Through A Nightmare, Darkly

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Chapter Fourteen


I stared at the spots of red that had blossomed on my clothing. Aro was going to be disappointed. Four months had passed and he still hadn't been successful at impregnating me. And every failure made him a little more anxious which, in turn, was causing me stress. Each time he would insist on increasing how often we were intimate, and I couldn't imagine doing it any more than we already did. He had started having me lay on my back with my hips elevated afterward, though I tried to tell him it didn't actually help. “Humor me,” he had told me, a hint of begging in his voice. So I would. And then he started monitoring what I ate. He fed me an overabundance of fruits, vegetables, and fish; and pretty much banned any junk food from the property. Occasionally, Rosetta would try to sneak me in chocolate but I would always decline. Aro could easily find out and would get upset if I didn't stick to my diet.


With a sigh I washed my hands and left the bathroom. He was seated at the desk, flipping between various maps, his eyes far away in thought. When the guard had finally returned from Russia they were informed that the group of newborns had not been located. Demetri had attempted to track them but had not been successful. Whoever was changing the newborns obviously knew what they were doing. The new coven just led the guard in circles.


“Vampires are at peak performance during the newborn stage,” Aro explained to me, “Once you're changed, you will be faster and stronger than anyone on the guard. This coven is managing to outrun us. Staying one step ahead.”


He had sounded angry about it. Now the brothers were trying to decide on a new course of action. Did they continue to try and catch up, or did they lie in wait? Aro wanted to know if there was anymore mass disappearances before making his decision.


Aro spoke as I approached him, “No luck again.”


“It takes time.”


He rubbed the bridge of his nose between his thumb and forefinger, “Do you know how quickly Carlisle's son got his mate pregnant?”


“No, and I don't really want to-”


“Twice,” he stood, moving to stand at the window, “Two individual acts of intercourse.”


“So? They got lucky.”


He shook his head but said nothing. Then, he slid my cell phone across the desk, “Your mother called. She'd like you to return it once you're free.”


I pushed the phone away and stepped between him and the window, running my hands up his chest to his shoulders, “They got lucky, Aro. Making a baby takes time, there's no reason to get worked up yet.”


He tucked my hair behind my ear, “You're right, my dear.”


“We just need to relax,” I trailed my finger down the buttons of his shirt, “the stress isn't going to help.”


His hands wrapped around my upper arms and he pulled me close, lips instantly locked to mine. I felt his tongue brush across my bottom lip, “Aro, I don't think this is a good idea.”


“I'm fine,” he had moved us to the nearby wall and he was tugging off his jacket.


“But I'm-”


“I know, my dear,” he had dropped his pants and was now reaching up my skirt. My underwear were slipped off and tossed aside without a second glance, which was a relief. Aro's tongue was in my mouth as he lifted me from the floor, pulling my legs around him. He broke the kiss, pushing inside me and immediately panting. The thrusts were quick and hard. I was willing to bet I'd end up with a bruise on my lower back from being against the wall. At first I wondered if he had skipped feeding again, but his eyes were still bright red, like they were supposed to be. So I assumed he must just be feeling a bit clingy. His body was beginning to turn rigid. Fingernails dug into the back side of my thighs as he moaned into my ear. He hadn't lasted long.


Aro placed his head against my chest and I stroked his hair, placing a kiss on top of his head.


* * * * *


After cleaning up, Aro had gone to the council chamber in hopes of catching his brothers. The room was vacant. He stepped toward the table. A pile of books sat toward the center as well of a stack of missing persons fliers in various languages. He began looking through them but was quickly interrupting my Caius' shouts from elsewhere.


Aro got there just in time to pull the red headed secretary aside, allowing Caius's fist to dent the stone wall. He didn't think his brother would have actually hit her, but it would have been very close.


“What is happening now?” Aro snapped in annoyance, and then he allowed Rosetta's thoughts flashed through his vision. He stared at her, mouth agape, with a mix of anger and confusion.


“You told me you were unable to bear children!” Caius all but spit at the woman. She sobbed against Aro's chest, “I didn't think I could.”


“You didn't think you could,” Caius mocked as Aro pushed Rosetta away, “You told me you couldn't, not that you thought you couldn't.”


Aro turned his glare on Caius, “You never should have taken the risk, brother. You were reckless.”


The blond scoffed, “I don't understand what you're so angry about, brother. You wanted hybrids, well, you're welcome. Or is it jealousy because you have yet to produce one yourself?”


Caius turned on his heel and walked away, leaving Aro stunned by the low blow. But, perhaps he was right. He was jerked from his thoughts when Rosetta fell into him again, grasping his jacket and still sobbing. It took a lot to suppress the urge to shove her aside. He detested the woman. Only reason she was still alive was for his mate. Otherwise, he would have terminated her long ago. Even though he knew he shouldn't be mad at just her. Caius was just as much to blame.


“What am I going to do?”


Yes, what was she to do indeed? Aro had promised Ashleigh he would keep the woman safe. But he very well couldn't just take her to the nearest hospital for obstetric care. The pregnancy wouldn't proceed as a normal, human one would. It would be obvious something was wrong. There was only one person he knew of that would be able to care for her. A someone he hadn't wanted catching wind of his plan until it was too late. Asking him to come and care for this human could jeopardize that. Rosetta meant a lot to his mate though...


He didn't have much of a choice.


* * * * *


I sat at the desk, sketching with some colored pencils Aro had provided me. When I returned my mom's phone call, she informed me that the man I'm seeing sounded very much like a gentleman. I hadn't realized he had actually spoken with her. I thought he had just listened to a voicemail she had left or something. It intrigued me. Apparently they didn't talk about anything in particular, but she was impressed by how polite and respectful he had been. She had only called to check up on me, she was still worried sick for me. But she seemed a bit more relaxed now and I was happy for that. It was also strangely satisfying to know she approved.


Aro came through the door just then, making a face.


“What’s wrong?” I asked, putting my pencil back in its case. He groaned as he loosened his tie, “Your friend is lucky she has your favor.”


“Why?”I got up and walked toward him, “What did Rosetta do?”


He stroked my cheek, looking sad and angry at the same time, “She’s pregnant.”


I shook my head, “No, that’s not possible. She can’t get pregnant.”


“Apparently, she can,” he dropped his hand, beginning to remove his tie as he walked away. I stared after him in confusion, “So, why is this a bad thing, exactly?”


“Because my brother was foolish to impregnate a human girl that was only meant to be played with,” he threw his tie around my neck and used it to pull me against him, “Had he intended to mate with her I may feel differently.”


“Isn’t that what he did?”


Aro smiled, “Not that kind of mating, my dear.”


“You mean like you and I, then? You implied that they were.”


“I suspect,” he brushed a strand of hair from my face, “The only people who can say for sure are the two of them, and Marcus.”


“So, why don’t you talk to him before you get too worked up?”


“Because it really isn’t any of my business.”


“Then why let it upset you?”


He answered with his lips against mine.

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