Child of the Moon

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Chapter Eight


--Volterra, Italy--


My head hung over the seat of the couch, my legs up the back, so all the blood should have rushed to my head. Being stuck in this single room all day was fucking boring. Aro being present ninety percent of the time didn't help. As much as he loved to treat me as his pet, he certainly hated when I acted the part. While he was out the other day I decided to destroy one of the cushions. He was quite angry when he came back to a mess of feathers. Which had been the reaction I was hoping for, so mission accomplished. He was such a killjoy.


The asshole entered the room then, as though he had sensed my annoyance at him. He held a hand behind his back.


“Can you not smile at me like that? It's creepy.” Even upside down.


“I have a gift for you, my dear.”




He closed his eyes and shook his head in frustration. He huffed, “No.”


It was so much fun getting him worked up. I brought my feet forward and rolled from the couch, standing in front of him. He presented me with a small black box.


“I hope it's not a ring. I'm not ready for that kind of commitment.”


The man repeated his earlier display of irritation. Inside was a good sized, translucent stone with a blue tint. It was held in a thin wire frame, the front of it twisted to resemble a tree, the side facing in unsupported. A semi-elastic chain was attached to it. “Great! What is it?”


“It's a moonstone,” he answered, sounding a bit too excited. I rolled my eyes, “Of course it is.


I handed the box back to him and dropped back to the couch. He sat next to me, “It will allow you to -”


I made sure my voice was extra thick with sarcasm, “Do you really think a werewolf doesn't know what a moonstone does?”


Aro smiled, but it was meant to be mocking. He removed the bracelet from the box, seizing my wrist and forcing it on, “You will wear this at all times. This evening we will give it a try.”


I gave him a thumbs up, and when his back was turned I flipped him a different finger.


“If you can behave,” he said as he walked toward his study, “I will permit you to spend the afternoon in the courtyard while I'm tending to business.”


“That would be wonderful, Sir Gilbert.”


He reappeared, playing with the buttons on his jacket sleeves, “I expect you won't attract attention to yourself. Should you alarm the tourists or citizens nearby, you will never be allowed beyond these walls again. Understood?”


“Yes, sir.”


“Yes, master,” Aro corrected.


I grit my teeth, “Yes, master.”


* * * * *


The courtyard was small, and there was pretty much nothing in it, but it was better than nothing. I had been running laps around the tight space, pushing myself as fast as I could. And then I got distracted by a sad man who hadn't been there before. I skid to a stop, stumbling slightly as I did so. Judging from his stench, he was definitely a bloodsucker. But there was a slight familiarity to his smell. I whipped my head around to look at him.


“You must be Lorna,” he drawled. I couldn't tell if he was bored or didn't care. I sniffed at the air again, “You're from Aro's coven.”


He nodded, “I am Marcus.”


I vaguely recall Aro mentioning a brother named Marcus, “Do I need to call you 'master' or curtsy or something?”


There was just a hint of a smile, “No. And just Marcus.”


That was good. I wasn't going to call him “master” anyway. I didn't even want to call Aro that, but I was willing to tickle his fancy if it meant freedom. But this vampire offered me nothing. And he was looking at me oddly.




Almost a smile, “Nothing. You're just a curious creature, is all.”


Why were they all so weird? Oh well, at least this one seemed relatively friendly for someone of his kind. I stretched my muscles, “So why aren't you with Tweedle-Dee and Tweedle-Dum?”


So close. “I don't care much for the goings on of the vampire world anymore. Alas, once Aro makes up his mind, there is no changing it. My input is moot.”


“You don't say?” I replied, trying to keep my sarcasm in check. Just a bit. I totally hadn't noticed that when Caius told Aro he couldn't bring me home and here I am. Akin to a spoiled brat, honestly. “Well, if you want some entertainment, feel free to join us tonight. Aro gave me this stupid moonstone and wants to see if it actually helps me transform of my own free will. I'm sure you'd enjoy it.”


There it was, finally, “I just may do so.”


“Ah, brother,” came Aro's obnoxious voice as he approached, “I see you've acquainted yourself with my pet. And you've even been invited to witness her change.”


“My form, not my clothes.”


Aro's smile twitched and he pretended to ignore me, “We will convene at the back entrance at midnight. I'd like for Lorna to get some rest beforehand.”


“How considerate of you, Sir Gilbert.”


Marcus looked to Aro, confused, who only waved a hand in dismissal. He took my upper arm and tugged me along.


“You know, this would be more effective with a leash.”


“I can certainly arrange for that, if you'd like,” he replied. I snorted, “I bet you could. And I bet you'd enjoy that way too much.”


His grip on my arm tightened in aggravation but he said nothing, like usual.


* * * * *


We met with Marcus at midnight, on the dot, and headed to the wooded area where I'd transformed previously. I opted to keep my clothes on this time, since Aro's brother was present. They'd be destroyed, but it was alright. We just stood among the trees, the two men eyeing me anxiously. I decided to have a little fun and play dumb, “So, how do I activate this thing? Abra kadabra?”


Aro pressed his lips into a line, “I don't think that's how it works, my dear.”


“No shit,” I mumbled and he frowned, “Good thing, too. Otherwise you'd actually be able to force me into transforming.”


I piqued his interest, “The moonstone works, then? How?”


“Wouldn't you like to know.”


“Yes, I would, actually.”


I sighed, “It draws the wolf to the surface. All I have to do is let it out.”


“Then do so, my dear.”


My arms folded across my chest, “Not until you can ask nicely.”


Marcus appeared thoroughly entertained by the banter. It was Aro's turn to sigh, “Will you show me, please, my dear?”


With a smirk I took a few steps back, shaking out my limbs. Both men watched eagerly as I took a deep breath and allowed the wolf to come forward. It erupted from my body, dropping me to all fours. I understood now why Aro had put the moonstone on an elastic band. It accommodated my shift, keeping the stone in contact with my skin as I grew. The white-blue stone was a significant contrast to my pitch black coat. And as painful as the change was, it was slightly less so with the aid of the stone.


Aro stepped forward and I growled. If he pet me one more time... He stopped, but Marcus came toward me, hand outstretched. Marcus could pet me, because Marcus didn't treat me like a damn dog. Aside from petting me, anyway. He muttered something in Italian. Aro looked slightly offended that I denied him but not his brother. Good.


“Since we are out,” he said, putting a smile back on and looking at me, “Shall we have a run?”


I was gonna beat the pants off him this time. Ew, no.



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