Through A Nightmare, Darkly

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Chapter Eighteen


Aro rolled, pulling me on top of him. I placed my hands on his chest and ran my fingers through the hair, leaning forward to kiss his throat. His shaking breaths came in gasps matching the speed of his thrusts, slow and deep. Hands on my hips, he pulled them flush against his, pushing every inch of himself inside me. And I would sigh in satisfaction. But I was quickly beginning to feel unwell.




He released my waist, allowing me to climb off him. I ran to the bathroom to throw up. Aro followed immediately to hold my hair back, “Will you please allow Carlisle to see you?”


I spit into the toilet, “I'm fine.”


I could practically hear him roll his eyes, “My dear, you've been ill nearly all week.”


He helped me to my feet before retrieving a blanket to wrap me in as I shivered. I allowed him to guide me back to the bed and I sat. Truth was, I was afraid Carlisle would tell me something I was terrified to hear.


“All the more reason to see him,” Aro said sternly, “If you were, you would need his regular care. We would need to know sooner, not later.”


It would be nice if he would stay out of my thoughts. But I conceded. Aro dressed quickly and left to fetch his friend. After slipping back into the shirt and pants I had worn to bed, I curled up beneath the covers. I hoped he wouldn't be gone long. The more I thought, the more frightened I became. He returned only a few minutes later with the handsome blond doctor in tow. The eldest Cullen wore a look of concern, “Hello, Ashleigh. Aro says you haven't been well?”


I didn't answer. I wanted to pretend this wasn't happening. Aro sighed, “She's been vomiting daily for the best part of a week, now.”


“Are you late for your menstrual cycle?” the doctor asked me, arms folding across his chest. I shook my head. Close, though. It was due tomorrow. He turned to Aro now, “You've been-”


“Yes, I have been.” Aro practically snapped.


“And none of them have-”


“No, Carlisle.”


Seeing Aro uncomfortable with the doctor's line of questioning brought a smirk to my face. Men. The blond doctor asked several more questions as he felt my forehead, checked my pulse, listened to my lungs. All the basic things. He asked me to lie on my back so that he could push on my stomach. Gently, he prodded various sections with his fingertips. When he reached my lower abdomen, his expression shifted. He looked to Aro with almost a glare before turning to speak to me, “Have you tested at all?”


Again, I shook my head. He frowned, “I will bring one for you. It's the only way we can know for sure. Aro, a word?”


The two men left me in the room alone.


* * * * *


The darker haired man spoke immediately, “Carlisle, I have taken every precaution to avoid this, as she wished!”


Aro knew exactly what his friend had pulled him aside for. The blond crossed his arms, “Except what I had recommended most, I assume?”


“You don't find that to be an unreasonable expectation at all?”


Carlisle shook his head, “It doesn't matter. From palpating her uterus, she would be farther along than that. She likely conceived before our little discussion.”


For once, the Volturi leader was at a loss for words. His friend rubbed his hand across his forehead as though he had a headache, “Say nothing to Ashleigh until we confirm with a test. There's a good chance you could have handed her a death sentence, my friend.”


The doctor turned and walked away. Aro knew his words were true, but that didn't make them sting any less. It felt as though he had been slapped across the face and now he hesitated to return to his mate. As much as he had wanted this, he feared for her more. He had been convinced that with Carlisle's aid there was nothing to be concerned about. But the more his friend spoke, the more uncertain he became.


When he had first met the Cullen hybrid, he knew he had to have one of his own. Though he had no real interest in raising a child, he couldn't possibly allow the Olympic coven to overpower him. Absolutely not. It should have been a very simple plan to execute. But for some strange reason, he could never bring himself to follow through. None of the human women paraded in would do. And then he found Ashleigh. He learned she was his mate, and suddenly, everything made sense. Having no interest in breeding with any other woman. His instantaneous attraction to her. The overwhelming need for physical contact with her. He cared less about having what Carlisle had, and more about creating a life that was a little of him and a little of his mate. He desired that so badly for himself, and for her. And he knew she would never agree if she knew the truth about the birthing process. So he simply didn't tell her. And now, Aro had gotten his wish. But at what cost? Now he had to face the fact that his selfishness could very well mean the end of her life. He paced, rubbing at the corners of his eyes. For once, he was glad to be alone as the consequences of his poor choices suffocated him.


By the time Carlisle had returned, Aro had taken to sitting on the floor with his knees drawn, dangerously close to a total break down. He wasted no time getting right in his friend's face, his voice cracking slightly, “Carlisle, whatever happens, you cannot allow Ashleigh to perish. I don't care what must be done. Promise me you will not let her die.”


The doctor looked torn, “Aro, you know I can't make that promise.”


Promise me, Carlisle!”


Carlisle sighed, “I promise I will do all I can.”


Aro nodded, taking several deep breaths in an attempt to regain his composure.


* * * * *


I had expected Aro to return within moments, but he didn't come back until the doctor did so nearly an hour later. The two exchanged a look before I was offered the white package. I took it but didn't move. Somehow I was sure I knew what it would say. Carlisle's expression earlier had given it away. And the pair's nervous glance only reinforced it. So, Carlisle had spoken to Aro, who had refused to return and face me with the news. I was almost tempted to throw the stick in the trash and go back to sleep.


“My dear,” Aro started to say softly. I held up a hand, “Don't.”


He pressed his lips together and took a step back. Ashamed. Guilty. Carlisle tried, “We need to know for sure, Ashleigh.”


I laughed, but finally threw off the covers and walked in the direction of the restroom. Aro took a step forward, “Would you like me to-”


“No,” I cut him off, shutting the door behind me. But not before catching a glimpse of the hurt expression on his face. A jolt of pain shot through me in response. He had been doing as I asked. But also, how long hadn't we been intimate without him telling me this could kill me? Although under false pretenses, could I really be mad at just him when I had agreed to try? Part of me thought I could.


I opened the door as the tears finally began to spill over, “Aro...”


He was to me in an instant, his hands on my face. He wiped the tears with his thumbs as he gently kissed my forehead, “Everything will be alright, my dear.”


Following me inside, he closed the door and faced away from me as I did my thing. I laid the test flat on the counter to develop before throwing myself back into Aro's waiting arms, my face buried in his chest. He stroked my hair as we waited, and for a moment, I had forgotten what was happening. For a moment, everything was as it had been. But then his grip around me tightened, and his voice sounded as though he was in pain, “I'm sorry, dearest Ashleigh.”


The test had two pink lines.

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