Through A Nightmare, Darkly

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Chapter Eight


I was beginning to wonder if it was ever going to stop raining. Volterra had been gray and damp all week, which wasn't helping my mood any. Much to Aro's disappointment, but my relief, that time of the month showed up the day after I returned. Had I gotten pregnant from that incident, I'm not sure how I would have handled it. Aro admitted he couldn't understand my phobia. I didn't even understand it myself so I couldn't expect him to. The rational side of me knew it was extreme and unbiased, but that didn't stop the anxiety from crushing me whenever I was in a suggestive position. But he promised he'd do his best to behave himself. Which I needed him to prove.


Unlike last month, Aro spent most of his time with me regardless. His eyes were always bright red, so he was obviously keeping well fed. I assumed it was to reduce temptation by my blood. But Aro explained one afternoon that it was mostly due to a bit of advice Carlisle had shared with him. Keeping his needs as a vampire met would make it easier for him to focus on controlling his human needs. And it did seem to be working.


Last night he had laid in bed beside me. I had curled into him and he'd pulled me even closer to kiss me. And then the kiss got a little more heated. He pulled a leg across his waist and rolled on top of me. The panic hit and he was off the bed in an instant, retreating to the chair in the corner to settle down. I did have to admit, it made me happy that he was trying. But I also knew that, eventually, he'd grow tired of it. The other guys I'd been with had. This time, though, I did not want to keep refusing the man I was with. Seeing him struggle so actually upset me. I had no idea how to get over the phobia and it was frustrating.


There were other ways I could satisfy him, of course, but those wouldn't tide him over for long. Especially considering he made it know he still desired for me to bear his child. “I don't believe that's an unreasonable expectation of a mate,” he had said. It wasn't that I disagreed, but it did feel a bit like he was searching for an excuse to be pushy.


Though, now I genuinely did want to do that for him.


I hate this mating bond.


The door closing made me jump.


“I apologize, my dear, I didn't mean to startle you.”


“It's fine,” I said as he approached. I paused, trying to decide if I wanted to take the conversation down that road. Some part of me felt the need to, “I was just thinking.”


“What about?”


He must have read into my expression enough to get an idea. He knelt in front of my chair and offered his hand. After hesitating for a moment, I slid my cast-free one into his. He bowed his head and focused. A minute later he rubbed the back of my hand against his cheek, “I will help you any way I can, dearest Ashleigh.”




He was thoughtful for a moment, “When you are ready for me, I will try my best to keep you calm. I do seem to do quite well at it.”


That was something I couldn't disagree with. To prove his point, the man took my face in his hands, the way he knew I liked, and kissed me softly. I relaxed into him, sliding from the chair to straddle his lap. In that moment I realized that, despite not wanting to, I did still trust him. To a certain extent, at least. He broke away, “I have something for you.”


He held my hand as he reached into his jacket pocket to retrieve my gift. He placed it in my palm, “May be best to wait to use it, as it would be about three in the morning in Colorado. This one is for you to keep, assuming you behave with it. But I trust I won't have to worry.”


It was a cell phone. Unlike the other one he had loaned me, this one looked new. He was letting me contact my mom again? My friends? Actually have access to the world beyond the walls of Volterra? Happiness choked me, “Thank you, Aro.”


“You're welcome, my dear,” he brushed my cheek. He then gave an exaggerated sigh, “But what to do while you wait?”


His finger traveled over my lips.


I hesitated, unsure how comfortable I was doing something so intimate for him after the assault. I gathered what trust I had left and reached for his waist. He stopped me, “Not yet.”


His lips were on mine again, but a bit more frantic. He placed his hands on my waist and ground his hips against mine. I could feel him getting hard. He leaned forward, so that I was on my back on the floor and he was on top of me. My grip on his jacket tightened as the anxiety crept up on me. Slowly he backed off me, keeping one hand on my stomach so I couldn't get up. With the other, he tugged the waistband of my pants down.


“Aro,” my voice sounded more scared than I wanted. He shushed me soothingly, “Just trust me, my dear.”


I didn't want to. But I allowed him to remove my yoga pants and panties. He flung them aside and pushed his hands down the insides of my thighs. Without intending to, I rocked my hips with want. Aro put his mouth just below my belly button and kissed. Then moved a little lower. And a little lower. Oh my goodness, was he going to do what I thought he was? He licked between my legs and I gasped. Yes, he was. I arched my back, pushing myself into his mouth. With a smirk he began to work the more sensitive spot with more urgency. I couldn't stop the moan from escaping. He slid one of his fingers inside me. The extra stimulation was quickly pushing me to the edge. An odd pressure built in my groin. He moved his finger a bit faster as he did something different with his tongue. I was done. I whimpered softly as my body shook. The pressure collapsed, sending waves of pleasure through my entire body. His movements slowed as he gently brought me back down from my orgasm.


Suddenly, he was on top of me again, his lips against mine. He forced his tongue into my mouth, making me taste myself. I didn't particularly enjoy it but he clearly did. He moaned and pushed himself against me. More than once. I arched my back. For a moment, I almost wanted him. He got off me, pulling me up so I was sitting. He stayed on his knees as he yanked his shirt from his pants, undoing the button and zipper. It was my turn.


Clear fluid dripped from the tip. I caught it on my tongue before taking him into my mouth. He gasped and his body trembled. He badly needed the release. I sucked lightly as I pulled him out, circled my tongue around the head, pushed him back in. A shaking hand moved the hair away from my face so he could see. He wasn't going to last much longer. I went a little faster, sucking a little harder. He cried out, and a sweet, sticky fluid spilled over my tongue. I carefully worked him with my hand. I wanted all I could get from him. Without being told this time, I swallowed it all.


Aro pulled me up, deeply kissing me again.


* * * * *


Once Aro was satisfied and left to take care of a few things I decided to take a walk. I considered trying to find the reception area to visit with Rosetta. Last time I saw her was over a week ago, the day I left. Aro had been keeping me close since I returned. But I didn't leave the room enough to know where the heck I was going and ended up stumbling into the library. Which I instantly regretted. “Ah, my brother's toy.”


Caius stood only a few bookcases down from the door, cradling a book in one hand as he lazily turned the stiff pages, “I see you are yet to be with child. Clearly he isn't playing with you quite enough.”


I could feel my face turning red. He snapped the book shut and I jumped. I may have conquered my fear of Aro but Caius was a different story. He approached me with a cruel smile, “Do tell me, how are your days with my brother? I hear his interest in you goes beyond what you have to offer him.”


I swallowed hard, unsure what to say. If I should even say anything.


“You may speak. As much as I detest you humans I wouldn't dare harm my brother's mate,” Caius still sounded imposing, “I do hope that gets taken care of soon. Aro's toeing the line of the law, as did that Cullen boy with his mate.”


“I would never tell-”


“Irrelevant. The law states that any human who discovers our secret must be changed or executed. The Cullen boy took his time, which greatly tested my patience. I do hope my brother is a bit more prudent.”


He swept passed me with one last stare. His goal must have been to get me worked up. Which he had succeeded in doing. I started to rethink my decision to wander the halls alone. Come to think of it, I wasn't sure I wanted to be anywhere here without Aro. Caius said he'd never hurt me but I wasn't sure how much I trusted that. I turned around to leave and about walked right into Rosetta.


“Ashleigh! I'm surprised to see you away from Aro. He was so upset when you left...”


I could only imagine. From my understanding, the bond affected vampires more strongly than humans. I knew how badly I had felt while I had been away. It was the reason he had barely let me out of his sight since I returned. “I was just looking for him, actually. Do you know where he is?”


“I believe he's meeting with some of the guard in the council chamber. I can take you there.” Without waiting for an answer Rosetta started down the hall in the direction she came from.


* * * * *


I stood in front of the intricately carved doors. Rosetta had left me there to face them myself. “They don't like being interrupted by the human help,” she explained on our way there, “Since you're Aro's mate you should be fine. Me, probably not so much.” She quickly disappeared, promising she'd stop by for girl time when Aro allowed. I had started to reach for the brass knocker a few different times but drew my hand back, like I was afraid it would harm me somehow. I was about to reach for it again when the doors suddenly swung open.


Aro, Caius, and Marcus stood around the table with a few others I didn't recognized. Aro's hand was outstretched in my direction, “Come, my dear. No need to be shy.”


It shouldn't have surprised me he had known I was out here, considering he had heard me say his name once from the other side of the building. I walked toward him, trying to ignore the burn of Caius's glare. Aro slipped his arm around my waist, pulling me close to him. They went back to discussing whatever it was they had been before I showed up. I placed my head against his chest, not really paying attention until he spoke again.


Aro hummed in thought, “Take Jane, Alec, and Felix to investigate. If it is as we fear, I trust you four can take care of it.”


The man Aro had addressed turned to take his leave, along with the other guard members. Caius followed them out. Marcus paid us no attention at all. “Now, my dear, was there something you needed?”


“You,” the word slipped out before I could stop it. Aro pulled me closer, his cool breath on my neck, “In what way?”


His lips brushed across my skin and I could feel my cheeks getting warm. Was he really doing this here? With his brother mere feet away? The man was ignoring us, more or less, but still. My heart hammered in my chest. Aro sat in a nearby chair, making me sit on his lap. The last time this had happened, things hadn't gone so well. He nuzzled my neck, “Relax, my dear. You are safe.”


He kissed me quickly where his face had just been before changing the topic, “Pay no attention to Caius. You're correct, he is intentionally upsetting you. He knows you are to be one of us, when the time is right.”


He smiled, moving aside a stack of heavy looking books and pulling a map toward him to examine. Some locations were circled and there were notes written in a language I couldn't read. I wondered if it had anything to do with the meeting that had just taken place. Aro answered, “There's been a sharp increase in missing persons cases in parts of Russia. Fairly close together, as you can see.”


He pointed to the circled locations, “Such an occurrence raises suspicions. The last proved to be a newborn uprising, which we cannot allow for two reasons. One, newborns are driven by thirst. Unpredictable. A large concentration of them in one location increases our risk of exposure as more humans go missing. Two, it can mean an army, of sorts, is being assembled. There is a coven in Russia that wishes to overthrow us. The situation will require close monitoring for that reason alone.”


I frowned, “What happens if it is an uprising?”


Aro started twirling a strand of my hair around his finger, “I suppose it would depend on how far it has progressed. If small enough, the members of the guard I sent will be able to dispose of them. If too large, we may have no choice but to prepare for a confrontation.”


The thought of mate...on the front lines bothered me greatly. Though I hadn't met many of its members, I did know that the Volturi Guard was well equipped with many gifted vampires. Which tipped the odds in their favor considerably. But if newborns were really as wild as they sounded, would it really be enough? Aro carefully put me on my feet before standing and leading me toward the doors, “Don't fret over it, my dear. It could be nothing more that a few newborns feeding too much in a single location. I will walk you back to our quarters, and you will relax. I have one last meeting I must attend and then I will be yours for the remainder of the day.”


* * * * *


Admittedly, it was likely a meeting that didn't need to take place, but Aro liked to be certain any agreements were clear. As well as any changes made to them. Rosetta wasn't at the reception desk where he expected to find her, which was annoying. She had been wandering too much during the last week. Perhaps she was a little too comfortable in their arrangement. The woman was lucky his mate was attached to her or she would have been disposed of. He followed her scent to the upper levels of the building, to the bedroom Ashleigh had stayed in prior. Smirking, he pushed the door aside.


Aro pouted sarcastically, “Someone's jealous and needed a human play thing of his own, hmm?”


Rosetta was partially nude on the bed, under a too eager Caius. He continued, “It's lucky dear Rosetta is incapable of producing offspring. I doubt Athenodora would take too kindly to a product of your affair.”


Caius smirked but said nothing. Obviously it was the reason he had chosen her.


Aro wasn't about to lecture his brother. What he did was his own business. Whether or not his wife knew or approved wasn't Aro's concern. The dark haired man looked to Rosetta, “I thought it pertinent to inform you that our agreement is no longer necessary.”


Fear flashed across her features, she assumed she had failed.


“I will, however, still uphold my end of the bargain. Assuming this,” he gestured at the couple, “doesn't continue during your work hours.”


The woman looked embarrassed beyond words. Good. Aro smiled as he turned to leave, intentionally letting the door open behind him.


* * * * *


Aro entered the room with a look of pure amusement.


“What?” I asked, looking over the top of my book. He told me to relax, so I had settled on the bed with The Oedipus Plays. He approached the bed, “Next time you see your friend, ask how her love life is going.”


“Uh, okay?” Why would he tell me to ask that?


He crawled across the mattress, taking the book from my hands and tossing it aside. With his knee, he pushed my legs to either side of him. He leaned down and kissed me passionately, and I immediately went tense. Aro pushed himself against me. This man's drive was outrageously high. How much longer would he put up with me not giving in? He grabbed a fist full of the blanket beneath us as he struggled against his desire. Was this the time I forced myself to face my fear? My heart began to race again. He hissed in frustration before retreating.


“You should call your mother, my dear.”



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