Child of the Moon

BY : AlongCameASpider
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Chapter Nine


--Volterra, Italy--


Aro hummed in pleasure.


He had taken Lorna to spend some time in the courtyard, claiming he had business to take care of. It had only been a half truth. There had been a matter to discuss with Caius, but that would only require a few moments of his time. No, the truth was he had wanted to be alone. He needed to attend to himself, without fear of Lorna overhearing.


He stroked himself faster.


The woman was making his life hell, and not just in the obvious way. She had a fire he both admired and hated. He could appreciate her sass and unwillingness to be ordered around. It would have done her well in other aspects of her life. But her constant challenging of him, her always smart mouth, grated at him. Hmm, her mouth. He imagined what she could do for him with it. Her tongue running his length, her lips around him tightly. Lightly sucking as she took him in and out.


His nails bit the surface of his desk.


Occasionally, okay, frequently, he would watch her sleep at night. Some of the positions she'd lay in only tempted him further. On her belly, one leg kicked out. It would only be too easy to climb atop her. Push his hands beneath her to cup her breasts. To kiss the back of her neck and shoulder. Bury himself deep in her warmth over and over.


Aro panted and gasped loudly as he reached his climax, his seed spurting into his fist.


He took several deep breaths to calm himself, shaking his head. He didn't understand why this was happening. These desires were something he hadn't felt in nearly two millennia, though he was certainly no stranger to them. He had been fairly promiscuous during his human and early vampire years. Then, because he was the only one who hadn't done so, he decided to take a wife. She took care of him for awhile but he gradually lost interest. And he had been fine going without. It kept his mind clear to focus on more important matters. Now, all of a sudden, these desires had crashed back into him ten fold, it seemed. Why?


He groaned and rubbed at his eyes. He needed to keep control of himself.


* * * * *


He had been surprised to hear her speaking with Marcus as he approached. The thought that the pair would have any interest in one another had never crossed his mind. What was most impressive was that Lorna had extending him an invitation to view her transformation.


“Ah, brother,” he said, stepping into the small clearing, “I see you've acquainted yourself with my pet. And you've been invited to witness her change.”


Without missing a beat, Lorna piped up, “My form, not my clothes.”


Aro clenched his jaw, but didn't let his smile slip. These were the kinds of remarks slowly chipping away at him. In every way possible. He wanted to believe that she did and said these things intentionally. A subtle signal that she echoed his attraction. Enticing him to give in to his desires. Oh, how he wanted to.


But he would not.


“We will convene at the back entrance at midnight,” he spoke as if he hadn't heard her, “I'd like for Lorna to get some rest beforehand.”


“How considerate of you, Sir Gilbert.”


Marcus looked to Aro in confusion. He waved his hand as if to dismiss her behavior. It wasn't something he would explain to his brother. Seizing the young woman's upper arm he led her back inside, to the room they currently shared. Although he was feeling more and more like it had been a poor decision to allow such an arrangement.


* * * * *


Aro watched as she slept and wondered. He wanted to believe she felt attraction to him as well. But did she really? It appeared the lycanthropy infection re-wired their brains, making it impossible to resist the urge to kill. He had seen it plenty of times. It was as though they become mindless monsters after catching a whiff of a vampire. Part of what made them so deadly. Was an attraction enough to break though? Was that what halted her attack?


But she was adamant in her disgust against his kind. Against him. He supposed it could be a facade. The part of him he warred with hoped it was all a show. She felt it taboo and was trying to fight it, just as he was. A vampire and a werewolf. Two incompatible beings, forced to come together. The pull he felt was overwhelming. It was impossible for her to not feel it.


He felt ridiculous right now. Like a school boy from a cliche teen romance. Does she like me? What if she doesn't? How do I make myself more appealing to her? All silly and unnecessary thoughts. He was certain he could have her, if he wanted her. Willing or not. Preferably willing. Though, it would be quite easy to trap her at this moment, as she slumbered deeply. By the time she woke, he could be in a position so that she couldn't refuse. But he wouldn't resort to force... He hoped.


Control yourself.


Aro stood and swept from the room. The thoughts she provoked were outrageous. Punishing her for it briefly crossed his mind, but she clearly wasn't doing it intentionally, mostly. He sighed. He really hated feeling this way. Like he couldn't get a grip on himself. But he had to.


* * * * *


He was still distracted as the three of them stood among the trees. His anxious thoughts were interrupted by her speaking, “So, how do I activate this thing? Abra kadabra?”


Aro frowned. He had hoped she would somehow have ingrained knowledge of how to access its power, “I don't think that's how it works, my dear.”


“No shit,” she mumbled in her usual sarcastic tone. Normally he would scold her for such language, but completely slipped on this one. She added, “Good thing, too. Otherwise you'd actually be able to force me into transforming.”


So she did know how to use it. “The moonstone works, then? How?”


She snorted, “Wouldn't you like to know.”


Irritation flitted through him, “Yes, I would, actually.”


Now she sighed, giving in, “It draws the wolf to the surface. All I have to do is let it out.”


“Then do so, my dear.”


Lorna folded her arms across her chest, pouting like a child, “Not until you can ask nicely.”


It was Aro's turn to let out a sigh. She was so frustrating. But perhaps she was correct. He should ask nicely, “Will you show me, please, my dear?”


She smirked in satisfaction, taking several steps back so that she had plenty of space. The transformation was almost instantaneous. One moment, Lorna; the next, a pitch black wolf nearly as large as a horse. Aro took moved toward her but she growled. He froze in his advance. His brother took a turn and, to Aro's dismay, Lorna allowed his hand to stroke her back. He tried to remain stone faced, but the amount of pain her refusal of him caused took him by surprise. Try as he may, he was sure his expression betrayed him, at least momentarily. He hoped Lorna hadn't noticed.


He fixed his smile, “While we are out, shall we have a run?”


Lorna yipped in excitement but, not surprisingly, Marcus bowed out, opting to return to Volterra early. That was fine, Aro thought. He was kind of glad for the time alone with her. Knowing how badly she wanted to beat him, he allowed it. Only this once. Joy flooded her anew and she gave him a slight headbutt, her way of bragging. It made him oddly satisfied knowing she was happy. The mood seemed to carry over into her human form as well. Aro draped his cloak around her so that she was concealed and the pair walked back to the city. She seemed more talkative, and not in the usual snide way. He had dared to place an arm around her waist. And she didn't reject it.



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