Through A Nightmare, Darkly

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Chapter Thirteen


Aro didn't take my stunned silence well. He stood and left the room without another word. I groaned. It didn't seem to matter how much I gave. He always wanted more, and wanted it now. Finally I gave into the mating pull. I accepted it and let him have me. In more ways than one. Now he was pushing for a child and my hand as quickly as possible. Life being beyond my control was unbelievably frustrating.


I wanted to scream.


I exited the bathroom to discover that Aro was nowhere to be found. Sitting at the desk, I retrieved my cell phone from the top drawer and opened the calendar. I counted. Just my luck. Right about the half way mark. Well, at least that ought to put him in a better mood. If I could find him. I put the phone back in the desk drawer, noting that I had a missed call and voicemail to check later.


This place was still a maze to me. Though I did manage to find the reception desk this time. Of course, Rosetta was absent. With a sigh, and since I was the only person there, I called out for him and hoped he'd come to me.


“You need me, my dear?”


I turned around to face him. And immediately noted his eyes hadn't gotten any lighter. I sighed, “I suppose so. I thought you'd want to know that I'm currently around peak fertility time.”


He smiled and took a step toward me. I put my hand up, “But. Before we do that again, you need to take care of yourself.”


“This comes first,” he said, running his fingers along my jaw. I pushed his hand away.


“No. This,” I gestured at myself, “can wait a few hours. Either feed, Aro, or it isn't happening.”


He stared at me blankly. I began to wonder if I maybe crossed a line I shouldn't have. He was used to being the authority. Giving the orders, not taking them. But I needed to stand my ground, at least on some things. Had I pushed back too much, thought?


“Very well,” he finally said. Then he sighed, “You're right, my dear. We shouldn't be engaging in such behavior when my thirst has been neglected. I could have injured you severely this afternoon.”


Aro stroked my cheek and I leaned into his hand. He turned my face so that he could carefully catch my lips, “I will take you back to our quarters, then I will leave to go hunt. I should only be gone a few hours.”


“I think we should talk about a few things when you get back, too.”


“Of course, my dear.”


* * * * *


It was getting late, and I was getting tired. He'd wake me when he returned, I was sure. If not, there was always the morning. A few more hours wouldn't make that much of a difference, I didn't think. I crawled into bed. Though I hadn't realized it, I must have dozed off. Because the next thing I remembered was hearing the door click shut. The mattress dipped in as Aro crawled toward me, and I suddenly regretted the decision to sleep on my belly. He positioned himself between my legs, leaning over me to kiss the back of my neck. A hand slid under me and attached itself to my breast as Aro moved his hips into mine.


“Shall we?” he whispered, dragging my earlobe through his teeth. I tried to roll over but he wouldn't let me.


“You're fine as you are, my dear,” he said into my hair, “I will be quick.”


I wasn't sure how to feel about that. He removed his hand from my chest so that he could take care of his pants. He didn't bother to remove them all the way, or to remove any of my clothing. Just simply moved the fabric aside. Two of his fingers slid inside me and I moaned quietly. He didn't leave them there for long. Only a few strokes. More of a tease than anything. Aro re-positioned and entered me himself.


It was always such an interesting feeling. Not just physically, but emotionally too. Aro had referred to it once as “making love”, which was a phrase I had never understood before. I had always seen it as something people did for fun. Like playing a game or watching a movie. There were some people I encountered that preached it was to be done with only your spouse, it was some special privilege of theirs. Often these were the same people that spoke as if women were property, which I was never okay with being. The idea of a man having the right to me or my body made my stomach turn.


Aro moaned deeply in his throat.


I felt differently with him. Every time we were intimate I would get butterflies in my stomach and something would swell in my chest. With every movement Aro made, chills rolled down my spine. He paid careful attention to how my body responded to his touch. My satisfaction was just as important to him as his own. The passion flooded us. No, what we were doing wasn't for fun. It was exactly what he had called it.


“Stop,” I whispered. His hips were tight against mine when he froze, rocking against me gently. He grabbed a fist full of the sheet and took in a sharp breath like he was hurt, “I don't know that I can.”


“I don't mean stop, stop,” I informed him, “I just want to roll over so I can see you.”


Aro got off me and allowed me to flop onto my back before immediately re-taking his position. I draped a leg across the middle of his back. He panted heavily, it must be getting closer. My hands held his face as I kissed him, which he returned with the same intensity. I arched my back.


“I love you.”


He stopped again. For a moment he just gazed at me like he wondered if he had heard correctly. With a shaking hand, he brushed a strand of hair from my face, tucking it behind my ear. He smiled, “I love you, my dear.”


His tongue found mine but only briefly, breaking away so he could make noise. I moved my hips in rhythm with his and it was all he could handle. He pressed against me as hard as he could and moaned loudly several times. I leaned forward to kiss him lightly,“You know, they say the woman having an orgasm increases her chance at conception.”


“And, what was it you had in mind?” he asked with a smirk.


“Oh, I don't know,” I said playfully, flicking my index finger across his bottom lip.


He got the message.


* * * * *


I yawned loudly, and Aro scoffed sarcastically in response, “It's nearly the noon hour, my dear. You should have been up long ago.”


“Maybe I would have been if someone hadn't kept me up all night,” I rebutted. Aro still laid in bed beside me. He smiled as he traced my jaw line, down my neck, my collar bone, “You wished to speak with me about something?”


I turned on my side, propping myself up on an elbow, “I need to, yes.”


“About the proposal, I assume?” he asked, but didn't wait for my answer, “I realize I'm being...overbearing, my dear. Athenodora's running away just has me shaken. I never want you to leave my side.”


“I understand, Aro, I do,” I started, “And I'm not saying no, just... Not right now. Please. Everything is going so fast and I have no control over any of it. Let me have at least this much.”


He smiled and brushed my hair over my shoulder, “When you're ready, my dear.”


Relief and gratitude washed over me, “Thank you.”


He pulled me on top of him, holding me close and kissing me deeply. The kind of kiss that usually, and quickly, turned into something more. Aro started tugging at my shirt but stopped, pulling away and sighing in frustration, “Your friend is approaching. You should get dressed.”


After one last kiss, he helped me off and onto my feet.


* * * * *


I was in the middle of brushing my teeth when I heard the knock at the door. Aro's voice was muffled, but clear, “Rosetta, my dear, you have impeccable timing.”


She must have smiled or otherwise took it as a compliment because he added, “In this particular instance I don't mean that in a positive way.”


“I'm sorry, Master. Am I interrupting something? I can come back-”


“No, it's alright. I have a few things that need taken care of. Be a dear and see that Ashleigh eats something substantial, would you? She should be out in a moment.”


The door clicked and I assumed he had left. I emerged and found Rosetta sitting at the small table we usually ate at. She stood when she saw me, “Did I interrupt?”


“No,” I answered quickly. Apparently too quickly. A smile crept across Rosetta's face, “I did, didn't I?”


“Rosetta, stop.”


“I think it's lovely you two are finally-”


“Stop. You really want to think about me and Aro? I know I really don't want to think about you and his brother.”


The red head giggled, “Can I just ask one thing?”


“No, you can't.”


She pouted, “You're no fun.”


I shifted in my seat, “So, how are the two of you doing?”


“He's been seeing me a lot more since his wife left,” she stated the obvious. I snorted, “Aro's been seeing me a lot more, too, since Caius' wife left.”


“Yeah, what's been going on with him? He doesn't even get mad at me anymore if I don't call him Master.”


I blew out a breath, “He's afraid I will run away too. But the man lives inside my head, he'd know right away if I were going to try.”


“I guess I can't say I blame him, you did leave once already,” she said in a tone that rubbed me the wrong way. I was getting tired of that constantly being brought up to try to justify Aro's ridiculously overprotective behavior.


“And he sexually assaulted me, giving me a reason to want to leave. Can we all just move on now?”


“I'm sorry, Ashleigh,” Rosetta expressed sadly, “What he did was terrible and I'm not trying to excuse his behavior at all. I just meant that I understand where he's coming from. I saw how devastated he was the few days you were gone.”


I sighed, “I knew what you meant.”


We sat in silence for a few minutes and I fidgeted with the hem of my skirt. Finally I decided to just come out with it, “He said he wants me to marry him.”


Rosetta gasped, covering her mouth with her hands, “Oh my gosh, Ashleigh! That's so great! When?”


“Well,” I bit my lip, “I told him I didn't want to get married yet.”


She dropped her hands in a confused gesture, “What? Why not? Do you know what I would give for Caius to ask me?”


I raised my eyebrows.


“Forget I said that,” she waved a hand, “You two are mates, Ashleigh. You're going to be together forever either way. What difference does it make if you get married now or later?”


“I guess it doesn't, really,” I said, looking away from her, “I just want to do it when I'm ready, you know?”


She pat my arm, “I can understand that. After all, it will be one of the biggest days of your life. Oh, I hope I get to be your bridesmaid.”


Rosetta smiled then, and I couldn't help but return it, “Of course. You're my best friend. Which is the real reason Aro let's you get away with addressing him informally.”


“Really?” she asked with a laughed. I nodded.


I decided to change the subject then, suddenly wishing I could share everything with my mom but knew I never could, “Aro and I are going to try for a baby.”


She jumped to her feet and pointed at me excitedly, “I knew I interrupted something!”


I buried my face in my hands.


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