Child of the Moon

BY : AlongCameASpider
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Chapter Ten


--Volterra, Italy--


This had to be a dream.


The bedroom was mostly dark, the dim light coming from hundreds of those little tea candles. Literally everywhere. Talk about a fire hazard. A trail of rose petals led to the bed, where Aro laid suggestively, only a sheet draped across his naught bits. Did I eat some bad mushrooms or something? I hadn't eaten any kind of mushrooms but... what the actual fuck was happening?


“Come, my dear,” he motioned to me. It was one of those commands I couldn't help but obey.

My feet absentmindedly carried me forward. He sat as I approached, allowing me to straddle him. Goosebumps raised on my skin at his touch. His hands moved lightly from my waist to my boobs. He squeezed them gently, taking a nipple into his mouth. When exactly had my clothes disappeared? As his kissing moved up my chest and neck, my hand descended between us, wrapping around his shaft and stroking him.


What the hell was I doing?


He sighed before locking his lips to mine. After a moment, he stopped me, pulling me closer and up slightly. I could feel the tip at my entrance, and desire surged through me. I wanted him so badly. But why, though? I guided his hard cock inside me and we both gasped at the sensation. He wrapped his arms around my midsection, allowing him to pull up and thrust into me, using the mattress springs to his advantage. Aro panted against my chest. I rocked my hips against him, stimulating my clit as he picked up momentum. We both moaned loudly as we climaxed in unison.


* * * * *


When I woke, it was still dark. Or it was dark again. I rolled so I could sit and instantly jumped, almost off the bed. “I apologize, my dear. I didn't meant to frighten you.”


Aro sat at the foot of the bed, staring at me. There was no sign of the candles or flower petals. And we both had all our clothes on, thank Artemis. “What the fuck are you doing in my room?”


He remained relatively expressionless, “I believe it is my bedroom, actually. Did you have a bad dream?”


“Yeah, you could definitely call it that.”


“Would you like to discuss it?” he asked, an odd edge to his tone. I looked at him, my eyes traveling. They followed the buttons of his shirt, down to his belt. I thought of crawling to him, undoing his pants so I could access him. I shook away the images of me going down on him from my head with a cringe. Obviously I was still hot and bothered from the dream. “No, I wouldn't.”


The creeper moved closer to me, “Are you certain, my dear? Dreams can be incredibly insightful, into one's fears.”


He leaned so that his face was only inches from mine, “And one's desires.”


If this asshole couldn't read my mind, which I knew for a fact he could not, he was doing one hell of a job pretending he was capable. He was even closer now, and for a brief moment, I considered actually letting his lips meet mine. But just as he was about to, I pulled away, “I'm gonna go take a shower.”


I hopped off the bed and his gaze followed me, flustered, “It's three in the morning.”


“What's your point, Sir Gilbert?” I asked, not stopping and not looking at him. I slammed the door shut behind me. I just wanted to scream right now. What was wrong with me?! I ran the water as cold as I could possibly tolerate before stepping in. Aro could use one as well, apparently, just not with me. I had given him shit about wanting me since I was brought here against my will. It was supposed to be just that, teasing. It wasn't supposed to be true! He wasn't supposed to want sex with me and I sure as hell wasn't supposed to want sex with him.


But was that really what it was? I mean, Glenn had demanded it quite often, and it had been awhile since the last time. Maybe I was just horny and since Aro was the only one I was ever around capable of satisfying that urge... That had to be it. I wasn't attracted to him. I didn't want him specifically. I just wanted his dick.


Deep inside, I knew that was a lie.




* * * * *


Lorna had been sound asleep when he slipped in. They had returned just before sunrise. He had helped her to the room and got her into bed before she passed out. These transformations always seemed to completely drain the poor girl. She had slept all day and it was now the following evening. Aro sat quietly at the foot of the bed, watching her.


For a long while, she looked quite peaceful. He watched her breasts rise and fall steadily with her breathing. Splayed on her back, a hand by her head, her lips parted slightly. A stray piece of hair hung across her smooth face. He was tempted to reach up and brush it away. But then she moved, arching her back slightly and sighing. Then she moaned, her face contorting into one he often saw during coitus. She flopped over onto her belly, into that position that drove him wild. That's when he noticed her scent, and a hunger quickly grew within him. Not for her blood, but for her sex. At an intensity he hadn't felt before.


She had to be dreaming of him. Of being intimate with him. She had to be. Aro gripped the bedspread tightly in his fists, every ounce of his strength forced into inaction. But she was so tempting. Already spread for him. She'd be wet, he knew she was. And the more he stared at her and smelled her, the more erect he grew. It was to the point now of being uncomfortable. But he didn't dare move to adjust himself. If he did, he would act. Darting up the bed to take his place between her legs, sliding himself into her hot core. Thrusting until he -


Lorna stirred suddenly, the movement causing him to jerk back into reality. She sat and caught a glimpse of him, nearly falling off the bed from the startle. He spoke without thought, “I apologize, my dear. I didn't mean to frighten you.”


She huffed, “What the fuck are you doing in my room?”


“I believe it is my bedroom, actually,” and his bed, and his woman in his bed. He couldn't stop himself, “Did you have a bad dream?”


She made a face, “Yeah, you could definitely call it that.”


“Would you like to discuss it?” He hoped she would. The opportunity being presented was perfect. He still gripped the blanket. He hoped she wouldn't notice. She looked at him, seemingly lost in thought. Her face seemed to flush, “No, I wouldn't.”


Aro crawled forward, “Are you certain, my dear? Dreams can be quite insightful, into ones fears.”


The man's face was mere inches from hers and getting closer, “And one's desires.”


So close. She held still, as if awaiting his kiss. He leaned into her slowly, attempting to maintain some amount of control over himself. His lips barely brushed hers when she suddenly leapt from the bed, “I'm gonna go take a shower.”


Aro tried to hide his frustration but failed, “It's three in the morning.”


She spoke irritably, keeping her back to him, “What's your point, Sir Gilbert?”


Lorna slammed the bathroom door shut, leaving Aro to stare after her. Perhaps he had been mistaken. It had been obvious what she dreamed of, but, he supposed, he had no way to know for certain it was of him. But her behavior just now...


He must have been correct.

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