Child of the Moon

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Chapter Five


“Back again, huh? Just can't get enough of me, can you?”


This guy literally came to see me like eight times a day. It was rather obnoxious, actually. Aro pushed the door closed and stood in front of it, “It would seem so. May I have a serious conversation with you?”




He stared at me in annoyance. I shrugged, “You honestly expect I'd have a serious conversation with a man who insisted I wear a dog collar?”


“Not even to negotiate living accommodations?”


I waved a hand at him, “Nah, I kinda like it here. Gives me time to dwell on how much I hate you for kidnapping me and killing the one real friend I had.”


The man folded his arms across his chest, “If I recall correctly, you stated you couldn't stand any of them.”


“Well, I lied,” my tone turned sarcastic now, “I'm sure that's a concept you're completely unfamiliar with, yes?”


Aro answered by narrowing his eyes. I never intended to tell him what I was about to, “Though, I suppose I should thank you. You also did me a favor by taking out the Alpha. I hated him for what he did to me.”


“For infecting you, you mean?”


I pressed my lips into a line, “I wish that was all I meant.”


He gazed at me expectantly, waiting for clarification I wasn't sure I wanted to give him.


“We'll just say Glenn claiming me as his Beta was a nightmare. Leave it at that.”


The bloodsucker frowned. Why the hell was he frowning? Considering his hatred for humans and for Children of the Moon, I couldn't imagine why my history would impact him in any way. He then asked the question I hadn't wanted him to, “What does claiming a Beta entail?”


I groaned as I covered my face, “Claiming a mate, essentially. And it does not have to be a mutual agreement. Interpret that as you'd like.”


Now his brow furrowed.


“Can you stop pretending to care? You're creeping me out.”


He sighed and shook his head, taking a few steps closer. He tugged up the legs of his pants before crouching beside me. Didn't this guy believe in personal space? Apparently not, as he reached out to touch my face. I slapped his hand away.


“I will be running with you during the next moon. I wish to observe-” Yeah, I bet you do, I thought, “and I want to be sure you don't disappear. Assuming you mind your master, I will allow you to lodge in a more appropriate room.”


“And the catch is?” I wasn't stupid. It was obvious in his tone there was more to it.


“You will be sharing living quarters with myself.”


There is was. And why was I not surprised by it? Without missing a beat, I asked, “So, you do want in my pants, then?”


He stared at me, expressionless. I cringed, “Please say, no.”




“No, you won't so no, or, no, you don't want me in the worst kind of way?”


“To one of them,” he answered cryptically before standing again. Ew. My nose wrinkled in disgust, “You go ahead and keep dreaming, pal.”


Aro left without another word.


* * * * *


After his visit with the girl, Aro retreated to his private study to process what he had learned. According to her, the Alpha's second in command was, more or less, the person they wished to mate with. Glenn had chosen Lorna. She despised him for it. It also didn't have to be mutual... Had Glenn forced Lorna into being his partner?


The man bristled at the thought and he wasn't sure why. He rummaged through one of his drawers, retrieving the folder containing the pack's photos Demetri and Felix had gathered. Pulling the one he sought, he held in front of him to examine again. The bald man wore no expression. No indication he would be capable of such a thing, other than his build. As he stared, however, he felt a strong burning in his chest. Anger. This man made him furious, thinking about what he potentially had done. Why, though? That's what he didn't understand. Why did it get to him so? Humans were worthless and the Children of the Moon were the bane of his existence. What made this one different? Aro held Lorna's photo next to it and stared at her. All his thoughts tugged at him, wanting for him to go back to her. To get more answers. Just be near. But why did it even matter? He threw everything back inside the drawer and slammed it shut.


* * * * *


“Seriously, why don't you just put a rope on me and take me with you? You'd probably get more accomplished that way,” I asked when I saw who was entering my cell, “Didn't you just leave?”


“I did, but I need to know-”


“No, you don't need to know anything. And I thought I made it clear I didn't want to discuss it, especially with you?” I was beginning to lose my temper with him. Though, I suppose I only had myself to blame for even bringing it up. But I also hadn't expected to give it another thought.


“I do wish to speak about it.”


I snorted, “Well, as long as you want to talk about it, then it's fine.”


His expression said he wasn't in the mood for games. Tough shit. The dark haired bloodsucker asked, “What exactly happens with the Alpha takes a Beta?”


“Do I have to spell it out for you?” the look he gave me said that yes, apparently I did, “The Alpha's word is law. And it's especially true with the person they choose as their mate. It's not like that weird, imprinting thing the shapeshifters do where neither of them have control and they're magically soul mates. He picked me, for some God awful reason, and I was bound to him. If he told me to jump, I would, whether I wanted to or not. I think what you're trying to find out is, did he use that to his advantage in more private aspects of his life? Yes, he did. No, I'm not traumatized by it. Just pissed off I never got a choice. Happy now? Good, because I have a question of my own now. Why the fuck do you even care?”


What even possessed me to tell him any of this? Had whatever anomaly not happened between us, he would have slaughtered me with the rest of the pack. His eyes were locked to mine, a strange emotion on his face. His hand twitched before he spoke, “I do not regret ordering the Alpha's demise.”


I gave a thumbs up, “Great, I don't regret you ordering his demise, either. That stupid hold he had on me broke the instant he was gone. Tell your buddy thanks for that. Now will you please leave? Trying to sleep.”


Aro didn't budge.

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