Child of the Moon

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Chapter Six


--Volterra, Italy--


“I apologize for the lack of a bed, currently,” Aro had been saying as he led me into his personal quarters. I stopped dead in my tracks, “You're apologizing now for no bed? I've been sleeping on a cold, wet dungeon floor for a week and a half.”


He ignored me, “I will see to it that one is brought in.”


“I mean, if you're trying to get laid-”


“As for the rules,” he spoke louder, “You will not leave this room-”


“This specific room? But there's like three other rooms here.”


“You will do as you're told,” he continued. Dang, he was making this hard for me today, “You will behave. Or I will return you to the dungeons.”


“Fine.” I agreed and flopped down on one of the couches. He stared at me. It was kind of creepy.


“Draw me like one of your French girls,” I said as I propped myself up on an elbow, not expecting him to get it. He smirked, “I could. Though, I believe that would involve a few less articles of clothing.”


“Ew,” I let myself fall onto my back, lacing my fingers together and closing my eyes. After a moment I looked at him again, “Do you really draw?”


“Occasionally,” he answered, taking a seat on the couch opposite me, “I have much spare time on my hands.”


“I can imagine.”


He gazed at me, the look that suggested his mind was working on something. I stared back at him expectantly, “You gonna ask your question or can I take a nap?”


“What's the transformation like?”


“Well,” I thought, “I start off as a person, and then I turn into a giant wolf.”


Aro narrowed his eyes. Obviously that was not the answer he was seeking. I shrugged, “Didn't you say you'll be with for the next moon? You'll get to see it then. More than just the change, even, lucky you.”


I wondered how long it took to reach the end of his patience. You'd think I would be getting close to it by now. He smiled, then stood and disappeared through one of the other doors. I yawned and stretched out, falling asleep in moments.


* * * * *


“So, how is your pet fairing?” Caius asked with disdain. He had said no to bringing the werewolf back to Volterra with them. Not only was it, well, a werewolf, it was just a bad idea. If it got out, there would be chaos. A building full of vampires with a monster built specifically for destroying them.


“Well,” Aro answered, quickly flipping through different books, “Though, her smart remarks are grating.”


Marcus smiled slightly.


“What of her transformations? Will the dungeon be able to contain her?” Caius pressed. Aro brushed it off, “I will be taking her out of the city for the full moon.”


Caius rubbed his forehead, “And what happens if she runs?”


“She won't,” Aro sounded confident. The blond shook his head, “You need to just put it down, Aro. I don't understand your sudden interest.”


Aro tone turned stern, “I will not. I have her under control, brother. You need not worry.”


Caius shook his head once more but let the conversation end. His opinion was biased due to his first encounter with one. He had barely escaped. And Aro understood, they were viscous creatures. Relentless. They would chase a vampire cross country, their prey drive compelling them to kill. Aro wondered how Lorna had been capable of resisting the desire to kill him. And Caius, for that matter. She had lunged for him, but stopped at Aro's command. Peculiar, indeed.


He had spent the week searching for all the information he could gather on the Children of the Moon. Most of it was old myths and legends, of course, but there's often some amount of accuracy to them. Silver being their weakness was one of them. Children of the Moon could not change forms at will; and transformed twice a month, not just once. On the new and full moons. He also found that the infection also left women sterile. The stress of the transformation would force the body to otherwise abort. He flipped a few more pages. The change was supposedly very painful, involving the breaking and reforming of many bones. But it was also quite quick, happening in mere moments. Though, one piece of information he came across he knew to be false. Or, he was confident he did. It was said werewolves primarily hunted humans. A myth to explain the killings in towns and villages that, funny enough, were actually caused by vampires.


But none of it was what he was seeking. He moved on to another tome. And another. Finally, he found what he was looking for. If he meant for his pet to be a reliable weapon, transforming twice a month would be no good. She needed to be able to shift at will. And it appeared he found the information he needed. Moonstone. What was a beautiful gem to most was a powerful aid to a werewolf. Harnessing the energy of the moon itself, the stone aided in their changes, allowing them to change when worn. Supposedly. There was only one way to find out.


Aro snapped the book shut.


* * * * *


The sun was beginning to set.


Aro led me to a forested area about three miles from Volterra. We hid among the trees as we waited, a stupid grin plastered to his face. It was beginning to make me feel quite uncomfortable.


“You know, a watched pot never boils,” I told him. He looked confused, so I clarified, “Staring at me isn't going to make me change faster.”


“I know, my dear. I'm simply eager.”


I bet you are, buddy. As it turned out, my comment had been ill timed. Not even ten minutes later I began to feel the familiar tingle crawl through me, and anxiety swelled in my chest. I took a few deep breaths. I always hated the change.


“Show time,” I announced. I turned my back to him, reaching down and hooking the bottom of my t-shirt. I began to pull it up and I'm pretty sure I heard his breath catch momentarily. Turning slightly, I threw it to him, “Hold this, would you?”


He caught it, not bothering to take his eyes off me. My shorts were next, quickly followed by my panties. On a normal transformation night I usually didn't bother wearing any kind of underwear. I did it this time just for him. It was so much fun trying to get under his skin. Though, I didn't check to see how he reacted.


I ignored him completely now as I rocked my head, rolling out my shoulders. Being tense only made the pain that much worse. My body trembled slightly and I began to pant as the moon pulled at me, coaxing out the beast. It happens so quickly that most people would only see a wolf explode from a human body. With the eyesight of a vampire, Aro would, no doubt, get to witness every single moment.


Bones popped as they shifted, elongated. The spine stretched into a tail. Skull shifting to form a snout. Everything growing larger. Human teeth were lost and replaced by ones much sharper. Fingernails were replaced by steel-like claws. Pitch black fur swept across my skin. I whined, a very canine sound. On all fours, I shook the blood from my coat. And then sneezed. An impressive finish to such a dramatic event. Aro approached quickly, smile wide as possible. He reached out and stroked the fur down my back. Seriously, I'm not a fucking dog! Stop petting me!


“Magnifico,” he said. I forced a breath through my nose in response. Then, I turned my snout to the sky and sniffed. The stench of rotten dirt was strong, tainted by the man standing beside me. But, I did catch a whiff of something else and began to trot in that direction. Aro easily kept pace, remaining at my side. I snapped my teeth at him. My way of telling him to keep back and follow behind. Despite being unable to physically read my mind, he was still smart enough to take a hint. As I broke into a run, he pursued at a much slower speed.


The scent of my prey grew stronger as I got closer. Not much farther. I broke through the trees and sunk my teeth into its neck. Hot, sticky fluid spurted from the wound and it cried out, thrashing. But its struggle was short lived and it quickly succumbed to the injury. Aro caught up a few moments later. He shook his head, bemused, placing his fits against his hips, “I desire to see your gift at work, and here you are hunting down a snack.”


I grunted my reply as I pulled at the flush of the roe deer's wound, chomping loudly. He folded his arms across his chest and waited for me to finish. Then, I found a nice patch of dirt to roll in, followed around a porcupine, took out a wild boar and ate that too. All the while Aro watched with a smirk, shaking his head. What did he expect? There isn't always a bloodsucker around to rip apart, we had to entertain ourselves somehow.


And then he suggested testing my speed.


We flew across the countryside, weaving around trees, darting across open fields. Turns out we were pretty evenly matched at speed. I didn't care much about trying to win some race, though I was just happy to have some room for a good run. As it began to approach sunrise, we headed back toward Volterra, him commanding that I follow. I growled at him, but did as I was told.


The change from wolf to person happened just as quickly. And wasn't any less painful. I crouched as I waited for the pain to subside, keeping my knees to my chest. Aro immediately appeared at my side, wrapping his suit jacket around me to keep me covered, I assumed. He gathered me in his arms and carried me the remainder of the trip back.

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