Through A Nightmare, Darkly

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Chapter Sixteen


The first thing Aro saw when he walked through the door was me, sitting on the bed with my arms crossed and the best death glare I could muster without crying. He knew right away what was wrong. He shook his head, looking annoyed, “Carlisle.”


“Why didn't you tell me?” I asked angrily. Aro shook his head again, “Because it's nothing to be concerned about.”


My lip twitched, “I don't know, the doctor seemed pretty concerned about it. One out of six women surviving isn't really a comforting statistic.”


He began to undo his tie, “Those are known cases, my dear. For all anyone knows, Carlisle included, there could be many others out there to tip the odds the opposite direction.”


Now I was shaking my head, “You can't be serious. Aro, you should have told me. I should have gotten a choice!”


“You agreed to it on day one, my dear,” he was unbuttoning his shirt now and I couldn't help but tense a little. I quickly wet my lips, “You said that agreement was void.”


He only stared at me as he tossed his shirt onto the bed beside me. I crossed my legs. Tears began to sting my eyes and it was beginning to get hard to breath, “Do you really love me or have you just been using me still?”


The man still said nothing. He got down on his knees and uncrossed my legs so that he could kneel between them. His cool breath caressed my neck before his lips did. I tried to pull away but his hands quickly gripped my waist, holding me still. His kiss began to move lower. Finally, he whispered, “Of course I love you, my dear. You wouldn't still be here if I felt otherwise.”


To prove his point, he gently, but firmly, held my neck, pushing my head back for easier access. He leaned in close, inhaling deeply. Aro hummed in delight before licking me. Suddenly I was free and he was on his feet. He pushed me back on the bed before reaching up the skirt of my dress. I tensed further, “Aro-”


He shushed me. Disregarding my unspoken plea, he slipped off my undergarments and discarded them on the floor. I began to shake. With one hand, he unbuttoned his pants and trailed a finger down my chest with his free hand. Between my breasts, down my stomach, over my belly button, lower. In one movement, he leaned over me, seizing both my wrists and pinning them above my head; he exhaled sharply as he forced his sex into mine. I winced and turned my face away so I wouldn't have to look at him. His heavy panting sent unwanted chills down my spine, which in turn triggered a reaction where I didn't want one. I sighed with pleasure. I turned my face back and he instantly locked his lips with mine, his tongue diving into my mouth. Draping one of my legs across his back, I moaned in my throat. He thrust harder.


I could feel that familiar pressure building and Aro found it on my thoughts. He stopped and withdrew. My body protested; I whimpered and arched my back with want. He tucked his face closer to my ear, “Tell me what it is you want, my dear.”


My fists opened and closed in frustration.


“Tell me,” he whispered as he began to rub himself against my lower stomach, “What do you say?”


“I hate you.”


He smirked, dipping the tip of his erection inside me just enough before pulling back out again, a tease, “Say, 'please'.”


I bit my lip, body trembling, but not from fear. He repeated the action, “Say it.”


A ragged sigh escaped me, “Please.”


Aro smiled and kissed me as he resumed his quick strokes. That feeling built rapidly, finally flooding to the rest of my body. I gasped a little too loudly as I writhed beneath him. He rocked his hips against mine as his grip on my wrists tightened, and he let out several deep sighs. After a moment he lightly kissed my forehead, “Now say, 'thank you'.”


I cringed, “Thank you.”


“You're welcome, my dear.”


* * * * *


“What would you have me do, my dear?” he asked sincerely.


I relaxed further into the hot water, staring at the man sitting across from me, “I don't know.”


We sat in silence, Aro's hands slowly working up and down the outsides of my thighs. I tried to think. He intentionally kept something significant from me, and for that I was very angry. I wanted to punish him. Wanted to deny him access to my body, but he had already shown me that would be next to impossible. He could get me to change my mind in moments. But the news that Carlisle shared with me weighed heavy on me. I didn't know that I could risk dying to give this man a child. If he really loved me, he'd understand, “We can't do this anymore. Not until I decide if I want to or not.”


He froze, taking a deep breath, “I can't promise that, my dear.”


“You've done it before.”


“Yes, but you've spoiled me as of late,” he pulled my hips so that I was now on his lap. His lips brushed my shoulder, “I crave you so deeply.”


I wasn't really ready for round two, so I pushed against his chest. He allowed me to slid back.


“Some kind of birth control, then?” I asked.


Aro snorted, “Vampire reproduction hasn't exactly been widely studied. There's no guarantee any of those human contraptions would be effective.”


“Carlisle might have some idea.” That should be a nice, awkward conversation. Despite looking hurt and a bit angry, he smiled, “I will speak with Carlisle if it will please you, my dear.”


I laughed on the inside, almost disappointed I wouldn't be there to witness that. He narrowed his eyes in response, but the gesture was meant to be playful.


“Thank you,” I climbed back onto his lap, “I think you owe me that much.”


“Yes, I suppose I do.”


* * * * *


He knocked, but didn't wait for a reply before entering.


“Aro, come in,” Carlisle said with a hint of sarcasm, putting down the book he had been reading, “I assume you're here about my conversation with Ashleigh?”


“Yes and no. First of all,” Aro smiled, “Thank you for that. Now Ashleigh has decided she no longer wishes to have my child.”


“She had the right to know, Aro,” the blond man replied calmly. The other man looked, and sounded, slightly wounded, “I don't disagree, Carlisle.”


“Why do you want that so badly, Aro? Is this about Renesmee?”


The dark haired man wet his lips, “At first it was, yes. I was fascinated by the idea of creating such a being. The closer I grew to Ashleigh, however, I became increasingly fascinated by the idea of creating something else.”


Carlisle wasn't sure what to say, so there was a stretch of silence. Finally, Aro cleared his throat, “Ashleigh no longer desires that. She requested that I speak with you about potential preventative measures.”


The doctor sat straighter in his chair, “Well, there's a few different options. Bear in mind, these have only been tested for effectiveness in humans for obvious reasons. There's no guarantee they will work for our kind. So, the only absolute way to avoid pregnancy is abstinence.”


Aro smiled, “If that were being considered as an option, I wouldn't be here, my friend.”


“If she were to see a local physician, she could start the pill or another kind of hormonal birth control. I'm afraid I can't be of much help there, as I'm licensed in a completely different country and don't tend to carry those with me. I do, however, have this you can try,” Carlisle pulled his medical bag on to the table and rummaged through it briefly. Once finding the small, foil package, he threw it to Aro, who caught it easily and examined it. “Do you know how to....?”


Aro made a face, “Yes, I know how to, Carlisle. I may be old but I'm not that out of touch.”


Carlisle held his hands up and smiled, “You can try that. Our bodily fluids are comprised of venom, with varying degrees of potency. So maybe it will work, maybe it won't. But my professional advice is to abstain until she's changed.”


Aro flipped the package between his fingers anxiously, “I'm hoping she will change her mind.”


“You know that isn't a good idea, Aro.”


“Carlisle, please.”


The blond smiled, patting his friend on the shoulder, “Well, whatever the both of you decide, I wish you the best, my friend.”


Aro hummed in acknowledgment before exiting the room. Once the door was closed, shielding him from Carlisle, he shuddered. That was a conversation he would rather have not had.

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