Through A Nightmare, Darkly

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Chapter Twenty


Felix stood guard in front of the door. With the wave of Aro's hand, he stood aside, allowing the two Volturi leaders to enter. In the corner stood a young woman. Couldn't have been any older than Ashleigh. She reminded Aro a bit of his mate. Similar face shape and build. Long and curly hair. But instead of dark brown, this woman's were a bright red. She stared at him, not reacting at all.


Aro spoke gently, “What is your name, my dear?”


The woman didn't answer.


“Speak! What is your name?” Caius demanded.


She still would not reply. Caius took a step forward, but Aro held up a hand and gave him a look. He took a few steps closer. With a reassuring smile, he offered his hand to her, “May I?”


She glanced at his hand and then back to his face, hesitant.


“Your hand, my dear.” Now it wasn't a request.


The red head finally put her palm against his. Her name was Lidia. One of the missing persons from Saint Petersburg. He saw her large family, including a child of her own. She had given birth at fifteen and, due to some poor life choices, lost custody of her son to the father. Aro dug further. She had been a drug addict, spending a fair amount of time in a rehabilitation center. She still hadn't managed to get clean when she was bitten. The person responsible was a man he did not recognize. But he did learn that the man had later introduced himself as Sevastian. During the pair's short time together, they kept quite busy. Not really thoughts Aro had wanted to know, but his gift brought everything. But in those brief flashes, he learned a valuable piece of information.


Aro released Lidia's hand and smiled. Turning to Felix, he nodded. He motioned to Caius and two left, but not before hearing Lidia's short scream.


* * * * *


“They have a member who can divert trackers,” Aro informed the group of Guard members, “that is how they have been evading us. Thanks to our dear Lidia, however, I have learned where the group of newborns is being kept. Santiago, you will take Jane, Alec, Wayland, and Nicolaus to dispose of them. If the one called Sevastian is among them, spare him and return with him. Demetri, Felix, bring me Vladimir and Stefan.”


He dismissed the assembly. At least he could breath a sigh of relief knowing this situation would be resolved. At least momentarily. Now he had another matter that required his attention


Ashleigh wasn't in the room when he entered. She couldn't possibly still be in the bath, could she? No, she wasn't there either. Worry sparked within him. Athenodora is gone! Ashleigh was angry, yes, but so much so that she would leave? After promising she wouldn't... Aro took a deep breath to calm himself. Folding his hands together, resting his chin on his knuckles, he thought. Where else could she possibly be?




* * * * *


Carlisle wasn't kidding when he said these pregnancies progressed twice as fast. It had only been a month since I saw her, but the size of her belly made it seem like three or four. She had already passed the halfway mark.


“Yeah, I think it's a girl,” Rosetta said, rubbing her stomach, “Caius wants a boy.”


“Aro thinks ours is a girl.”


“Hmm, I think so too,” she agreed, eyeing my tiny bump. Then she asked, “So, what's bothering you? Don't say 'nothing', I can see it all over your face.”


I blew out a breath, “Well... Just before I came here Aro and I were...”


Rosetta giggled. I didn't have to finish that sentence, thankfully.


“Caius walked in on us.”


“Awkward,” she responded casually. I continued, “Well, the most awkward part, and what I'm so mad at Aro for, Aro let him watch.”


“What!?” Rosetta shouted. Unfortunately, she sounded more entertained than appalled.


“Yeah. I have no idea how much he actually saw. But Aro knew he was there. Didn't stop, didn't tell me, didn't tell Caius to leave.”


She clapped her hands, “Priceless. Honestly, though, I don't see why you're so mad.”


I stared at her, “You wouldn't be bothered by it?”


The red head shrugged, “Not really. If it was someone I knew, I mean. I don't think I'd want a stranger to watch.”


I scoffed in disbelief, “So, if you and Caius were doing it and Aro walked in and watched it wouldn't bother you at all?”


“Well, that probably would. But only because he's creepy.”


I shook my head. I didn't understand how she could be so flippant about it. Maybe it just had to do with our difference in history.


“Besides,” she sounded reassuring, “Caius probably didn't even actually watch.”


As if on cue, the angry blond came through the door just then. He made direct eye contact with me and smirked as he walked by. He had definitely watched. My face burned and I wanted to die of embarrassment on the spot. Rosetta pat me on the shoulder, “It's really not that bad, Ashleigh. I think you're overreacting a bit.”


Of course she would. She was more adventurous in her sex life. I preferred to keep mine in the bedroom, with just my partner. The door opened again, and when I peeked through my fingers, I saw that it was Aro. This situation couldn't possibly get any better. Sarcasm.


“Ashleigh, my dear, I believe we have something to discuss,” he smiled, but it wasn't quite like it usually was. I'd seen this kind of distracted smile before. He must have gone to the room and, when he saw I was gone, must have thought I had left. Rosetta chimed in, “Can you do it here? I wanna see how this goes.”


Aro narrowed his eyes at her and she was quiet. He held his hand out to me, “Come, my dear.”


I didn't want to. But what else could I do? The mating bond would keep me tied to him, through the lies and through the nightmares. I placed my hand in his and allowed him to lead me back to our quarters. Once inside, I walked directly toward the bathroom, hoping another hot bath would melt away my anger. Aro grabbed my hand again, “We need to speak.”


I shook my head, “Just don't, Aro. I don't want to hear excuses.”


He tugged my arm so that I turned to face him, “Then I won't make any, my dear. But I do want to remind you that our senses are heightened. It's not always possible for me to stop.”


“You have before,” I pointed out.


“Yes, because I preferred to not be vomited on. And you don't realize how difficult it truly was to disengage so abruptly.”


Not meaning to, I rolled my eyes, “So, why didn't you just tell him to go?”


Aro opened his mouth as if to speak, but closed it again. He wasn't going to tell me the truth. Finally, he managed to get out, “You didn't want excuses, and I promised not to make any.”


Which translated to “I'm not going to tell you”. I yanked my arm free of his grasp, slamming the door closed behind me.


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