Child of the Moon

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Chapter Three


--Washington, United States--


The full moon had finally risen.


The Volturi had been careful to stay upwind, so that the pack wouldn't catch their scent too early. Aro also kept them up and back far enough they would avoid being seen but they could still observe. Six large wolves prowled below. A solid white one led the pack, either the Alpha or the Beta. Four others were in the middle, and a solid black one followed a distance behind. He had hoped they would locate the Children before the transformation. It had been something he craved to see. What exactly happens to these humans when they shift forms? He had seen in the thoughts of that Cullen boy how the fake ones changed. But these... They were not shapeshifters like the wolf pack of La Push. These were real Children of the Moon. Aro couldn't help but admire them. Their fur shimmered in the light as they paced. He watched as the werewolves sniffed at the air, the ground, the trees. It appeared they were anticipating company.


Aro's upper lip twitched in annoyance as he shot a glare at Demetri and Felix. Obviously the two hadn't been cautious enough and cost them the element of surprise. No matter. At least they weren't sure when or from which direction the assault would come. Caius looked to him and he shook his head in response. Not yet. The trees were too dense where they currently were. It would be an issue when necessary to dodge attacks. Caius huffed impatiently, and the lead of the wolf pack's head snapped up. The white wolf looked around, then turned to growl softly at it's pack mates. They started to spread out, heading in the direction of the vampires.


Now Aro caught Caius's stare and nodded. Their hand had been forced, thanks to his brother's impatience and carelessness. Caius and the others disappeared instantly, Aro close behind.


* * * * *


The stench of sour earth caught on the wind and the pack bolted forward. There they were. I dug my claws into the dirt but after only a few seconds of sprinting, the wind shifted and I slid to a stop. There was one behind us. Sneaky bastard. I about-faced and tore through the brush. It occurred to me I was probably hauling ass right into a trap but it was too late now. Kill. That bloodsucker was mine. I broke through the trees and caught sight of him.


I immediately I hit the brakes, coming to a grinding halt. He did the same. And we just stared. His blood red eyes were disgusting. I watched as different emotions flickered across his facial features. Confusion. Why wasn't I attacking? Buddy, I'd like the answer to that too, believe me. Why wouldn't I move? And why the hell hadn't he attempted to stab me yet? The moonlight glinted off the silver dagger tucked through his belt. Wonder settled over him. He was a bit too interested for my comfort. I bared my teeth and growled. The man was not phased. All of a sudden a second one appeared from nowhere. A blond I hadn't seen before. The dark haired one threw out an arm to stop his companion.


“Wait,” he said. The newcomer looked bewildered, “For what, brother? To have our faces ripped off?”


They didn't even look remotely close to being related. The first man squinted at me in uncertainty, “Something is different about this one.”


He reached out a hand and took a few careful steps closer. Judging from the look on the blond's face, we were having the same thought: what the fuck was he doing?


A bit closer. The man smiled at me nervously, still keeping his hand outstretched. A warning growl rumbled through my chest. But he didn't stop. With one final step, he ran his fingers through the fur just above and between my eyes. Was he seriously petting me? His smile turned more confident, “There. Good...girl? From the color of your coat I assume you are the Beta?”


I snapped my teeth and he quickly retracted his hand. He looked me up and down, “You're a rather impressive specimen, aren't you?”


The wheels in his mind were turning and I didn't like it. I snarled and he took a few steps back, but never took his eyes off me. But I was still all bark and no bite. For whatever reason I was incapable of attacking, despite how badly I wanted to tear that smug smile from his face.


“Yes, how fascinating you are, indeed,”


The blond rolled his eyes, “Perhaps you should see if she'll sit or fetch?”


I took a few bounds toward him, but the other man's sharp voice made me freeze, “Stop!”


We exchanged death glares as the dark haired one hummed in satisfaction. A hand stroked my back as he stepped back into my field of vision, “Oh yes, do I have plans for you, my pet.”


He turned to look at his brother. The last thing I remembered was him returning his sinister gaze to me.


* * * * *


Aro stood over the unconscious wolf. Caius approached rapidly, seething, “Do you have a death wish, brother?”


He stared at the creature with admiration, “No. But I'm not about to let such a perfectly presented opportunity escape me.”


“You cannot keep it, Aro!”


Since when was he the mind reader? He pouted, “Consider it, dear Caius. What better weapon for us to possess than one designed specifically for destroying our kind? Consider how it would tip the odds in our favor should there be another uprising.”


The blond looked thoroughly disinterested, “Are you quite finished?”


Aro said nothing more, so the blond spoke again, “Have you considered, brother, what could happen should your pet break free? Should you fail to keep it under control?”


Aro was silent for a moment before changing the topic, “What of the remainder of the pack?”


“Exterminated,” Caius answered, but wasn't about to be thrown so easily, “As that one needs to be. It is not returning to Volterra with us, brother.”


Aro frowned. It was truly a sadness to waste such potential.

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