Through A Nightmare, Darkly

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Chapter Eleven


What the hell did I just do?


I leaned against the bathroom counter, trying to stifle my crying but I knew he'd hear me regardless. Aro hadn't hurt me. Aside from a few small cuts where his fingernails dug into my hips. I'm sure there would be bruises as well. He hadn't forced me, I had wanted to do it. So what was I so upset about? What was wrong with me?


Aro turned me around, hugging me to his chest, “Nothing is wrong with you, my dear.”


I rubbed my face against him, “Then why do I feel like this?”


“You're overwhelmed, my dear,” he ran his fingers through my hair, “What I did prior, what happened just now, with the same man. No doubt this is confusing for you. Would it help to have Carlisle return, so you could speak with him?”


“No,” I answered immediately. My sex life wasn't really something I wanted to discuss with anyone, especially him. Aro hummed in amusement. Suddenly, it dawned on me why he did that, “You know...”


“At first it upset me. Until I was able to search your thoughts. You gawk at him like a school girl does her crush. But when you look at me,” he lifted my chin, resting his forehead against mine, “though you don't realize it, it's with pure adoration. As mates are meant to gaze at one another.”


I suddenly realized something else, “You said you love me...”


“I did,” he flicked a finger across my bottom lip, “But I don't expect for you to do so until you're ready. There's much going through your mind right now. I may not understand completely, but I do know you needn't feel guilt or shame. Despite what happened, you are allowed to enjoy yourself.”


His fingers brushed along my jaw and his face moved closer, intending to kiss me. But he stopped and looked up, staring at the door in confusion. I glanced at the door and looked back to him, “What?”


“We're needed,” he waved a hand, “Get dressed, quickly.”


“We?” I asked, hopping into the pair of yoga pants I usually wore to bed. He smiled and brushed my cheek, “You are my mate, dearest Ashleigh.”


I swapped the shirt I was wearing for something cleaner and we were out the door.


* * * * *


Seconds later Aro placed me back on my feet, keeping a hand on me so I didn't fall over. It had been the first time he ever ran with me like that. And judging from the intense motion sickness I was feeling, it probably would be the last time also. He took us a few steps forward, “What's happened, brother?”


If looks could kill, Caius would have destroyed everyone in a five mile radius, “Athenodora is gone!”


Aro unintentionally tightened his grip on my arm, “She's gone? How?”


“Everything is still intact,” said a vampire I didn't recognize, “Someone must have allowed her to leave.”


Caius grabbed him by the lapels of his coat, “Find out who was meant to guard her and bring them to me immediately!”


When Caius let the young man go, he disappeared in a flash. A fuming Caius stomped down the hall and we followed behind. I was confused. Why was someone supposed to be guarding her? I looked to Aro but he only shook his head slightly. When we reached them, Caius shoved open the doors to the throne room so hard I was sure they'd shatter. Obviously they were stronger than I though. He slammed his palms down on the table. The sound of clicking heels echoed through the chamber. Rosetta approached the enraged vampire as if to comfort him. Oddly enough, he let her.


Aro sat in a nearby chair, pulling me into his lap. I tensed when Caius shifted his glare our direction, “She'd been locked in that tower a millennia. Now, suddenly, she escapes. How? Why?”


“Can you really say you're surprised, brother?” Aro slid his arms around my waist, “They were never allowed freedom. We rarely visited them. Despite Corin's talent they were bound to grow resentful.”


“Demetri isn't due back for several days. By then she will likely be beyond his range,” the blond man said to the table as Rosetta rested her head on his shoulder. I wasn't one to think poorly of my friends, but it seemed like she was going to milk this for all it was worth. Though I didn't know Caius well, it almost like he was more angry that she had slipped from his control, not necessarily the fact his wife was gone. I frowned. Hadn't any of them married out of love?


“Marcus had,” Aro whispered, before addressing Caius again, “Perhaps it's best to leave the situation to rest.”


His eyes moved from Caius to the red head leaning on him. An action that didn't go unnoticed by Caius, his tone turned dangerous, “What is it you're implying, brother?”


“You know what it is I'm suggesting,” Aro was not phased, “We can consult Marcus if we must.”


The blond shook Rosetta from him, “This human is not my mate! She is a play thing, and nothing more. And someone's head will roll for going against our order.”


“I agree the guilty party needs punished. Yet, you won't pursue her, will you?”


“It means nothing!” Caius almost spat before turning and storming away. The man he had yelled at earlier had entered the room with someone I didn't recognize. Obviously another vampire, from the red eyes. As Caius walked by, he yanked the head from the second man and chucked it against the far wall. He swept out of the chamber.


* * * * *


Aro held me close, my head resting on his chest. One arm was around my waist, my hand in his. We swayed back and forth gently even though there was no music. He had apologized profusely for the unexpected execution. Though it was jarring, it didn't traumatize me the way he thought it had. That didn't stop him from coddling me though, but I wasn't complaining. This moment, right here, was something I had desperately needed.


“Why was his wife locked in a tower?” It was a question that had been eating at me all evening. I needed an answer. And I couldn't help but worry that would be my fate as well. He pressed his lips to my forehead, “I told you Marcus had married out of love. His wife met an untimely end, and it destroyed him. Caius and I feared it happening to us.”


“But, neither of you loved your wives.”


“No, we didn't,” there was something strange in his voice, “But they were the closest thing we had to a mate, and we wished to protect them regardless. In hindsight, it was quite a selfish thing to do. We relied on one of the guard's talents to pacify them, to be content in their imprisonment. When Sulpicia approached me, I realized it then. And I was happy to let her go. I will not do that to you.”


He stopped then, lifting my chin so my lips would meet his. It was with that same feeling of desperation, and I knew where he wanted things to go, “Aro.”


He broke away just enough to whisper, voice cracking, “I need you.”


I'd never heard him this way before. It was desire, but also fear and anguish. I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him back. He grabbed my waist and brought me closer as his tongue found its way to mine. After a moment his hands gripped the bottom of my shirt and pulled it upward. I allowed him to take it over my head and he threw it aside. Immediately he began groping at my chest as my fingers danced down the buttons on his shirt. Having me participate seemed to ramp him up further. His kissing grew more greedy. He pushed me onto the bed and was on top of me instantly.


Aro pressed against me, letting out a ragged breath near my ear. I felt that fear inside me spike and he winced. To quickly reassure him I wasn't changing my mind, I reached between us for the waist of his pants. He got onto his knees to allow me easier access. Sitting up, I kissed his stomach, just above his waist line. He gasped and shivered. Once his pants were out of the way I ran my tongue up his length, taking him in my mouth. His breathing hitched as he shook. He only allowed me to pleasure him for a minute before stopping me. Forcing me onto my back, he quickly finished undressing me. He returned to his position on top of me, bringing one of my knees toward my chest. He pushed inside me, gasping loudly in a way I hadn't yet heard.


He hadn't been kidding when he said he needed me.


Lips locked to mine, his thrusts were erratic, like he wasn't completely in control. Like he wasn't getting enough of me. His need obviously went beyond just a physical one. It didn't take him long to reach his climax, going as far in as possible and crying out. He buried his face in the blankets next to mine. I held him tightly, brushing his hair aside and nestling into the crook of his neck.


Aro trembled.


* * * * *


When I woke, Aro was still laying in bed beside me. Still naked, as was I. On his side, facing me, with his eyes closed. Vampires didn't sleep. I reached out and ran my fingers through his chest hair, “Feeling better?”


Without opening his eyes, he nodded, “I apologize, my dear. I don't know what came over me.”


“What exactly are you apologizing for?”


He exhaled sharply, “You were frightened and I didn't stop. Or try to calm you, as I promised I would.”


Aro rolled onto his back, finally opening his eyes to stare at the ceiling. He wasn't doing well at convincing me he was fine. I slid closer, leaning over him slightly, “Join me for a shower?”


With a slight smile, he kissed me quickly before throwing aside the covers. He wasted no time getting busy in the shower. Which was not what I had actually intended. Although I was still sore from last night, I didn't stop him. His hands wandered up my body, coming to rest on my neck. He pulled me into him, kissing me with the same intensity as before. Pushing me against the wall, he swept one of my legs up around his waist. After a moment he did the same with the other.


Once he was inside me his movements were deep and deliberate. I could feel his cool breath on my neck as he moaned quietly. He was distracted. Part of me wished he'd just say what was on his mind, though I already knew. I didn't need to be a mind reader. I just had to be there for the words “Athenodora is gone”.


Aro stopped, exhaling deeply as he rested his head on my shoulder. Without thinking, I began stroking his hair as he often did mine for comfort. He swallowed hard before finally speaking, “You're right. I'm afraid. Promise me something.”




“You'll never leave me again.”


“Aro,” I said soothingly, “You can read my mind. You know I'm not going anywhere.”


“I need to hear you say it,” his voice shook slightly, “Please.”


I turned his face toward mine so I could kiss him, “I'm never going to leave you, Aro. I promise.”

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