Through A Nightmare, Darkly

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Chapter Nineteen


Carlisle pressed one end of the tape measure into my pubic bone and the other into my abdomen, at the top of my uterus. He read the number aloud, “Twelve centimeters.”


“Which means?” Aro asked.


“Fundal height typically measures one centimeter per week of pregnancy. For human pregnancies, at least. Hybrid pregnancies progress twice as quickly. Instead of the usual forty weeks, this pregnancy will only last twenty. At twelve centimeters, she would be right around six.”


Which meant my last period wasn't actually a period and I was already two weeks late. Wonderful. I had yet to speak to either of the men since the test came up positive. While I was just as responsible for the situation, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't still mad at Aro for his deception. But at the same time, I feel like I should have known. Everything about vampires was meant to kill a person. It was naive to think this would be different. Aro's friend offered a slightly reassuring smile, “I do have a plan, however, and I'm quite confident in its potential for success.”


Aro started at the man in anticipation, hopeful. I still couldn't quite understand him. He had known full well that this would likely mean my death. Yet, he had insisted on it regardless. Now, suddenly, he was terrified of losing me? And, despite his outward display of fear, I knew he was thrilled to be getting what he desired. This man made absolutely no sense to me. I allowed a sad sigh to escape me. I should have been excited, too. I had always wanted children. Now, I was expecting one, and the concern I wouldn't be around to see him or her grow up kept me from being happy.


“Once you measure thirty-eight, thirty-nine centimeters, before you go into labor spontaneously, you will be sedated and a caesarean section will be preformed. Once baby is safely out, I will remove the placenta and Aro will immediately initiate the transformation process. From the research I've compiled, the majority of maternal deaths from a hybrid pregnancy are due to hemorrhaging once the placenta detaches. Being able to expect it will help us greatly,” Doctor Cullen finished explaining. Aro nodded his approval. I remained silent. Although, the doctor having a plan he was comfortable with did help me feel better.


“Now then,” the blond sat beside me, the smile suddenly gone, “I should explain something that is rather unpleasant about the process of carrying a hybrid pregnancy.”


Oh, please do. He hesitated for a moment, “The developing fetus will be very hard on your body. It is essentially, for lack of a better term, a parasite. It gets all of the nutrition it needs by stealing it from you. If you don't replace that nutrition appropriately, well, baby will still do fine but you will not. My daughter-in-law, Bella, became so weakened she almost didn't survive to delivery. With this baby being half-vampire, it seems regular food sources are not sufficient in keeping the mother properly nourished.”


“You will need to drink human blood, my dear,” Aro translated for me, lacking the patience to beat around the bush. He said it gently, as to not scare me, but my stomach immediately flipped and I had to make a mad dash for the bathroom. The two men exchanged a glance.


* * * * *


I laid on the bed quietly, my head resting in Aro's lap. One of his hands pet my hair while the other held a book I was sure he wasn't actually reading. I glanced up at his face. He stared at the page but his eyes were unfocused. A telltale sign he was lost in thought.


“You're allowed to be happy, you know. It is what you wanted.”


He sighed, “Yes, but I wanted for you to want it as well, my dear. It doesn't seem pertinent for me to be happy knowing you are not.”


I pushed myself up, moving aside his hands so that I could straddle his lap, “Aro, you know how I really feel. There is a part of me that is happy. It's just being completely overwhelmed by the part of me that's terrified.”


The man said nothing. I decided to try normal baby talk, “Do you think it's a boy or a girl?”


A small smile crossed his lips as he placed a hand against my stomach. As he gazed at the small curve, I could see the pure joy in his eyes. He was thoughtful for a moment, “A girl.”


“Really? I think it's a boy,” I paused, “What do you think we should name him?”


Now he actually smiled, “My dear, we have plenty of time to decide that.”


I wiggled against him, “Well, what should we do in the meantime?”


He, more or less, threw the book aside, wasting no time in seizing my waist, pressing his hips into mine. There was a throb against me that quickly sparked arousal. His mouth quickly latched onto mine, his tongue dipping inside. A hand shot up the back of my shirt and undid the clasp of my bra like a pro. He pulled the shirt over my head, tugging the undergarment with. They were discarded on the floor. Both his hands found my breasts and he massaged them gently, occasionally brushing his thumbs across my nipples. He stiffened further beneath me.


My fingers traveled down his shirt, unhooking the buttons as I went. Conveniently, he wasn't currently wearing a tie. So I was able to push it from his shoulders after the last button was freed. It joined the pile on the floor. I ran my fingers through his chest hair. His hands dropped to the waist of my pants and he pulled at it. Not wanting him to ruin any more of my clothes, I got off his lap and slipped them off. By the time I had done that, he had also shed the remainder of his clothing and was waiting for me eagerly. I got down and licked his erect shaft. He gasped in response. I wrapped my lips around the tip and sucked it gently, teasing. He lifted his hips, carefully sliding more of himself into my mouth. Aro had learned how much I could take and didn't try to force himself beyond that point.


A shudder rippled through his body as I established a rhythm. Like usual, he brushed my hair back so that he could watch. He moaned in his throat. When I was certain he was getting close, I stopped. The look he gave me was one I hadn't seen before. Disappointment, anger, frustration. I gave him a playful smile in return, getting to my knees with my hips hovering over his. His grip on them was almost painful. He brought his up, trying to get inside me. I raised myself higher, “Not yet.”


He bared his teeth, his upper lip twitching. I brought my lips to his neck as I played with the hair on his chest more. One of his hands slid between us and I though he would use his fingers for me. He stroked himself instead. I put my hand on his, “No.”


I was a bit surprised when he growled at me. My hand moved his back to my waist.


“Be nice,” I warned. He was shaking as I lowered myself on to him. Roughly, he ground his hips against mine. Then, he pulled me off him slightly and thrust up into me, using the springs of the mattress to his advantage. So that he was still the one in control. But I didn't mind. He panted heavily as his thrusts grew more forceful.


He pulled me against him, holding me there tightly with one arm. With his free hand, he tugged the sheet up around my waist. Also using the opportunity to grab my backside. He rolled his hips against me on the upstroke, rubbing the sensitive spot just above. I gasped and he began to do it faster. My body was quickly brought to it's breaking point. I moaned loudly as I was overtaken by my orgasm, involuntarily contracting around him. Which tipped him over the edge. His grasp on me strengthened, body tight to mine. He sighed with each pulse of his climax, burying his face in my neck.


“If the two of you are quite finished.”


I jumped at the sudden voice from behind me. Turning to look, I found Caius standing between the bed and the door. He looked more flustered than usual, “There is urgent business that requires your attention, brother.”


I turned back to Aro. Had Caius been watching us? Slowly, he nodded. My knee-jerk reaction was to draw back my hand and swing. But he was much faster than I and immediately caught my wrist. He whispered, “Go have a bath and relax. We will discuss this later.”


Gathering the sheet around me better, I climbed from the bed and stormed to the bathroom.


* * * * *


When Aro exited the room, Caius was waiting for him.


“Feel better, now that's out of your system?” Caius asked as the pair began to walk down the hallway to the elevator, “You know, saying 'Ashleigh is my mate' had been sufficient.”


Aro said nothing, looping his tie through to knot it. He wasn't interested in debating the matter with his brother. His attention was on the 'urgent business'. Finally, Caius decided to fill him in, “It's in regards to the Russian coven.”


The Russian coven, formerly the Romanian coven, seemed to be an increasingly large thorn in their side. After the anticlimactic confrontation with the Cullen's, Vladimir and Stefan seemed to constantly be toeing the line of the law. Not to mention, the sheer size of it alone was threatening. The Volturi Guard consisted of thirty members, not yet counting mates and offspring. While they still were the largest coven in existence, the Russian coven was growing quickly. In the last year, they spiked from just two members to fifteen. Now it could potentially be more, should they prove to be the ones behind the mass newborn creation.


“Wonderful,” Aro muttered, adjusting the collar of his shirt. Caius continued, smile wicked “We've managed to catch one of their newest creations.”


Perhaps 'wonderful' had been just the right word.




“Being brought to the dungeon as we speak,” the blond answered, “Fancy a visit?”


“Absolutely,” Aro smirked.


The men stepped into the elevator and quickly descended.

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