Child of the Moon

BY : AlongCameASpider
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Chapter Four


--Volterra, Italy--


Holy shit did my head hurt.


I rolled onto my back. The icy stone floor felt amazing on my bare neck. There was a light shuffle and I was suddenly overwhelmed by the smell of dirt. I opened my eyes and lifted my head just enough to see over my chest. That dark haired man stood in the corner staring at me with a slight smile, “Good morning, dear Lorna.”


“That's Miss Fitzpatrick to you,” I laid my head back on the floor for a moment before looking at him again, my nose crinkled in repulsion, “I didn't sleep with you, did I?”


He was clearly taken aback by the question, not understanding how it was relevant. Or realizing that I was screwing with him. He finally answered, “No, you did not.”


“Thank Artemis,” I laid back on the floor, smirking to myself at the brief flash of insult I had caught in his eye. Now I propped myself up on my elbows, “So who the hell are you and how do you know my name if you didn't get to yell it during sex?”


The man held the bridge of his nose between his thumb and forefinger. Hopefully I hadn't broken him already. He seemed like so much fun. I wondered if he regretted his decision to kidnap me yet.


“You push your luck, my dear.”


I snorted, “You think I'm afraid of you?”


Suddenly, he was right in my face, his voice a threatening whisper, “The guard and I killed your friends. You'd be wise to fear me.”


“No, 'the guard' killed them. You, my not friend, were too busy gawking at me and killed no one. Also, just because we were in the same pack doesn't mean they were friends. I actually couldn't stand any of them.”


Red eyes narrowed and I could tell he was debating whether or not it would be appropriate to strike me. So I egged him on, “Feel free to give it a try.”


He smiled, “Cute, my dear. Perhaps you'd like to see what a real mind reader can do?”


The man held out his hand. I slapped mine into it, “You bet!”


Holding my hand tightly, he bowed his head and concentrated. His brow furrowed. I snapped the fingers on my other hand, “Oh, that's right. Us Children of the Moon are immune to your kind's silly mind tricks.”


He tore away and retreated to the opposite corner. He was pissed. Good. I yawned, “So, if you're not going to tell me what your name is, do I get to guess? Richard? Michael? Sir Gilbert of Douchebag-ville?”


“Language, my dear,” he said through a forced smile, his fists clenching and releasing. He was going to kill me yet. I'd be fine with that, I suppose. Anything would be better than being caged up by a bloodsucker. After a stretch of silence I spoke again, easing up just a bit, “You know my name. Which I assume you learned from those incompetent morons you had stalking us. Don't you think I deserve to know the name of the man who thinks he can tame me? You're obviously one of the Volturi leaders. So which one are you?”


“Aro, my dear.”


“Will you stop calling me that?”


“No,” he smirked as he approached me again, his hand in the pocket of his jacket, “I have a gift for you, my dear.”


“Flattery will get you nowhere.”


The item he offered me only made me want to slap him. It was a fucking dog collar, complete with a round silver tag that read, “Lorna”.


“Oh, aren't we funny. I'm not wearing that.”


“You will,” he smiled in satisfaction, “may I remind you whose home you are in?”


“May I remind you who is here against her will?”


He reached forward, fastening the strap around my neck, “You will do well to remember to whom you belong.”


I rolled my eyes, “You think that's you, right? You go ahead and keep telling yourself that.”


Without another word, he turned and retreated from the cell. A heavy lock thudded closed behind him.




* * * * *


I had no real concept of time in my prison. No window. Absolutely nothing to do. But I imagine a few hours, at least, must have passed before he returned. That smug grin plastered to his face, hands behind his back. I could smell it, but couldn't resist toying with him again, “Another present for me? I hope it's a leash, I could use a walk.”


“Later, my dear,” he replied, “I thought that I should feed you first. Here.”


He tossed a large slab of raw meat toward me; it hit the floor with a slap. I just stared at him, “You think you're being funny, but that's an actual we do. Not typically off the floor but hey, beggars can't be choosers.”


I sat on the floor cross legged, pulling the hunk of bloody beef closer and taking a large bite from it. Keeping my eyes on the bloodsucker as I chewed dramatically. Aro cringed but kept the smile firmly in place. I swallowed and licked the blood from my lips, “You haven't told me why I'm here and why you haven't killed me. Or why I haven't killed you. Am I going to be stuck in this damn dungeon the entire time? You really should better care for your pets, Sir Gilbert.”


The look on his face said, “please stop talking”. His lips said, “You are here to do as you are told, my dear. Living arrangements will be reconsidered once you've proven your loyalty to me.”


“I mean, we are known as man's best friend for a reason. Hey, can I get a flea collar, too? Feels like something's biting at me. Oh, and don't forget I also need water. Or the blood of your buddies. That would be fine, too.”


He turned to leave.


“Seriously though, I need water.”


Aro nodded and slipped out the door, locking it again. A few moments later one of his goons came with water and a blanket. And to my surprise, the water was in something other than a dog bowl! At first I thought it was cute he thought I required something to keep me warm. Then I realized he probably meant for me to use it as a makeshift bed. That I found weird. How dare he be considerate of me, his enemy, without being told. But I wasn't going to refuse. I folded the blanket neatly into the corner and laid on it, yawning. I wasn't really tired, but there was nothing to entertain me. So I closed my eyes and thought.

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