Child of the Moon

BY : AlongCameASpider
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Chapter Seven


--Volterra, Italy--


I stretched, the movement causing the bottom of my shirt to rise, allowing the cool air access to my lower abdomen. Folding my arms behind my head, I opened my eyes. Aro was seated across from me, staring, looking more rigid than usual. It was then that I remembered I went to bed in only the shirt and underwear.


“You alright over there?”


He blinked, then smiled, “I'm fine, my dear.”


He looked back at the book he was writing in. I sat, “You keep a diary?”


“I'm recording my observations.”


“So, you're writing an erotic novel?”


His pen stopped, tapping against the paper, and his smile shifted as he looked up. His expression said, 'I'm trying hard not to kill you right now'. “Not that observation.”


I stood, pulling my shirt back down to cover myself, “What ones, then?”


“The transformation process,” he answered as he resumed his work again, “Your behaviors.”


“Liked that, did ya?” I shouted from the bathroom, running water for a bath. There was no point in closing the door. Trapping in the heat wasn't necessary. With a consistent body temperature of one hundred and five degrees, I wasn't likely to get cold. And that thin piece of wood wouldn't keep the bloodsucker out if he badly wanted in.


“It was rather amusing.”


Considering how often he treated me as a dog, I had done it deliberately. Previously, when there were no vampires around, I'd typical find somewhere for a nap or just run. Which reminded me, “By the way, my food bowl is empty.”


I stripped, leaving nothing but the damn dog collar. Aro must have replaced it at some point after I crashed. It was alright, I supposed. He could entertain the idea that he had some kind of claim on me if it made him feel better. I slipped into the hot water, sinking in as far as possible.


“Would you prefer raw or cooked?”


...What? He hadn't bothered to ever ask before. I had always received slabs of still bleeding meat. Often just off the floor, even. I squinted in confusion, “Are you sure you're feeling alright?”


“Yes, my dear. I will return shortly.”


That was weird. The entire situation was weird, to be honest. Starting with the fact I lacked the overwhelming desire to kill the man. I had, when I first caught his scent. And then, when I found him and was ready to attack, it up and fucking vanished. He obviously did have some kind of hold over me. When I attempted to get his buddy, he had commanded that I stop and I did. Like the thought of killing the blond douchebag was suddenly abhorrent. But his slightly shifting attitude toward me was a good thing, really. The sooner he trusted me, the sooner I'd be allowed the chance to escape.


I heard the door open and close when he returned. The aroma of raw protein hit the air. My stomach growled, now more hungry than I had been. I pulled the plug, got out, and wrapped a towel around myself. On the small table in the main room sat a plate with chunks of raw pork and some random fruits. I sat and popped one of the cubes of meat in my mouth. And then I noticed Aro looking at me in disapproval.




“You're not dressed.”


Thank you for stating the obvious, “I'm covered. Like you don't want to see it.”


He shook his head, going back to writing. The constant lack of a reaction worried part of me. “I've noticed you never deny it.”


Aro closed the book, allowing it to rest on his lap, “Assume what you'd like, my dear. I'm not the one currently wearing only a bath towel.”


He smiled, stood, and retreated to his study. It was still not a denial. I wish he'd deny it. Well, part of me did. Wait, what? All of me should want him to deny any attraction to me. A werewolf and a bloodsucker? Ew. We're supposed to hate each other. I do hate him. His eyes were creepy. He smelled like dirt. The thought of him touching me was gross. But yet... Nope, not going there. I hate him. I can't wait to make a run for it.


And he was not supposed to have smart comebacks.


* * * * *


Aro sat at his desk. This girl was infuriating at times. Had anyone else spoken to him in such a manner, he'd have torn their head from their shoulders. For some reason he lacked that desire with her. As obnoxious as her smart remarks were at times, there was also a slight entertainment to them. She was trying to push him. Into what, he wasn't sure. Perhaps she was hoping to provoke him into attacking, so that she would have a reason to react. Though that seemed to be a fruitless effort. If she was going to kill him, she would have done it that evening in Washington. But she had halted as abruptly as he had, as if impossibly heavy weights had chained him down. The action had felt wrong somehow. She had to have felt it, too.


As far as feelings went, he didn't quite understand hers. Her attitude toward him made it clear she disliked him greatly. Which was expected. It was in a werewolf's nature. They were, after all, designed to destroy his kind. Of course they would be wired to despise vampires. Yet, in spite of that... She put her body on display for him. He shifted in his chair as the thought of her on the couch resurfaced. Stretched before him, her toned lower abdomen showing. The curve of her hips. The low cut waist of her undergarments.


He stood now, his trousers growing uncomfortably tight. This undeniable attraction to her, he didn't quite understand that either. She had only been in his company for two weeks. Most of that time she had spent in a cell in the dungeon. But she had constantly been on his mind. He had thought it was a simple fascination with her. One of the Children of the Moon added to his collection, so to speak. A perfect opportunity to study them up close. Learn everything he possibly could about her, from her. But the more she teases him about wanting her body, the more he realizes... She's absolutely correct. His physical attraction to her was something he could not deny. But he refused to admit to it, too. At least to her.


With a frustrated groan he undid his belt. His mind was being fuel by the desires of his flesh. He closed his eyes, beginning to stroke himself. It was something he despised doing. But he needed to be freed from these thoughts somehow. A light moan escaped him as he moved his hand faster. He thought of exactly what he wanted from her. Laying on the couch, stretched to reveal her stomach. Playing with his tongue from her naval to the band of her panties. Discarding them. Running his hands, his mouth down the insides of her thighs. Mounting her. A slightly louder sigh crossed his lips as he though of being inside her. Deep in her warmth, her panting beneath him as he thrust into her.


He hummed in satisfaction as he achieved his release. His fluids spurt forth, covering his hand and dripping to the floor. Aro took several deep breaths as he attempted to regain his composure.


He hated what she was doing to him.


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