Through A Nightmare, Darkly

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Chapter Six



“Thank you again, dear friend, for coming so quickly to care for my dearest Ashleigh,” Aro forced a smile to Carlisle as they approached the door that would lead into a reception area. “It's no trouble at all, Aro. Though, what was it you said happened to her again?”


Aro stared blankly at him for a moment as he considered lying outright. After all, someone as fragile as a human could quite easily get hurt around here. But the elder Cullen was a bright man. An emergent physician for decades, he would have noted the bruise on her arm and what shape it took. He had probably even saw the one just peeking from under her shirt collar on her shoulder. Yes, it was likely Carlisle had seen many similar cases during his time.


“I,” he hesitated for a moment, releasing an unnecessary sigh, “I think you've already figured out what happened.”


Carlisle shook his head, sternly saying, “Aro-”


“Spare me the lecture, my friend,” Aro raised a hand to cut him off, immediately feeling defensive, “Considering your own coven you're hardly one in a position to judge.”


“I'm not condemning you choice of partner, Aro” Carlisle rebutted, keeping his voice even, “My concern is her well being. That poor girl is terrified of you! What exactly did you do?”


Aro wouldn't answer. As a matter of fact, he wouldn't even make eye contact with the man. A very unusual, and telling, thing for him to do. Carlisle's face shifted with anger, “Are you serious, Aro?”


Felix's hulking form appeared out of nowhere, hearing the rising tension and rushing to his master's aid. Demetri wasn't far behind. Aro threw out an arm to halt Felix in his assault, “She is my mate, Carlisle.”


He flinched at the word. Now that he had spoken it aloud, it made it real to him. Though he hadn't wanted to, not yet at least, he was giving in to the mating pull. He couldn't bring himself to fight it any longer. And now he'd be crushed by the severity of what he'd done to Ashleigh. The sudden flood of guilt made his chest hurt.


“That doesn't give you permission to do as you please with her. Aro, you could have killed her.”


“I'm aware.”


“Then why?”


Aro's eyes narrowed dangerously, “My dear friend, do you honestly believe I approached her with that intent in mind? That I wanted to harm my mate in such a terrible way?”


And the truth was, he hadn't. He'd threatened it, yes, but never once considered following through. Not with her. It had been a decision he made instantaneously, the moment her grabbed her wrist to pull her back. He couldn't take no for an answer again. He had needed her badly. It was selfish. What he said next nearly caused him physical pain, “I made a mistake, Carlisle. I lost control.”


The blond man's expression softened just a bit, “Why not change her?”


“She isn't ready yet,” Aro answered with half the truth. She wasn't. He'd seen it in her thoughts more than once, she was frightened by the transformation. But not as much as she feared her death. The other truth was that he was still hoping for the half-breed. Though it seemed the reason had shifted slightly. He did love happy endings. What happier an ending than with his mate and their child? It was an idea he had entertained briefly once, but found it a bit appealing. This mating bond was frustrating.


A heavy silence hung in the air. Aro dismissed the two guards before addressing the other man again, “Carlisle, my old friend, I need your help.”


* * * * *


Rosetta stopped by with a marker, signing her name on my cast as large as she could. She had beautiful penmanship. The letters looped around like calligraphy. She had also informed me that I was able to return to the bigger room, finally, and helped me find my way there. I hadn't seen Aro in several days and I was starting to worry.


“Rosetta, have you spoken with Aro?”


“Yes, this morning. Why?”


“He hasn't been by for awhile. Did he seem angry about something?”


She shook her head, “No, he was very much himself. Why do you ask? Did something happen?”


I just shrugged. I didn't want to get into it with her. There was a good chance I was thinking into too much anyway. She had said nothing seemed off, so maybe he hadn't been bothered by it after all. “Rosetta? If you happen to see him later, can you tell him I need to speak with him?”


“Sure. Hey, look!” she all but ran to the bed, where a floral print sundress had been laid out, “Aro got you a new dress! Isn't it cute?”


It was. But him giving me a gift made me feel slightly uncomfortable. She held it against my shoulders, “Oh, we should dress you up! Aro would love that!”


Again, I couldn't disagree. And that was exactly why I pushed her hands away, “I don't think so, Rosetta. I'm in quite a bit of pain, so I think I'm gonna just take a bath and go to bed.”


She frowned, “It still hurts? Do you need me to get you something for it?”


“If you would, please.”


“Of course!” she laid the dress back on the bed and disappeared out the door. I sighed, eyeing the clothing before me. It was fairly modest, the collar looked like it would fit snugly, keeping everything up top covered. But the skirt stopped just above the knee, which is what made me nervous. Long, but maybe not long enough. I hung the garment in one of the wardrobes. Rosetta returned with two more of those pills that she had given me before. I took them without hesitation and collapsed onto the new bed, not bothering to change.


* * * * *


This wasn't supposed to happen.


Aro paced the room. The plan had been simple. Acquire human. Create hybrid. Dispose of human. Just three easy steps. He had told Ashleigh he was prepared to do what he had to for his plan to succeed. He had been. For any other human, he may have still been capable of making good on that threat. But not with her. He could never do that to her again.


He had taken his wife, Sulpicia, out of mutually beneficial convenience. Aro cared for her, sure, but it wasn't love. It had never been love. Love wasn't something he had wanted. He'd seen the distraction and devastation love brought. While on that little escapade to Washington, Sulpicia had found her true mate among the guard. With his blessing, the pair went their separate way.


But that one night, for whatever reason, he had decided to lurk among the people of his city. That's when he had seen her. She and her friends were seated at a cafe. He had watched her. In an instant he seemed to have become obsessed with her, and every one of his human needs came back full force. He followed her, waiting for the opportune moment to steal her. But it never came. And then she ended up walking right into his home!


Now he had her, and he had broken her.


Aro struggled. It had been far too long since he'd experienced these things. The need for affection, the need for touch, the need for sex. Feelings of attraction, love, guilt. He had been doing just fine without them. Now these needs and urges were so strong they were an aberration. And he wanted them from only her. Though it was out of character for him, he had turned to Carlisle for advice. Since his mate had already been changed when they became physically involved, he couldn't offer too much help on that topic. And there was absolutely no way he'd discuss the matter with Edward. But Carlisle was able to provide a few tips for remaining in control, and how to help Ashleigh, and himself, move forward.


Aro rubbed the bridge of his nose between his thumb and forefinger. He was mentally exhausted from processing everything. The sound of the door opening pulled him from his thoughts. Rosetta's heels clicked on the stone, “Master? Ashleigh is asking for you.”


He waved a hand dismissively before vanishing.


* * * * *


I wasn't sure if I was dreaming or not.


His face stared, wearing an expression I hadn't seen yet. I felt his fingers brush across my forehead, down my cheek, along my jaw. There was a kiss just below my hair line and then his hands hooked the waistband of my jeans. He pulled. I tried to push him away. Tried to tell him to stop. But it was like I was paralyzed. My body wouldn't respond. All I managed was a whimper. He stroked my hair briefly before continuing to remove my jeans. I heard them hit the floor.


I tried so hard to get away. What the hell was in these pills? He crossed my ankles before draping my legs across one shoulder. I felt like I couldn't breath. Suddenly, I was completely flat again and silk slithered across my exposed skin. A heavier blanket covered me next, and a pillow was put under my left arm. The throbbing began to lessen. Aro wiped my cheek with his thumb and then placed a kiss on my forehead.


“Forgive me, dearest Ashleigh.”

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