Through A Nightmare, Darkly

BY : AlongCameASpider
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***This chapter contains content that could be triggering to some people. Reader discretion is advised*** 


Chapter Three


Aro had disappeared for the rest of the day, almost. When he returned, he approached me. Taking my face in his hands, he gave me the kiss I didn't want. Despite it being quite tender, it still scared me. Last time, things had escalated quickly and I had found myself in a position I didn't yet want to be in. I still didn't. Sooner rather than later. But after a moment, he simply let me go. I had been about to climb into bed, so he immediately went to lay on one side and patted the space in front of him. The thought of sleeping on the floor briefly danced through my mind. How will you ever be comfortable with me unless you're with me? I hesitated for a minute, realized he was right (unfortunately), and slid into bed beside him. My back was to him in hopes I'd better be able to ignore his stare. It was slightly successful. But after a moment he began to twirl a strand of my hair around his finger, forcing my attention back to him anyway.


Once I did sleep, I dreamed of him. He held me against the wall, as he had the previous night. The skirt of my dress got pushed up to my waist and he lifted me from the floor. Aro pushed himself inside me and moaned into the crook of my neck. It hurt, and I begged him to stop. But his movements only grew more frantic. I cried the entire time. When his body tensed, I knew what was coming. Or, I thought I did. He sank his teeth into my shoulder. I loosed a blood curdling scream as fire began to consume me.


I was still screaming when I woke and my face was stained with tears. The mattress dipped as Aro suddenly reappeared, gathering me to his chest. He tucked my head under his chin. Despite the nightmare, I needed this. As terrified of him as I was, I truly felt safe in his arms. Though I was a bit unnerved at how right it felt. I nuzzled my face into him and noticed how nice he smelled. It was a scent I recognized, actually. A cologne I had smelled elsewhere before and found attractive. I wondered if that was something else he had picked from my mind. With a big yawn I began to drift back to sleep.


When I woke the next morning I was alone. After getting to the bathroom, I discovered why. That time of the month was upon me. Thankfully, someone had thought ahead and stocked the necessary items. Aro didn't show for several days, having meals brought to me by the human secretary and ordering her to keep me company in his absence. Since I was locked in “our” room the entire time. Her name was Rosetta. She was right around my age and was incredibly hopeful that she'd soon become one of them. Rosetta's favorite color was purple, she loved horses, and was awful at tennis. This woman rambled on about pretty much everything. She reminded me a bit of Aro with how much they both loved to talk. I wondered if they just liked the sound of their own voices. It was a welcome enough distraction, I supposed. I was sure Aro knew enough about reproduction to know once I stopped bleeding would be the ideal time to really start trying. No doubt he'd be pushing for my cooperation, and I was really not looking forward to it.


* * * * *

“Killing the girl would be unwise.”


“Pardon?” Aro asked in confusion.


“The girl,” Marcus said, leaning a bit closer, “You say you will kill her if she refuses you. Doing so would not be wise.”


“And why is that, brother?”


Marcus only stared with raised eyebrows.


“No.” Aro quickly dismissed the notion. He had been certain what he was feeling was just the pull of a siren. Mesmerized by the call of her blood. Oh, how it sang to him! If he were being honest with himself, he was a bit concerned. Controlling himself could prove difficult once she finally engaged him in coitus. Aro frowned. It would be a tragedy for him to accidentally kill her trying to conceive the child. She could be saved, of course. But his chance at obtaining a hybrid of his own, as far as he was concerned, would be lost. He was feeling quite dissuaded from finding another partner. Hmm, he wondered...


“No, I think I'd like to keep my dearest Ashleigh. In time I will turn her and claim her as mine for eternity. For now, I will do what must be done to see that I get what I desire.”


Willingly, or perhaps not.


* * * * *


The covers were pulled over my face so I could hide from the sun. Much of the past week had been spent here, sleeping when cramps and Rosetta would allow. This morning, however, I just didn't feel up to facing the day. But the blanket began to recede, one small tug at a time. Oh no.


“Come, my dear. It does no good to stay in bed all day. Unless, of course, you'd like my company.”


I got out of bed to face him. He smiled, as usual, and caressed my cheek with the back of his fingers, “I've missed you, dearest Ashleigh.”


Not knowing what to say, I chose to not say anything. I didn't want to admit there was a part of me that had missed him too. Or that what he was currently doing made me want to melt right into him. Though he would know that now without me having to speak it aloud. The look in his eyes said he did. Aro played with one of my curls, “Since we've been apart all week, I thought we could spend the day together.”


When I still didn't say anything, he nudged me in the direction of the bathroom, “Go get ready, my dear. I will wait here for you.” He flashed a playful smirk as I closed the door.


* * * * *


I was very uncomfortable right now.


When I had emerged from my shower, Aro was seated in the chair in the corner. He beckoned me to him. I obeyed, expecting he would stand and we would go about whatever business he had planned for us. Instead, he pulled me onto his lap. My posture immediately turned rigged. I could have passed for a vampire with as straight as I sat. He nuzzled into my shoulder, “Do tell me more about yourself, my dear.”


I shifted a bit, “I have a feeling you know more about me than I'd like you too.”


“Oh, I do. For instance, you're frightened of me because you have yet to know a man's touch,” his lips brushed my neck, “How I'm looking forward to taking that from you.”


Not helping. I flinched as my stomach turned. I tried to stand up, to get away from him. But he grabbed my wrist and pulled me back down. Now I almost wished he'd kill me.


“I'm afraid that's no longer an option for you, my dear,” he tucked my hair behind my ear, “you see, I've realized I'm quite fond of you. The thought of you leaving me is rather upsetting.”


He pulled my legs so that there was one on either side of his lap, forcing me to straddle him. My heart hammered in my chest as he kissed my collar bone, a hand creeping up my shirt. Aro pushed my hips tighter against him. Feeling his erection sent a wave of fear and desire through my core. I hated that my body was betraying my mind. I hated that I wanted him. He gently squeezed my breast and whispered a single word into my neck, “Submit.”


His tone suggested I didn't get a choice this time.


We were suddenly on the bed. I was on my back, he was on top of me, keeping his place between my legs. He tried to kiss me and I, again, turned away. He drug the tip of his tongue down my neck, making me shiver. When he reached my shirt collar he stopped and got up on his knees. I could hear every single stitch pop as he literally tore the clothes from me. His hands ran up my stomach, groping my chest harder than necessary. He ignored my wince and the uncontrollable trembling of my body. I didn't want to do this. I tried to push him away but it was pointless.


Aro leaned back over me, his lips and tongue on my neck again as he played with my nipple. Every roll and flick caused a jolt in my groin. I did not want to be aroused by what he was doing. I did not want him doing anything to me. It was getting hard to breath. He kissed his way down between my breasts, down my stomach, to the edge of my jeans. He dipped his tongue into the waistband and I gasped unintentionally. He pulled my pants and underwear off in one swift motion. And he had disrobed just as quickly.


I did not want to do this. I squeezed my eyes shut and tried to think about something else. Tears of panic were beginning to form but I doubted he'd notice. He was completely consumed by lust. Aro was on top of me again, his sex at mine. My body tensed. I wanted him to stop. I cried out in pain as he forced himself inside me.


It hurt like hell. The tears came freely now. He was gentle by no means. Every thrust was just as painful as the previous one. He held my forearm tightly. When he began to make noise my stomach rolled. I pressed my lips together. Now would not be a good time to throw up. His other hand slid under my back, gripping my shoulder for leverage as his movements grew faster. I wanted this to be over. Something cracked loudly. He began to tense, his redundant breathing growing more erratic. He was close. My wrist was squeezed tighter and it felt as though he'd snap it. Aro pushed in as far as he could and moaned loudly, emptying himself inside me. I was sobbing and shaking. I felt sick, even more so now that he had finished. Being able to actually feel him do so was not something I had expected.


Still on his high, he turned my face toward his and forced our lips together. His mouth was just as greedy as the rest of him, trying to take as much from mine as possible. Then he paused, before kissing me tenderly as a lover would. It felt as though a knife was driven through my chest. This man, pretending to care, acting so loving, even, at times, had just shattered me. The man who had made me feel safe in his arms. He had taken advantage of the trust I did have. Swallowed by desire, he had stolen something important from me. He said he'd take it, and he did.


I began to struggle once again, more desperately this time. This time, he actually noticed and, with his face lying of concern, he withdrew and allowed me to scramble out from under him. I darted away, immediately shutting myself in the bathroom.

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