Through A Nightmare, Darkly

BY : AlongCameASpider
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Chapter Ten


The other two days seemed to crawl. Rosetta had insisted on giving me more details about her and Caius than I really wanted to know. Now I wouldn't be able to look at the man for a different reason. “What if you get pregnant?” I had asked her. To which she happily replied, “I can't.” She shared that she had been promiscuous from a fairly early age and had yet to have it happen. Unfortunately, she also told me about how the pair liked to sneak around, having fun in random places of the building. I really wanted the conversation to stop. But not before I couldn't help but wonder why she hadn't had any broken bones or bruises. Apparently she currently had a few cracked ribs and a number of finger and hand prints she kept covered. From then on I made a point to steer clear of anything related to sex.


Rosetta packed up and left early the morning Aro was due back. A knock on the door surprised me. Thinking she had forgotten something, I looked around the room. There was nothing in sight. I opened the door cautiously, preparing for it to be someone other than Rosetta. And it was.


“Hello, Ashleigh,” Carlisle smiled politely and my breath caught in my throat.


“D-Doctor Cullen, come in.” I stepped aside so he could enter. He had a small bag that he placed on the desk. He sat, then pulled the chair from the corner closer and gestured to it. I quickly sat.


“What do you say we get this off you?” he took the cast in his hands. I nodded. He spoke again as he examined it, “I'm sorry to have missed Aro. How are the two of you doing?”


“Good. We're doing well.” I corrected. We're well, not good. My English teacher would have scolded me for such a slip up. Carlisle smiled again. I wished he wouldn't. It made my chest feel weird.


“He hasn't...” the man trailed off and I stared, not sure where he was going with the thought, “harmed you in any way again, has he?”


I understood the deeper meaning immediately. Aro actually told this man what he'd done? I guess it made sense. Aro had mentioned the feeding tip had come from Carlisle. After too long a pause I answered him, “No. He's been surprising well behaved, actually.”


“I'm relieved to hear that.”


If he was relieved, that meant he had been worried about me. My cheeks started getting warm. There was a loud crack as he pulled the cast apart like it was nothing. My wrist had been immobile for so long that it hurt when he started to bend it gently, “There may be some tenderness as it gets used to moving again. But the break should be completely healed by now. Try soaking it in warm water, now that it can be submerged again.”


I nodded. And just like that, he was done. He put the shattered cast in his bag and headed to the door. He turned and smiled, “I hope you continue to do well, Ashleigh.”


Then he left.


I did as he suggested, and went to take a hot bath. Trying to relax was a challenge. I was terribly anxious for Aro to be back. I wanted to see him, and yet I was upset with him. Why hadn't he told me about his wife? It was likely that I was overreacting, but I couldn't understand why he would keep something like that a secret. Leaning my head back, I tried pushing the thought from my mind.


* * * * *


“Aro, I caught you after all,” Carlisle approached the man coming down the hall. Aro smiled, “Carlisle, I assume you've been to see my dearest Ashleigh. How is she?”


“Should be all healed up,” Carlisle pat his friend on the shoulder, “How is she mentally? She seems anxious.”


“She is, very much so at times. Particularly when I attempt to make an advance. But I assume that's normal?”


The blond man nodded, “It is. Don't be surprised if she has an intense reaction once she does allow it. Between the assault and her phobia, she may struggle afterward. It may be a lot for her to process.”


“Duly noted,” Aro responded, feeling frustration bubble to the surface. Not at her, but at himself. “I do appreciate you coming to care for her, my friend.”


Carlisle attempted to make a joke about being careful with her, because humans were fragile creatures and he didn't want to have to come back again so soon. Aro only smiled as he watched the other man walk away. He wasn't about to tell his friend what he had planned.


* * * * *


When I emerged from the bathroom Aro was waiting for me. And he picked up on my mood immediately. He beckoned me to him, but I stayed where I was. “Why didn't you tell me about you and your wife?”


He was across the room immediately, holding my hands in his, “I was going to tell you, my dear. When the time was right. It wasn't Rosetta's place to say anything.”


Aro sounded angry with her and I didn't really blame him. I hoped he wouldn't be too severe with her. I leaned into his chest and tried to lighten the mood, “I know more about them than I want to.”


He chuckled, “As do I, now.”


He shook his head slightly, as if he were chasing away an unwanted mental image. And he probably was. Aro released my hands so that he could wrap his arms around me, holding me securely. Which I needed, because I was starting to feel a bit panicky at the decision I had just made. No doubt he would notice the jump in my heart rate and dig to find out what had caused it. So I waited for him to bring it up. I could practically feel him frown, “You don't seem very certain, my dear.”


No, I was sure I didn't. But I was getting tired of the fear controlling me. What I didn't think he realized was that it was even more frustrating for me than it was for him. I couldn't suppress the sigh that escaped me. Aro tilted my face up so he could kiss me softly, “May I show you something?”




He placed a kiss on my forehead before taking a few steps back, gently pulling me with him. After sitting in the chair in the corner he turned me around so I sat on his lap with my back against him, my legs on either side of his. I had no pleasant memories of this chair. My body tensed as his lips brushed against my neck and his hands slid under my shirt. I took a deep breath.


Aro's cool breath brushed across my cheek, “Close your eyes, dearest Ashleigh.”


His tone was calm, soothing. A far cry from what it had been last time we were in this position. I did as he asked, trying to relax. All the trust I could muster was being put into his hands yet again. I felt a bit foolish for it and could only hope I didn't end up regretting it. I could hear the smile in his voice, “Focus on how my touch feels.”


Aro lightly moved his hands higher, caressing me, leaving goosebumps in the wake of his touch. He gently squeezed my breasts and bucked his hips against mine, igniting a spark of fear within me. After letting out a deep breath he was able to regain his control. He massaged them carefully, occasionally rubbing a finger over the nipple, as his tongue played on my shoulder. One hand remained in place while the other one slowly worked its way back down my body. His fingers briefly dipped into the waistband of my panties and I tensed again. He shushed me, “You're okay, my dear.”


He rubbed between my legs and my body responded immediately. It wanted more. I cringed, not entirely understanding. His fingers played around the opening. My hips unintentionally pushed against his hand. Aro pulled aside the fabric. When he felt the fear start to build, he shushed me again. As he slipped his middle two fingers inside me, he bit down on my earlobe. Not hard enough to draw blood, but enough that it doubled what I was feeling down below. I let out a soft whimper. He kissed at my neck again as he got a rhythm going. I hated how much I was enjoying it. A pressure started to quickly build beneath his hand, my cheeks began to feel hot. I arched into his touch. He pushed inside as far as he could. My body shook as he coaxed waves of pleasure from my core and I couldn't help but cry out. He slowed his strokes as he brought me down from my orgasm, kissing my shoulder and grouping my chest a bit harder.


Aro withdrew his fingers and pushed my hips tighter against his. His erection pressed against my swollen sex. He made an odd sound into my hair.




I stood, thinking he'd lead me to the bed. But he merely removed himself from his pants and beckoned me back to him. I hesitated for a moment, biting my lip nervously. You're okay, my dear. My wet underwear slipped to the floor and I stepped out of them before I climbed back on top of him. He kissed my collar bone and held me close.


“I love you, dearest Ashleigh,” he whispered into my chest.


He gently pushed my hips down as he guided himself inside me. It still hurt. But beneath the pain was a hint of that enjoyment I didn't want to feel. He held my hips, fingernails biting the skin, as he helped me slide up and down his length. He buried his face in the crook of my neck, ragged breaths sending a shiver down my spine. My own breathing began to pick up as he increased the speed, getting a little rougher in the process. As he pushed in, he did so as far as he could and ground his hips against mine. I had no idea what exactly he was doing, but holy shit did it feel amazing. I could feel the pressure building again. He looked up to kiss me. My hands moved from his shoulders to his face, holding it the way he often did mine, and our tongues met. This made him more excited and he thrust as hard as he knew he could without hurting me. I gasped louder than I expected as my body once again shook with pleasure. I felt him tense. He pushed inside me as far as he could and moaned loudly, his arms around me tightly, holding me in place, reaching his release.


Aro's lips found mine again, and he kissed me with a sense of urgency. Like he couldn't get enough of me no matter how hard he tried.

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