Through A Nightmare, Darkly

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Chapter Fifteen


“Thank you for coming again so quickly, dear friend,” Aro spoke halfheartedly as he led the man down the hallway. The truth was he would rather have had anyone else help than this particular man. But alas, he knew no one else with experience in birthing a half-vampire child, aside from another Cullen. Carlisle smiled, as he always did, “It's no trouble, Aro. Though you sounded quite upset over the phone. Is Ashleigh alright?”


“Ashleigh is well,” Aro's answer was clipped, “I didn't ask you here to see her.”


“Oh. Then who am I seeing?” Carlisle asked in confusion. Aro tried to suppress a snarl, “Another wretched human who has gone and created a mess for herself.”


He pushed the door open. It was the bedroom Carlisle had seen Ashleigh in the first time. He wished it was Ashleigh his friend would be caring for again. “Carlisle, Rosetta. Rosetta, Dr. Cullen.”


The red head sat on the bed with her knees hugged to her chest. She stared with tear stained eyes and said nothing. Carlisle looked to Aro, who spoke directly to the woman, “Rosetta, my dear. Why don't you go ahead and tell Dr. Cullen what it is you'll be needing from him.”


She pulled her legs closer as she whispered, barely audible, “I'm pregnant. I need help.”


“And,” prompted Aro, “The father is?”


Rosetta winced, “Master Caius.”


Carlisle sighed heavily, briefly rubbing the bridge of his nose in frustration, “You all know how this ends. I don't understand why he would take up with a human, knowing what would happen. I'm actually surprised you have yet to change Ashleigh for this...reason.”


Aro didn't respond, avoiding his friend's stare. Here it came, just as he'd expected. When Carlisle spoke again he sounded rather angry, “Jesus, Aro.”


“Spare me, Carlisle.”


“Aro, you know what the outcome of this is. You would be willing to sacrifice your mate for... What? You're really going to let her die for whatever it is you hope to gain?”


The dark haired man said nothing and still refused to make eye contact. His friend wouldn't understand. Rosetta squeaked in fear, “Die?!”


Carlisle shot Aro one last glare before sitting down next to Rosetta, trying to smooth his features. He kept his tone as calm as he could manage, “There have only been six other occurrences of this happening, Rosetta. Of all the women, only one has managed to survive the process.”


The woman was horror struck, but Carlisle had to continue, “Even if conception was possible, a vampire woman's body can't change to accommodate a growing fetus. A human woman's can, however, her body is not strong enough to carry the pregnancy without complications. Due to various causes, the mother typically passes during or shortly after birth.”


She sobbed and Aro swallowed hard. The doctor further explained, “The most common cause is hemorrhaging. The hybrid placenta is significantly more invasive than that of a human's. When it detaches, the woman bleeds out very quickly. There is a chance that you could survive by being changed, as was the case of the one woman, but the window of opportunity for that is very small. If present at all.”


Carlisle turned to look pointedly at Aro then, and that was when the dark haired man decided he'd had enough. He turned and swept out the door. He didn't make it far before his friend had caught up, “What are you doing, Aro?”


“Returning to my mate, Carlisle.”


“That isn't what I meant, and you know that. Is she really worth that little to you?”


Aro stopped abruptly and turned on his heel, resisting the urge to fight, “Ashleigh means everything to me, my friend, and I don't appreciate you suggesting otherwise.”


“Then why are you doing this? Does she know this could kill her? Have you told her that?”


“My mind will not be changed,” Aro began to walk again, avoiding his friend's question, “I trust you'll show yourself out once you finish with Rosetta.”


“I won't be leaving, Aro. Rosetta will need my near-constant care for the next three months or she'll have no chance at all,” Carlisle had caught up with him again.


Aro pushed the button for the elevator and the doors opened immediately, “Very well, then you already know where your quarters are located. When you're finished, have her rearrange my schedule. I will be spending the remainder of the day with my mate. If you'll excuse me.”


He pressed another button and the doors slowly closed, leaving Carlisle to stare in disbelief.


* * * * *


Once I finished lunch I laid down. It hadn't been my intention to fall asleep, but I obviously did anyway. The door closing made me jump, even though it wasn't very loud.


“I apologize, my dear. I didn't mean to wake you,” Aro shrugged out of his jacket. He appeared flustered. It seemed like he was irritable a lot since finding out Rosetta was expecting. Though he had taken it upon himself to take care of her, seeing as how Caius abandoned ship. I rolled onto my back as he walked toward the bed. He crawled to me on all fours, kissing my stomach and working his way up. I couldn't help but be a bit sarcastic, “Gee, I wonder what it is you want to do?”


He smirked, nipping at the skin of my neck, pushing my skirt up to my waist. I had taken to wearing dressing for his convenience. So he'd stop tearing apart my clothing. He ground his hips against mine, already aroused. In one swift movement, he tore my panties free. Was I going to have to stop wearing those too?


“Yes,” Aro growled, sending a chill down my spine. I felt his fingers enter me and I gasped. He caught my lips with his, his actions growing more passionate. After only a few moments he'd had enough. He rose to his knees, pulling his shirt from the waist of his pants before unbuttoning them.


“Take your shirt off,” I told him breathlessly. He did as I told him before mounting me again. As his erection slid slowly inside, I ran my hands through his chest hair and we both sighed with satisfaction. Our breathing grew heavy and we moaned in unison. I arched my back, the new angle causing me to gasp loudly. Aro's mouth returned to my neck as he moved a hand out from under me to place on my breast. He gently bit at my collar bone. My grip on his shoulders tightened and I was overcome by pleasure. I could feel myself contracting around him, and knew he wouldn't be much longer. He thrust in as deep as possible and groaned into the crook of my neck.


Once he uncovered his face, I met his tender kiss.


“I love you,” I whispered to him.


“I love you, my dear.”


“I still hate you, though.”


Aro smiled.


* * * * *


There was a knock on the door. Without looking up from my book, I called, “Come in.”


The door opened and closed but no one spoke. Rosetta would have been talking up a storm by now. I looked up to find Carlisle standing near the desk, his expression somber. I placed the book on the seat of the chair after I stood, “Dr. Cullen.”


“Carlisle,” he corrected softly, “How are you, Ashleigh?”


“I'm doing well,” I folded my arms across my chest as I approached him, “Um, I'm not sure when Aro will be back in. But I can tell him you stopped by?”


The man shook his head, “I actually came to see you, not Aro.”


My cheeks began to get warm, “Oh. Well, what can I do for you?”


“I needed to speak with you, without him present,” Carlisle copied my stance, “I understand the two of you are trying to get pregnant?”


“Yeah, we are. But unfortunately, we haven't had the best luck so far.”


Carlisle attempted to smile, nodding in acknowledgment. He blew out a breath, “Ashleigh, Aro's been keeping something from you. And you deserve to know what it is.”

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