck." Juniper shoved her hand between her legs as she ground the palm of her hand against her pussy. "It's making me so hot."

This was bad. I could see that the sexual nature that wood nymph possessed was starting to heavily influence Juniper as she stared at Piper greedily sucking my cock through heavily lidded eyes, as her hand continued to work her pussy.

Piper pulled off of my cock with a pop before looking up at Juniper.

"Come join me this cock is plenty big enough for both of us." Said Piper as she stroked my cock holding it close to her face as she smiled up at Juniper.

"Piper we should go and leave Juniper in peace," said Percy as he felt the curse once again surging through him. "Please I don't want to fuck my best friend's girlfriend."

"Why you didn't seem to have any problem fucking Jason's girlfriend." Said Piper as she pulled Juniper down onto her knees next to her. The nymph stared at my cock as a line of drool ran out of the corner of her mouth. Piper smiled at Juniper before shoving her hand under the Nymph's dress causing the transfixed girl to moan in pleasure but never turned her eyes away from my cock.

"Besides it would be so cruel to leave her like this." Said Piper as she pulled her hand out from under Juniper to reveal it covered in a sticky sap-like liquid. "She wants it." Piper leaned in and began to kiss Juniper's neck as her fingers returned under the girl's dress causing the nymph to flush even greener with chlorophyll as she moaned her open mouth only inches away from my throbbing cock.

Unable to help myself I leaned forward and pushed my cock up against Juniper's parted lips. Juniper's green eyes stared up at me as she leaned forward and began to suckle on the head of my cock. Whereas Piper's technique was aggressive as she sucked hard and bobbed her head faster and swallowed my cock, Juniper's was softer and more gentle as she lovingly sucked on my cock before pulling off and covering it in kisses. Juniper's tongue covered every inch of my cock but while piper had licked and sucked with an insatiable hunger Juniper seemed to lovingly worship my cock. The only break in her devoted worship the sharp moans and squeals piper caused as she sucked on Juniper's neck and worked her fingers deep into the nymph's tight pussy. Piper had straddled Juniper's thigh as she pushed herself up against the girl, her wet pussy leaking all over Juniper and further fueling the nymph's need to worship my cock.

Unable to hold back any longer I pulled my cock away from Juniper's mouth. Taking a hold of my cock I began to stroke myself as I aimed at the wood nymph's face, seeing what I was doing Juniper opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue as she prepared to catch my load. Not wanting to be left out Piper quickly followed suit sticking out her tongue as she leaned in and shoved her face up next to Juniper's giving me the perfect target to cum on. I started with Juniper blasting two shots of cum across her face causing her to have to close her eyes and turn away, before turning my aim to Piper, blasting one shot across her face before finishing by filling her mouth with the last shot.

I stepped back to catch my breath as I looked down on the two cum covered girls. Piper was swirling my cum around inside her mouth as she scooped up the cum on her face bringing it to her mouth for her to savor. Juniper on the other hand had laid back against her bush as she let the cum soak into her face, her eyes closed as she reached down and pulled up her dress rubbing her pussy as she moaned lightly to herself.

Feeling my cock harden again as I watched the two girls playing in my cum. Seeing my cock harden again, Piper got on her hands and knees as she began shaking her ass at me. Next to piper Juniper had her legs spread as she played with herself, her fingers spreading her pussy lips apart as she laid back with her eyes closed. The choice was nearly impossible to make, a tight demigod ass waving back and forth begging me to fuck it or an exotic wood nymph spread eagle on the ground waiting for me. My decision was made simply because I had already tried Piper and now it was time to try Juniper.

Climbing on top of the nymph I lined up my cock with her dripping pussy as her eyes flew open and she stared up at me.


"Shhh," I say as I lean down and kiss her, my cock slowly pushing into her pussy as she moans into my mouth. I groan as I feel her pussy engulfing my cock, her juices are thicker than a normal girl would be almost the consistency of syrup, Juniper's face scrunched up as my cock begins to stretch her pussy. Moving my hips back and forth I began to slowly fuck Juniper smiling as I caused the nymph to moan and squeal with each thrust. Staring down at Juniper as I fucked her, I met her green eyes as she smiled up at me, her arms wrapped around my neck as she lovingly held onto me as I slowly began to pick up speed.

Hearing a moan I looked over to my side to see Piper was still on her hands and knees next to us as she furiously rubbed her pussy as she stared at me and Juniper.

"Want to join in?" I asked with a cocky grin as Piper quickly crawled over to me. Pulling piper into a kiss I moaned into her mouth as I continued to fuck Juniper. Piper's tongue wrestled against mine as I reached up and began to grope at her breasts pinching her nipples and causing Piper to scream into my mouth as I played with her. Breaking the kiss from Piper I turned her around and had her get on her hands and knees on top of Juniper.

Pushing piper down on top of Juniper I had them push their pussies. Pulling out of Juniper I switched to fucking piper causing the daughter of aphrodite to moan before leaning down and locking lips with Juniper. Both girls under me began to make out and their hands began to grope and play with each other's breasts piper's larger chest dwarfing Juniper's smaller green tits as the girls writhed against each other as I began switching back and forth between them, savoring the different feelings of the two girls pussies, Piper's being tight and hot as if it were sucking me in, while Junipers wasn't as hot since nymph does not have the same temperatures as demigods making her feel almost cool, that combined with the more sticky thicker cum leaking from her pussy meant that the two girls felt drastically different though both very enjoyable. Switching back and forth between I quickly reached my limit sinking my cock to the base inside of Piper as I began to cum holding tight to her ass as I held her still as I painted her insides white as Piper began to cum from the sensation of being flooded before I finished completely i pulled out of Piper and shoved my cock into Juniper pumping the last couple of loads into the moaning wood Nymph before pulling back and leaving the two girls painting on the ground with cum leaking from them.

I felt a surge of power like when I claimed Nicole as I stared down at Piper's tight ass.

"Shit Jason and Grover are going to hate me," I say as I lean back against a tree to catch my breath.

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