Through A Nightmare, Darkly

BY : AlongCameASpider
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Through a Nightmare, Darkly

Bonus Chapter #1

Chapter 2, from Aro's point of view


I pinned her to the wall and she let out a slight whimper. One of my hands was tightly wrapped around her wrist, locking it above her head, and the other at the small of her back. I leaned closer in an attempt to kiss her but she turned her face away. Anger flitted through me. Being denied was something to which I was unaccustomed. I always got what I wanted. Always. But, I would allow it this once.


So I pressed my lips just below her ear, along her jawline. My mouth worked down her neck, lightly sucking and nipping at her flesh. Desire rapidly built in my groin. I wanted her. Badly. I pressed my stiffened member against her thigh and her heart rate accelerated. Her arousal gave off a scent that I found absolutely delicious. I had to have her. I gripped her skirt and tugged it higher. I was going to have her.


But her mind was winning over her body, and her fear was screaming at me to stop. I sucked in a sharp breath as I fought against myself. I desperately needed her, and the urge to continue regardless was difficult to suppress. Almost impossible, even. I took my face away from her neck, resting my forehead against hers, “I'll need you to do something for me, then.”


“What?” she squeaked.


With my index finger, I traced around her full lips, staring in lust as I did so. She caught on to what I was asking immediately. No, I don't want to do that either.


I pushed myself tighter to her, “I need one or the other, my dear.”


If she refused to satisfy me with her mouth, I feared what I may do. This was an urge I hadn't felt in so long, and never to this intensity. Of course, I had engaged in a sexual relationship with my wife. At first. But that spark quickly faded and I hadn't given it a care since. This was overwhelming. It had been all I could do to refrain from having my way with this woman when I had first held her to the wall in the council chambers. I had to be granted release, one way or another.


She decided. I let go of her arm and took a step back so she could drop to her knees. Belt and trousers were quickly undone, allowing me to expose myself to her. She gripped my leg with one hand to steady herself while she delicately took my erection in her other. My hand shook slightly in anticipation as I pet the hair away from her face so that I could see her properly. Ashleigh hesitated for a moment.


Her face leaned in close and I felt her tongue touch my underside. I shivered as my breath caught. It trailed up my length, the tip stopping to rub against a very sensitive spot. A low hum of pleasure rumbled in my throat. While I immensely enjoyed what she was doing, I also wanted her to stop playing games. I wanted inside her mouth immediately, and I struggled to not force my way. As if she had read my mind, she wrapped her lips around me tightly and took me. A moan escaped me. Oh, it felt good. The heat of her mouth and the wetness of her tongue... She sucked lightly as she slowly removed me. My hand twitched in frustration. Ashleigh looked up at me then, a strange light glimmering in her crystal blue eyes. Her tongue firmly against me, she deliberately licked a bit of clear fluid that had leaked from the tip.


A fresh wave of arousal ripped through me then. I wanted to push her to the floor, take my place on top of her, claim her womanhood for myself. I wanted to be as deep in her as I possibly could, to fill her with my seed. I wanted to watch as it trailed out of her, knowing she was mine. My fist in her hair tightened in response.


The hand holding my leg for support moved higher and more to the inside of my thigh, sending a shock wave of satisfaction through my groin. My breathing came in heaves, matching the rhythm of her performance. She was quickly coaxing the release I so badly needed. I groaned loudly as pleasure erupted forth, tightening my grip on her hair so that she couldn't pull away. She would have this from me. The warmth of her human mouth felt quite amazing as my climax spilled across her tongue. When I finished, I held her there for a moment longer as I took several calming gasps. I released her and removed myself, quickly placing my hand under her chin to prevent her from spitting out my fluids. That she would not be allowed to do. I tipped her face up to look at me.


“Swallow.” I commanded, making sure there was no mistaking my tone. She did as she was told and I smirked in response, “Good girl.”


She flinched.

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