Child of the Moon

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Chapter Two


--Volterra, Italy--


Demetri briskly crossed the spacious room, Felix not far behind. The men gathered around the table payed them no mind as they approached.


“Masters,” Demetri called before standing among them, “You'll be pleased to know we located the werewolves and have gathered intel to present.”


“Complete with photographs,” Felix added as he joined them. Aro gestured at the table, wanting them to begin. Demetri placed the first photo in front of him, “The Alpha, Glenn Crawford. Twenty-seven years of age. Originally from New Jersey. First bitten when he was only twelve.”


The man in the picture was quite muscular, though a bit on the shorter side. His head was shaved clean and a scar stretched across his right cheek. The most interesting thing about him, however, were his eyes. They were a striking silver, appearing to almost glow. Demetri placed another photo down. This one was a very young looking girl with a dark brown pixie cut. The way her nose turned up slightly was almost cute, in a way.


“Serena McFee. Eighteen. Comes from Florida. Seems a bit, I believe the word the Americans used was, ditzy. Rather unintelligent.”


Aro certainly didn't doubt that. Something in her smile made it obvious. The next picture was another young girl with brown hair. Hers was shoulder length and curly. She didn't smile in her photo. Demetri spoke, “Emmi Bernhard, age twenty. Originally from the Pacific Northwest. She's a musician, and pines for the Alpha.”


Another photograph. This woman had very long blonde hair and a soft smile, “Eileen Darrel, twenty-nine, from the Midwest. Very average.”


Another photo. “Stuart Barlow. An immigrant from Germany and the oldest of the pack at thirty-three. Bitten by the Alpha himself while on his way to a pub. This one is very light on his feet. It would be best to remain alert, as he could sneak up easily.”


The final photo, “Lorna Fitzpatrick, twenty-three. Also hails from the Midwest, she is a college student studying business administration. It appears that she is the Alpha's Beta, and was also infected by him.”


Aro pulled the picture closer to examine it. The young woman's hair was jet black and hung straight, dropping over her shoulder and stopping just above her breasts. Her silver eyes stared ahead almost angrily, face covered in a sea of freckles. Something about this one was especially interesting. But at the moment he was unable to place what it was, exactly.


He picked up the photo of the bald man and held the two side by side. The Alpha and the Beta. First and second in commands. Without them, the pack would be nothing. Aro dropped the photos back to the table, never taking his eyes of the woman, “These two must be removed first. Without their leaders, the remainder of the pack will crumble. When is the next moon?”


It was Marcus that answered, “Five days.”


Aro tapped his finger against the wood, “Then we will need to be leaving immediately. Summon Jane and Alec. Equipped with the silver daggers, the seven of us should be sufficient.”


Felix and Demetri left to do as they were instructed while Marcus frowned. He hadn't been much of a fighter as of late. As much as Aro wished for the three to complete the endeavor together, he would allow Marcus to sit this one out. If his mind wasn't in it, he would only weigh them down. Aro moved to the weapon cabinet, carefully selecting various daggers to place on the table. He made sure everyone would have at least two. Occasionally he even took three or more for himself and his brothers. The Children of the Moon were tricky beasts to slay. One wrong move and a man could easily be disarmed, and that was always a death sentence. Yes, backups were a requirement when hunting. Especially when engaging them on one of the moons, which was preferred. Their heads and furs made lovely trophies.


Once the twins were present, Aro explained the plan, pointing to the pictures, “This is a very small pack, consisting of six members. My brother and I will dispose of the Alpha and his Beta.”


Aro pointed to the respective photos before continuing, “And you four will be responsible for the remainder. Be swift and be smart for, as you know, brute strength alone will not be enough to kill these animals.”


The picture of the freckled-face woman once again held his attention.


* * * * *


--Washington, United States--


My chin slipped from my hand, jerking me awake. The text book still laid open in my lap, and the empty spreadsheet was still displayed on my laptop's screen. Record keeping was so boring it could be used as a form of torture. It was easy enough to do, just very tedious and time consuming. Not something I cared for. Ugh, the pitfall of pursuing a business degree. I flipped the book closed, laying it on the table, and stretched. It was just after four in the morning. I was exhausted, but with the moon approaching I wanted to get my days and nights switched up. Better to sleep during the daylight hours so I had the energy necessary for the nighttime hunt. Especially when we were anticipating company.


They thought they were being sneaky, but we could smell a bloodsucker from a mile away. There had been two. Both male. One large and muscular. His cohort, not so much. Dark haired and blond haired. We had watched them just as they had watched us, except significantly more discretely. They would be back. And we would be ready. Taking down the pair would be a piece of cake.


I stood and stretched again before stepping over my copper haired pack mate. Though, I could have stomped on him and he wouldn't have woke. Stuart slept like a fucking rock. I crossed the small room to the shack's rickety door. Pushing it open, I was greeted by the bite of cold night air. It felt pretty great considering our kind regularly had a crazy high body temperature.


My eyes closed as I took a deep breath. Just clean, crisp air. Opening my eyes once again I scanned the trees. I saw a raccoon waddle away from our trash can and another of my pack mates pacing just a bit away. The sculpted physic immediately gave away the Alpha. I approached him without a word.


“It's quiet,” his deep voice boomed after I stopped by his side. I only nodded in response. Aside from loud insects, it was indeed. There wasn't even a breeze to stir the brush. “They'll bring more back with them.”


“I assumed, considering how they were stalking us,” I answered, “the Volturi?”


Glenn's silver eyes flashed in the moonlight, “Yes, most likely. A lot of the bloodsuckers don't even know we actually exist. We're the stuff of legends to them. But the Volturi, they've been hunting our kind for millennia. There's almost none of us left in Europe and Asia.”


“Is that why you're always encouraging us to bite others?”


His expression was grim as he nodded. He switched the topic back to the enemy, “The Volturi fight dirty. It's likely they'll try to ambush us. I'll lead the pack, you'll bring up the rear in case one tries to catch us with our backs turned.”


I nodded. Only three days to go. A growl rumbled in my chest. Bring it on, assholes.


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