Through A Nightmare, Darkly

BY : AlongCameASpider
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Chapter Two


Once again I was shown the throne room, which was, luckily, devoid of carnage and Aro's “brothers”. I was shown a very large library, bookshelves reaching the ceiling. He showed me his study and where my new room would be located, once set up. “This was an impulse decision,” he had informed me, “Keeping you, I mean. So I'm afraid I'm not very prepared to accommodate a human guest at present.” The rest of the plan, he shared, was something he had been toying with the better part of a year or so. After a trip he had made to Washington state and discovered a few members of another coven had successfully produced a child. And witnessed first hand how incredible these hybrids could be. He was quite the talker, actually. It seemed he held nothing back. Once all was said and done, he would change me and I would be free to leave, assuming I took care to conceal what I was. Or I was welcome to stay and hold a place on the guard. He even confided he was technically a married man, but there was no real relationship with his wife. After having watched both his coven brothers find mates, he had to have one as well. Apparently he had an overwhelming need to have everything everyone else had. She had taken on another lover and the two barely even spoke anymore. Mostly, she was just for show.


Now I sat at a long, wooden table in the throne room. The empty chairs were all placed exactly so, and a large candelabra sat in it's center. I was seated, quickly eating the meal Aro had fetched for me. He sat directly across from me. Just watching with a slight smile. I took a deep breath, “Could I at least call my mom? To let her know I'm alright?” I prepared myself for a very stern 'absolutely not'.


“Of course. I will work on getting one of those,” he held an invisible device in his hands, moving his thumbs over non-existent keys, “things for you. You'd be wise, however, to watch your tongue.” A threat. I nodded. It had never been my intention to tell her what was really happening. No need to make the situation any worse than it was. But now I had to figure out what I was going to tell her.


We sat in silence again for several moments.


“So,” for some reason I decided to entertain my curiosity, “you're some kind of mind reader, then?”


His ego visibly swelled, “Yes, actually. But no ordinary one. At a touch, I can read every single thought a person has ever had.”


I could feel my cheeks getting warm, “You read minds through physical contact? Good to know.”


Now he smirked, “Oh, I don't think you'll be avoiding physical contact with me.”


His tone and the way he stared made me shift uncomfortably in my seat, and I had suddenly lost my appetite.


* * * * *


Though there was no electricity, in this part of the structure at least, I was relieved to find there was proper indoor plumbing. I was shown a bathroom not far from my current jail cell and, once out of Aro's company, I quickly shut myself in. There was no lock, but surely I'd be granted some amount of privacy. I hoped. While waiting for the water to warm, I peeled off my nasty t-shirt and tossed it into a corner. On the counter I found a small bag of essential human toiletries that I did not hesitate to make use of. I spent more time than necessary brushing my teeth. Grabbing the razor, I also took my sweet time making sure my legs were as smooth as possible while enjoying the steaming hot shower. Although I had taken one the morning of the...event...I felt as though it had been weeks. I don't think you'll be avoiding physical contact with me. I cringed at the thought and felt the overwhelming need to wash again.


Eventually, I accepted that I couldn't hide in the bathroom forever. I wrapped a towel around myself and stepped out of the find my clothes had disappeared and a robe now hung on the door. I covered myself tighter. Someone had been in here without my knowing; it made me feel uneasy. Since I had no choice, I swapped the towel for the robe and returned to my room. Waiting for me on the bed was a luggage bag similar to the one I had owned. But it lacked the airport tags and was a few shades off color. Hesitantly, I unzipped it. Relief washed over me when I discovered the clothing, while not my usual style, was at least tasteful and modest. I had half expected... My stomach sank in horror when I reached the undergarments. It was all lacy and none of it covered much of anything. The bottom pieces in particular. Proceeding at my pace, huh? I sat on the floor and cried.


* * * * *


Despite my dress adequately covering everything, what I wore underneath left me feeling way too exposed and self-conscious. Which Aro knew and was thoroughly enjoying. Also to my horror, once I had pulled myself together from my earlier panic attack, I remembered what he had said about reading every thought I had ever had. And that I had briefly thought we should get this over with sooner rather than later. He made a low noise in his throat and I cringed. I couldn't help but feel he was using this unspoken knowledge to his advantage.


When Aro had come to retrieve me, I was still curled on the floor. To his credit, he did attempt to reassure me. “I asked a member of the guard to collect some things for you. It wasn't my intent to make you uncomfortable,” he said, picking through the bag as if looking for something in particular, ''Though I can't say I disapprove entirely.” A playful smile curled his lips and I could feel my heart begin to race again. He turned to present me with a dark blue outfit, “I'll step out while you dress, but do be quick. We are expected.” Once alone, I did as asked and rejoined him in the hallway. He offered me his arm, which I hesitantly took.


Our destination was, for the third time, the room with the thrones. This time it was occupied. I stopped dead in my tracks, causing Aro to stop abruptly as well. I recognized them. Aro tugged my arm gently, “Come, my dear. You must meet my brothers.”


I didn't want to. The memory of my first encounter with all of them surfaced. He pet my hand reassuringly, “They won't harm you, I promise.”


I allowed him to lead me forward. The other two men turned at our approach. One had dark hair and his expression was complete indifference. The other had hair so blond it appeared white. He looked quite angry, “This is your new play thing, then?”


I shrank back under his harsh gaze. Clearly he was unimpressed. “Now, Caius,” Aro chided, “That's no way to speak in front of a guest.”


It was a bit hurtful that Aro hadn't denied it, although I already knew that's what I would be to him. The other man gave an odd smile that hadn't escaped Aro's notice. He looked at the man questioningly but got no further response. The man returned his attention to what he had previously been doing.


Aro now had me pinned to the wall, much like our first encounter, inside my room. He had attempted to kiss me, but I turned my face away and he let me. Instead he had kissed my jaw, below my ear, and worked his way down. His teeth lightly nipping the skin of my neck, he pressed...”himself”...against my thigh. Fingers trailed up my backside, tugging the skirt higher. I could feel my chest tightening as panic washed over me. I couldn't breathe.


I was not prepared for this.


He pulled back just enough to whisper, “I'll need you to do something for me, then.”




He traced a finger around my lips. No. I didn't really want to do that either. He pressed against me again, “I need one or the other, my dear.”


I cringed at what I was about to do. But if it made him happy and bought me more time... Aro took a step back so I could drop down on my knees. I mentally prepared myself as he got ready for me. This wouldn't be so bad, I supposed. It wasn't like I'd never done it for a man I barely knew. Not my proudest moment, but this couldn't be any worse. I held him in one hand and held his leg with the other. He pet the hair away from my face. Of course he was going to watch. I was his play thing after all.


I touched my tongue to the bottom side, near the base, and he shivered in response. My tongue traveled up his length, paying a bit more attention to the underside of the head, which I heard was most sensitive. He made that sound in his throat again. I put my lips around him and took in as much as I could. Now he moaned. I went slowly at first, more of a tease, as I got used to him. Aro was better endowed than the other guy had been... Adding to the list of reasons I was afraid to actually have sex with him. I gently sucked as I took him back out. A bead of clear fluid clung to the tip. Just for the show, I licked it off before taking him in my mouth again, going a bit faster this time. His grip on the back of my head tightened as he got louder. Thankfully he didn't try to push himself in any further. I closed my eyes as I got into a rhythm. Aro steadily made more noise. Suddenly, he grabbed my hair and I could feel his manhood quiver as he released himself on my tongue. After a moment Aro let go and tipped my chin up so I had to look at him.


“Swallow.” he commanded. I obeyed and he smirked.


Things were going to be just as bad as I thought.


* * * * *


My fingertips lightly traveled across the large bruise that had bloomed on the left side of my neck. No way that was being hidden. That was alright, I thought. Wasn't like I'd be going out to face anyone. Only other person likely to see it would be the man who put it there. I allowed my dark brown curls to fall back into place and returned to my room. The plan for today was to hide there, under the covers, pretending I was safe at home. But it was quickly interrupted by the sound of the door closing. Couldn't he at least knock? A sliver of light was allowed to sneak into my burrow, followed by...a smart phone.


“Do be quick, my dear,” Aro was his usually, cheerful self, “and you'll need to return in when finished.”


Before he could change his mind, I typed in the number and jabbed the green circle. It rang. And rang. The voicemail picked up and my heart sank a bit. I wasn't even going to get to actually speak to her. But maybe that was for the best.


“Mom, it's Ashleigh. Uh, something came up and I had to stay behind in Italy for awhile longer. I'm okay, just an impromptu opportunity.” Not entirely a lie, in a sick, round about kind of way, “I don't know if I'll be able to keep in touch but I promise I'll be home soon. I love you.”


Trembling, I pushed the phone out of my sanctuary. This was followed by a loud, grinding sound as Aro crushed the phone in his fist. He stroked my head, “I do apologize, my dear. I planned to take someone who wouldn't be missed.”


That didn't make me feel any better. Intent or not, I was still the one here. Still the one being forced into this. He tugged at the blanket, “Come, I have something to show you.”


“I don't want to see it,” was my clipped reply as I curled up tighter. My shelter was pulled away suddenly.


“Come,” now a firm command.


I considered defying him again, but though it wouldn't be wise. He could decide there and then not to put up with it, no matter how badly he wanted that child from me. I could easily be replaced. It was possible that too much resistance would cost me my life. I accepted his outstretched hand and he pulled me lightly to my feet. He brushed the hair away from my neck and smiled, but didn't comment.


We walked the halls in silence. Not that I had to say anything, he walked me in his arm like he previously did so he could invade my thoughts. Knowing that, I waited for him to say something about last night but he never did. Disappointing, yet not surprising. He pushed open a large, heavy looking, door and led me inside, “Your new room.”


It was huge. With real furniture. A few wardrobes were against the wall to the left, next to a door leading to a more convenient bathroom. Over by a large window was a desk stocked with different kinds of paper and drawing supplies. At first I wondered how he knew I was an artist, and then I remembered his “gift”. A decorative chandelier hung from the ceiling, catching the sun light and shattering it to rainbows across the walls. Despite it all, my eyes were stuck on the significantly larger canopy bed sitting in the center of the room.


Our new room, rather.”


The blood instantly drained from my face and for a moment I was afraid I would fall. But Aro tightened his grip on my arm to keep me upright. No. No, no, no. This man was trying to kill me without actually killing me. I was led to a chair in the corner and allowed to sit. He knelt in front of me, tipping my chin up with his fingertips so I was forced to look at him.


“Sooner rather than later,” he said.


What happened to doing this at my pace?


Aro laughed before standing and taking my hands in his, “This room isn't just for that, my dear. I could have easily taken that last night, had I wanted.” I cringed. “How will you ever be comfortable with me unless you're with me?”


I fought against the building panic attack, trying to keep my breathing even. Sharing a room wasn't the worst thing that could happen. But it felt pretty close. He pulled me to my feet and held me against his chest. It felt like I was hugging the Statue of David. His fingers slid through my curls as he quietly shushed into my ear. It was oddly comforting. “You're safe here, dearest Ashleigh.”


Somehow, perhaps foolishly, I believe him.

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