Through A Nightmare, Darkly

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Through a Nightmare, Darkly

Bonus Chapter #2


Chapter 3, from Aro's point of view

She was very uncomfortable with her current predicament and I couldn't help but find it adorable.


I gestured for her to come to me, which she did. Instead of standing, as she had expected of me, I pulled her onto my lap, wrapping my arms around her waist. Now she sat very rigid, her cheeks flushed. The girl already knew what it was I wanted. Of course she did, she was quite clever. Smart as a whip, nearly straight A student. A few B's and, curiously enough, one D. In physical education class. Apparently the young woman wasn't one for sports. But a truly talented artist. How would she not know what it was I hoped to gain from her? I pressed my face to her shoulder, breathing in her scent. Desire tugged at me. “Do tell me more about yourself, my dear.”


There was nothing I did not know about her. But I did enjoy listening to her speak. Her voice was melodious.


She shifted slightly, nervous, “I have a feeling you know more about me that I'd like you to.”


I smiled. Perfect.


“Oh, I do. For instance, you're frightened of me because you have yet to know a man's touch,” I brushed my lips against her neck, just below her ear. The next words I hadn't meant to speak aloud, but they flowed forth regardless, “How I'm looking forward to taking that from you.”


Ashleigh flinched from fear and tried to stand. To leave. I would not be denied again. I quickly seized her wrist and made her sit once again. Her heart began to hammer behind her breast bone.


I wish he'd just kill me.


“I'm afraid that's no longer an option for you, my dear,” I reached up, gently tucking her dark curls behind her ear, maintaining a soothing tone, “You see, I've realized I'm quite fond of you. The thought of you leaving me is rather upsetting.”


I tugged her so that she was forced to straddle my lap. A hand slid under her shirt, slowly caressing the soft skin of her abdomen as it crawled higher. My lips found her collar bone and I kissed her there tenderly, as any good lover would. I cupped her breast, appreciating how it filled my hand, a finger teasing the erect nipple. I shoved my hips against hers, so that she could feel how hard I was for her. How much I needed her. A thrill of arousal, and fear, coursed through her and, with it, a wave of heat between her legs. I had made her wet. She was prepared to take me. My grip on her chest tightened slightly as I practically growled in her ear, “Submit.”


Dearest Ashleigh was wise to the fact I would not accept “no” as an answer. And that fighting me would not be advised.


Without losing my position, her back hit the bed. I tried to kiss her but, again, she turned away. Other matters consumed me, so the rejection was easily overlooked. Instead, I trailed the tip of my tongue down her neck to her collar bone. She shivered at the sensation, the heat intensified. Rising to my knees, I gripped her shirt in both hands and pulled. The rip made a satisfying sound. No time to undress her properly. Hands traveled quickly up her form to grope at her breasts. Too rough, perhaps, as she winced in pain. But, bruises would heal.


Keeping one hand secured where it was, I leaned forward to return my mouth to her neck. I rubbed her nipple beneath my thumb, earning a quiet moan and another rush of warmth. My kissing descended to her chest, her stomach. When I reached the waist of her pants, I dipped my tongue into the band. She gasped, imagining my tongue dipping into a more intimate place. The smell of her desire became overpowering. I would have her now.


Faster than she could blink, I had pulled off her jeans and undergarments as well as completely disrobed myself. I would make her mine. I mounted her, erection rock hard and at the ready. I needed her body so badly I was beginning to shake. I placed my sex at hers, the tip just barely beginning to enter. I let out a shaking breath, she was so wet. Her eyes squeezed shut and she turned her face away, body growing tense. I quickly thrust my hips forward, forcing my entire length inside her in a single stroke. She cried out in pain.


I immediately got carried away, pounding into her faster and harder than necessary. A groan escaped me. She was so tight. I gripped her forearm, and pushed my other hand under her to hold her shoulder for leverage. So tight. So wet. I panted in her ear as I thrust as hard as I could. I needed more. The pleasure built. So warm. My hold on her wrist tightened and my panting turned to light growls. Being inside her felt so good. I never wanted to stop. But my climax approached. I pushed my entire member inside her as I moaned loudly, my fluids erupting forth to fill her.


She was mine now.


I turned her face to mine and forced my lips on hers in a very aggressive way. My tongue intruded her mouth to caress hers. After a moment I broke away, shuddering one last time and taking a deep breath. This time, my kisses were softer, more passionate. There was a wetness on her cheek and she began to squirm beneath me. I withdrew myself from her and leaned aside. She darted out from under me, immediately shutting herself in the bathroom. A sob broke the silence and I stared. As the fog in my mind finally began to clear, I couldn't help but wonder what I had just done.

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