Through A Nightmare, Darkly

BY : AlongCameASpider
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Chapter Seventeen


Aro was sitting at the desk when I came in, looking very flustered. I walked toward him, “How did it go?”


Without looking at me, he answered, “Had you been present you would have thoroughly enjoyed yourself.”


Which meant he had felt just as awkward as I had expected he would. “What did Carlisle say?”


I watched his eyes jerk back and forth. He was considering lying to me. My heart sank and I could feel anger bubbling to the surface. But I maintained a poker face. If he wanted to play games, then that was fine. I could play too. Being completely real with myself, though, I knew if he were to be dishonest again, I don't think we'd ever be able to recover. Mates or not, I didn't want to be near someone I couldn't trust.


Aro opened his mouth to say something, but closed it again. He made a face like it was painful for him to speak, “Carlisle echoed what I had told you. There's no guarantee anything will work.”


My calm face faltered for a moment. But he continued, “However, he did provide me with something to try. Though the idea of doing so is incredibly unappealing.”


The anger I felt was still present, but I did feel a small sense of relief that at least he told me the truth. But I couldn't stop myself from asking, “Why would it bother you so much? I can't imagine it would hinder your enjoyment that much.”


Aro said nothing. I knew why it bothered him, and it had nothing to do with how much pleasure he'd feel. I shrugged, “It's your decision. Either use it, or don't touch me.”


Getting an attitude with him may not have been a smart thing for me to do, but damn. I turned and walked away, heading into the bathroom to run a bath. Turning around, I pulled my shirt over my head and found him now standing in the doorway. So I turned my back to him, crossing my arms over my chest.


“I want you to reconsider.”


“Reconsider what?” I didn't look at him as I spoke. But I could feel his staring burning into me, saying that I knew what he was talking about. Now I did face him, “If you had been truthful about it from the beginning, it could be a different story right now. I don't appreciate that you hid something from me.”


I reached to check on the water temperature and when I looked back the doorway was empty. I sighed and finished undressing. It was a bit of a surprise that he never returned to join me. Obviously he was very upset with me. But he'd have to get over it.


* * * *


When I stepped back into the bedroom Aro was once again seated at the desk, tapping a small foil square against it. Once or twice he would stop and gaze at the small trash can that sat nearby. But the tapping would resume after a minute. I stood quietly and watched him. Finally he decided to acknowledge my presence, standing and walking over to me. Again, I folded my arms. At first he only looked at me, annoyance etched into his features. He then took the foil package and tucked it into the waistband of my yoga pants. Grabbing my face, he forced his mouth on mine, tongue invading greedily. His hands dropped to my backside, pulling my body against him, making me feel his arousal. Suddenly, he pushed me away.


“On the bed.” he commanded. I hesitated for a second. Removing the foil, I did to him as he had done to me before removing my clothing and doing as I had been told. Aro's upper lip twitched in anticipation, “Touch yourself.”


He watched me expectantly as he began to remove his tie and shirt. When I didn't move he repeated himself with a bit more authority, “Touch yourself, my dear.”


My face got warm. I wasn't sure I liked this newfound bossiness. Reluctantly, I reached between my legs. He held the edge of the package between his teeth as he undid his belt, “I want to see.”


I sighed sharply before moving my knees further apart. His breathing quivered as he began stroking himself, “Put your fingers inside.”




“Do it.”


I did. He sighed in satisfaction, not taking his eyes off me. The man didn't even blink. Not that he needed to, but still. Aro's panting was quickly turning into light growling. He lunged toward me, moving my hand and putting his tongue against my swollen labia. Hungrily, he licked up my fluids before climbing over me and kissing me fiercely, his tongue playing with mine again. I could taste myself on him and I wasn't sure I enjoyed it. But he was more than turned on by it. He sat back on his heels, tearing the foil open with his teeth. Never once breaking eye contact with me. After preparing himself without complaint, impressively, he took position between my legs and pushed his forearms under my shoulders.


His strokes were forceful and I winced with each one. He hooked an arm under my knee and pushed my leg to my chest, which only made the pain worse as he was able to get deeper. I hissed, “Aro, you're hurting me.”


He stopped for a moment, rocking his hips. After taking a few deep breaths he started again, but significantly less rough. He whispered with a shaking voice, “I apologize, my dear.”


I reached up and pet the hair from his face, “This isn't a punishment, Aro.”


He turned his face into my touch but said nothing. His eyes closed as he moaned softly. I brought my lips to his throat and he shivered in response, his fingernails dug into my shoulder. The thrusting got a bit faster. I wanted to try something he had once done for me. I pulled him closer and took his ear lobe between my teeth. He gasped and then moaned louder, his body quickly tensing. I slipped my arm under his, reaching for his waist, pulling at his hips to encourage him to do it a little harder. I wanted him to have his release. He panted as he shook, and I could feel it throb as he emptied himself inside me. There was a strange expression on his face. Pleasure, but also guilt, anger, and sadness. I actually felt a bit badly for doing this to him, but I would stand by my decision. I needed time to accept that giving this man the child he desperately wanted would cost me my life.


I wrapped my arms around his neck and held him close.


* * * * *


Aro had told me Rosetta had been moved in until she gave birth, so that she wasn't far from Carlisle. But when I went to visit her, Caius answered and refused me. So I had wandered, wanting some time alone to think. But Aro apparently had other plans as he found me shortly after. A coat for me was draped over one arm; he wanted to take me for a walk. It wasn't until then that I realized just how late in the year it had gotten. The air was crisp and cold, and a layer of frost clung to the grass. It was brittle beneath our steps.


He had been in the middle of explaining the history of his town, but I couldn't hear him. It sounded as if I had slipped underwater. His voice was muffled and distant. Suddenly, I felt like I was falling. Aro's hand wrapped securely around my upper arm and he pulled me to his chest, holding me there.


“Are you well, my dear?”


My hearing was once again clear, though my head was still spinning, “I think so. I haven't had much to eat today.”


He clicked his tongue in disapproval, “It's no wonder you're faint, then. Come.”


I wasn't given a chance to decline. He scooped me into his arms and carried me to the nearest cafe. I sat quietly at the small table, waiting for him to come back. He presented me with some sort of pastry, encouraging me to eat as he took the seat across from me. He squeezed his eyes shut for a moment and I watched him curiously.


“My contacts are irritating,” he explained casually. I hadn't noticed until just then that his eyes were currently brown. Which would be why no one had screamed in terror yet. I picked apart my food, taking small bites here and there. Aro said nothing, but I knew he didn't like how little I was eating. Finally, I nudged it aside, “I think I need to go home and rest. I'm not actually feeling the best.”


We stepped back outside and, once being certain no one was nearby, he pick me up. We disappeared with a whisper.

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