Through A Nightmare, Darkly

BY : AlongCameASpider
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Chapter Twenty-Three


“Carlisle, what's happening?” Aro asked, sounding slightly panicked.


“She's hemorrhaging. We need to get the baby out,” Carlisle replied calmly. He stood, draping a towel across Aro's arms and positioned the man between my legs, “Catch baby when it comes out. Her next contraction I'm going to push the top of her uterus to help baby down the birth canal. Get ready.”


The doctor came to stand by my side, hands on the fundus of my womb. Aro stared with an odd expression at his crowning child's head. Carlisle warned, “Here it comes.”


Carlisle pushed in and down on my abdomen as another contraction shattered me. I tried to help but just didn't have the energy anymore. The room was beginning to spin and look fuzzy. Aro suddenly snapped out of his daze, taking a step forward and reaching down slightly. The pressure vanished as a wave of blood splattered to the floor. There was a cry.


Aro stood, our newborn child wrapped securely in the cloth, its little face smashed up as it squeaked. He stared at it in amazement. My vision was fading at the edges, steadily moving inward. Doctor Cullen was nowhere to be seen. I weakly told Aro to change me. He stared at me for a moment with a blank expression before returning his gaze to the baby he cradled. With one last glance at me, he walked away. I tried to call out to him, to beg him to come back. But I was too weak. My sight went out completely.


* * * * *


I jerked awake with a gasp, my cheeks stained with tears. It had just been a nightmare...


The bed dipped and a pair of strong arms pulled me close, “What is it, my dear?”


I didn't cuddle into him, but I didn't pull away either. I also didn't speak. Instead, I just shook as tears continued to fall. Aro wiped them away and pressed a kiss to the side of my forehead, “It's nearly sunrise. Perhaps a warm bath will calm you. Come.”


He helped me to my feet. The weakness hadn't just been part of the dream. It had been about four days since Carlisle left. Aro had been trying to feed me the human blood but I couldn't bring myself to do it. The thought was disgusting. I often felt dizzy and faint. He held me against him as he began to run the water. After undressing himself, he began to tug off my nightshirt. I stood before him in only underwear and half expected him to try something. His eyes traveled over me, following every curve. He reached out and brushed his hands up my arms, my shoulders, my neck. He held my face as he kissed me softly. And then it grew a bit more aggressive, his tongue forcing its way into my mouth. I didn't have the energy to fight him.


Aro broke away and inhaled sharply. He let the breath out slowly before he finished removing my clothes and we both got in. I chose to sit on the opposite side of the tub, facing him. As he suggested, I tried to relax. But his stare was making me uncomfortable. Finally I met his gaze.


“What is it that's upset you, my dear?”


I mumbled my response, “Like you don't know.”


He frowned, “Truly, I do not. I have not looked in your thoughts as of late.”


I wasn't sure I believed him but there was also nothing to make me think he was lying. But there usually wasn't. I sank further into the tub, “I had a nightmare, that's all.”


“What about, my dear?”


It was tempting to just not tell him. But...


I could feel my throat tighten again, “I had the baby and you left me to die.”


Aro immediately pulled me to him, holding my head to his chest, tucked under his chin, “I promise you, dearest Ashleigh, I would never do such a thing. Though, I understand why you may be fearful of it.”


He ran his fingers through my hair and I nuzzled against him as the tears came again.


* * * * *


Rosetta came to spend the morning with me while Aro took care of some Volturi things. When he returned, he carried the thermos I knew to contain blood. I gagged at the though of drinking it, much to Aro's dismay. He pressed, “You must start drinking it, my dear, before your condition deteriorates further. Carlisle will disapprove if he returns and you have not consumed any.”


I took the thermos from him but didn't put it to my lips.


“Pretend it's a Bloody Mary,” Rosetta suggested helpfully, “even though, it certainly doesn't taste like one. Couldn't pass for a raspberry coulis either. Tastes more like-”


“Do you not have somewhere else to be, dear Rosetta?” Aro interrupted, turning to her with a misleading smile.


“Hey,” Rosetta retorted, “I'm not saying it tastes disgusting. But you can't tell me it tastes like boozy tomato juice.”


He ignored her, sitting beside me on the bed with an arm around me, “My dear, you heard what Carlisle has said. If you do not do this, you may not survive the birth. Or make it to term, even. Please, Ashleigh.”


Aro nudged the bottom of the cup, encouraging me to drink. Rosetta chimed in again, “Imagine it's some kind of delicious soup. It does taste pretty good, not gonna lie.”


There was no way I could do this. Gagging, I forced the cup back into his hand and stumbled to the bathroom. It was mostly a lot of dry heaving since there wasn't much of anything in my stomach. Rosetta had followed me in to rub my back so I was confused when I heard Aro talking to someone. I shuffled back into the bedroom just as he was hanging up my cell phone. He held me tightly, “Carlisle will return late tomorrow evening. He will take care of you then, my dear.”


I wasn't sure how.


* * * * *


I laid on my side, attempting to sleep. Aro was snug against my back, his body fit into my curves, with an arm draped across my waist.


Carlisle had been to see me immediately upon his return. He informed me he wanted to place a feeding tube. I said no. Aro held me down as the doctor thread the thin rubber tube through my nose and into my stomach. It was secured to my face and behind my ear, and, after checking it was properly placed, they pushed a pint of blood through it. I improved significantly within the hour.


Lucky for me, I had a vampire partner to force feed me around the clock.


I shifted, slightly uncomfortable. Now that I was feeling better I was having other troubles. Ones I hadn't expected to have. Aro's hips were pressed to my backside and, while he wasn't even trying anything, inappropriate thoughts flooded my mind and my body responded with want. I squirmed again.


“What's wrong, my dear?” he whispered into my shoulder.


“Nothing,” I replied shortly. He either was genuinely keeping from my thoughts or he just didn't want it. My moody pregnancy brain assumed the latter. He propped himself on his elbow so he could see my face, “What is it, dearest Ashleigh?”


I just shook my head. I wanted to tell him not to worry about it and go to sleep but considering he was a vampire... He brushed the hair from my neck and kissed it, which didn't help me any, “If you don't want me reading your mind, you need to speak to me.”


“Sometimes I prefer you read my mind,” I muttered, hoping he'd take a hint. He must have, because he huffed in amusement. He rubbed against me and my heart began to race. A hand went up my shirt to knead my breast. “Is there a particular reason you can't simply tell me, my dear?”


I didn't answer. His hand dropped into my panties, fingers playing around my opening. Teasing but not giving in. He spoke into my hair, cool breath sweeping across my skin, “I want to hear you say it.”


He slid his fingers in, stroking me slowly. My breathing shook. While I enjoyed what he was doing, it wasn't quite what I wanted. He kissed my neck again, “Tell me you want me, my dear.”


I'm not sure why it was so difficult for me to say those words. Part of it probably had to do with his past behaviors. But this would be the only man I was with, I should be able to say something so simple to him. I just needed to push myself out of my comfort zone. Finally, I whispered, “I want you.”


Aro pushed my underwear down to my knees and then worked on preparing himself. He had been pretending to sleep with me. He'd wear loose pants and forgo a shirt and lay in bed with me all night. So he didn't have to do much. And, of course, he was already hard and ready for me. He adjusted slightly before carefully penetrating me. I gripped the bed sheet as his hips rolled against mine. This was the kind of intimacy I preferred. Close, calm, his face next to mine, his panting in my ear. It felt so much better to me. He moaned in his throat.


He kept his hand on my waist, pushing me against him as he thrust. It moved down, back between my legs, and he rubbed me gently. I quickly came undone. My hand moved to his, as if I was trying to make him stop. Or, maybe, not wanting him to stop. I sighed loudly as I contracted around him. He brought me down before returning to his hold on my hips, thrusting more quickly. He groaned into my shoulder, holding me tight. His orgasm pulsed inside me.


After some calming breaths, he kissed the back of my neck, “Now sleep, my dear.”

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